Iqama Expiry Check Red Green

Iqama is an identity card for expats in Saudi Arabia. If you are an expat in Saudi Arabia, you should know how to check iqama expiry. Generally, Iqama Expiry date is not mentioned on Iqama card, so you have to check your iqama status or iqama expiry  by yourself. An iqama  may be valid from one year to  several years depending on various factors like kafeel’s Nitaqat Color Status, term of job contract etc. In any case, you have to check status of your iqama by yourself so that you may get it renewed at right time. Some People ask for Iqama expiry check red green. You should know that Iqama expiry is a different thing whereas red green color status is a different thing, we have explained the both in this post

How to Check Iqama Expiry?

Recently the government of Saudi Arabia has changed the method of checking iqama expiry.  Usually we use “Query Iqama Expiry Service” to know expiry date of iqama. It was previously available at the website of Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia (MOI KSA) but now it has been moved to absher website. Now, you can use Query iqama expiry service only in Absher Portal.

In the past, you were able to make iqama expiry date inquiry without having any absher account but now you need to have a registered and activated absher account to check your iqama expiry. If you do not have your own absher account, you can create one absher account free of cost within a few minutes, simply Click to Create Free Absher Account in 5 Minutes. Alternatively, you can request your friend or relative to check status of your iqama in his/her absher account, yes, it is allowed, one absher account can be used to make queries for different expats.

Please not: Not only Query iqama expiry service but also all other iqama related services have been moved to absher portal For example: Query iqama funds, Traffic violations, exit re-entry visa service and all other iqama related services, Click here to learn about all new services and changes.

Iqama Expiry Date Check Without Absher:

If you do not have absher account or do not want to create your absher account, you do not need to worry because there is an easy method for you to check  expiry of your iqama. You do not need to create and activate any absher account in this method. If you want to make iqama expiry date check without absher , Simply Click  Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher Account. We have recently tested this method and found it working fine.

Iqama Expiry Check with Absher:

Once you have registered and activated your absher account, you are good to go ahead for checking expiry date of your iqama. You can access absher portal through the following two methods. We have explained here both ways to access absher website in order to use “Query Iqama Expiry Service”.

  1. Absher website: it can be accessed through browser of your Smart phone, tablet or laptop/PC.
  2. Abser app: It is recommended method, you can download Absher app in your smartphone and can monitor all services related to your iqama on the go. [Recommended: Click to Check Visa Validity]

If You Are Outside KSA: If you are checking your iqama expiry date and you are outside Saudi Arabia, you may not able to to use this service. In this scenario, you should use a VPN which has Saudi Arabia’s server. You can download a vpn from play store. You can use some proxy if you are a PC or laptop user. [Read Also: click to check iqama huroob].

Steps to Check Iqama Status:

We have explained below how to check iqama status and iqama expiry with absher through browser. You can follow these steps either you are pc/laptop user or smartphone/tablet user.

Step#01: Open the official website of MOI Absher by clicking here or copy & paste this link into browser’s address bar

Step#02: Once homepage is opened, you will see a page in Arabic and English mix.  You can see two options on this page, “Business” and “Individuals”. You should click “Individuals”. please see screenshot below.

Step#03: Now, you will have a page in Arabic language. If you want, you can change page language into English with a single click. Simply click “English” button located at top of the page. Please screenshot below for better understanding. [Read also: Check Iqama fees]

Step#04: Now, you can see absher login page and it is time to login to your MOI Absher account. You need to enter your User Name which you created while registering your absher account. You need to enter your user name here. There is a choice for you, you can enter your iqama number instead of User name. You can see system is asking for username or id number, so you can use either username or iqama number. After entering user name, you need to enter the password associated to your absher account and then enter image code shown. Once you have entered all credentials, you should click “Login”. Please see screenshot below:

absher login

Step#05: When you click on “Log in”, system will send a verification code through SMS to your mobile phone number registered with your Absher account. You have to enter that four digit code in order to login successfully. Once you have entered the four digits code, system will take you to your account where you will see your name and photo.

Step#06: For Smart Phone Users:  Process of checking iqama expiry is same for pc or smart phone users however, we have explained both procedures separately to make it easier. At your phone device once you have logged in, the system will take you to “My Account” which is your own absher account. At this point, you have two ways to find “query iqama expiry service”. First you can  type “Iqama expiry” in search box as you can see in following screenshot. System will show you “query iqama expiry service”. Once you see it, simply touch/tap it to proceed.

Alternatively you can use this way to find query iqama expiry service. Once you have logged into your account on phone device, you can use this second way. Simply go down at the end of the page on your phone device. You will see right and left arrows. Click right and left arrows to find “query iqama expiry service”. Once you see it, click to proceed to next step. Please see these screenshots:

If you are a PC or Laptop user, you will see a page as shown in screenshot below. You will see “Query Iqama Expiry Service” at the end of this page. You need to click Query iqama expiry.


You can see a Search Box in the middle of the page; you should enter a search term into search box, for example you can enter “Iqama” or “Query Iqama Expiry Service”. System will show you different options like iqama issuance, iqama renewal, query iqama expiry service. You should click “Query iqama expiry service”. Please see below screenshots.

Step#07, It is Time to Check Iqama Expiry: Now system will take you to  Query Iqama Expiry Service page which is designated portal for foreigners to check their Iqama Expiry date. Rest of method is same as previous methods. Now, you have to follow these steps to use this service:

  1. Enter Ten digits number of your Iqama which is given on your Iqama Card and enter it in the given field Labeled with “Iqama number”
  2. After you entered your iqama number, you will see an image with a number at website of MOI. Just enter that number in the given field labeled with “Enter Image Code”. This is actually captcha code.
  3. Now Click on “View”
  4. System will you show the expiration date of your iqama within a few seconds.
  5. System will show that “Your Iqama is Valid till year/Month/Day/”. The date format is Hijri Calendar, you can convert it Hijri calendar to Gregorian by using the method given below.
  6. See the image below for better understanding:

How to Check Iqama Expiry English Date?

Generally, when you check iqama expiry by using Query Iqama Expiry Service, it will show the date of iqama expiry and iqama status in Hijri calendar. You have to convert iqama expiry hijri to Gregorian. We recommend to use Hijri to Gregorian converter. Follow these steps to convert iqama expiry date hijri to grogorian:

  1. First of all open Hijri to Gregorian Coverter.
  2. Click on “From Hijri” because you want to convert hijri to english date.
  3. Choose Month, Day and Year of Hijri hijri calendar
  4. Click on “Conver” button.
  5. System will show english date iqama expiry.
  6. See screenshot below for better understanding

iqama expiry hijri to gregorian

Absher App:

Absher app is also good option for smartphone users. Absher app is available for both android and apple store. You can download absher app by clicking here.

Steps to Check Iqama Status With Absher App:
  1. Download and install absher app in your phone device.
  2. Click “Log in”.
  3. Enter Your “User name or Iqama number”, “Password” and “image code” and click “Login”.
  4. System will send an SMS with a verification code to your number, enter that four digit code.
  5. It will take you to your account. You will see your name and Photo there.
  6. Go to “Timeline” to see your iqama status.
  7. In the “TimeLine” section, you will see your iqama status.
  8. In absher app you can see your iqama expiry date in English.

Check Traffic Violations Online

Tutorial Video for Iqama expiry Check Red Green.

check iqama color

iqama expiry check red green:

Iqama expiry Check red green is known as iqama color or Nitaqat status or nitaqat category. Nitaqat category was launched and implemented by the KSA government to provide more jobs to Saudi national. It is categorized in 4 colors like Red, Yellow, green and platinum. Iqama red green yellow or red Colors categories are allotted depending on the number of Saudi local employees in that company. [Recommended: Click to Check Iqama Red Green Online.

This was the complete process regarding your query how to check iqama expiry. all workers living in Saudi Arabia, they must be aware of their Iqama status and must know their Iqama expiry date. So that they may get their Iqama renewed before it get expired. please keep in mind, if your Iqama card or residency card is expired you may face suspension of difference government and non-government services you are enjoying like bank accounts etc. So you should check your iqama and renew it within time. Also if your iqama is already you can be arrested by police or immigration departments. Statistics published by Arab News nearly 15000 thousands people were arrested whose iqama were expired. If your iqama is expired, you cannot get exit reentry visa. Same condition is applied to Iqama of dependents, so you should know your iqama status and expiry before it is too late.


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  2. […] Ministry of Labor and Social development MLSD has announced that the work visa of foreign workers will extend and renewed for two years instead of one year and there won’t be any additional fee for renewals. This covers old visas too. In fact, this step is being taken in order to boost and stimulate the private sectors so that they may grow better and faster. Companies will have right to cancel the existing visas even the visas are valid and can apply for two year visas for their employees. CLICK TO CHECK IQAMA EXPIRY ONLINE […]

  3. […] MOI Absher is an online government service offered by Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia for all residents of Saudi Arabia including citizens and expatriates. With absher, you can use various online government services like Iqama renewal, checking expiry date of iqama, driving license and much more. Recently Saudi Arabia’s government has moved many iqama related services to MOI Absher website which was previously accessible in MOI website without need of any absher account. For example: In past, you were able to check the expiration date of your Saudi Iqama without any absher account but now you have to have an absher account to check it. You can read how to check iqama expiry date in easy way with new method. […]

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