Iqama Transfer New Rules in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama Transfer New Rules: The Ministry of HRD of Saudi Arabia has made several amendments in iqama transfer regulations. The new regulations give more freedom of switching job and transfer sponsorship.

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According to the recent amendment, expatriates do not need to for 12 months before they can transfer their iqama. Before, it was mandatory to wait for 12 months after entering into the Kingdom, then they were able to transfer iqama or switch job.  A 90 days advance notice to current kafeel was also mandatory. However, these restrictions has been lifted now. Expatriates can change job at any time after entering into Kingdom.

Okaz and Saudi Gazette has published the updated regulations on Iqama transfer without consent of Kafeel.

Although Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development have lifted various restrictions yet there are some conditions which need to be met. In case of Iqama transfer before 12 months, an expatriate have to get approval from the existing employer and also have to meet the conditions which are specified in Nitaqat System.

As per new regulations, expatriates are allowed to transfer their sponsorship into other kafeel at the end of employment contract as well.  There is no need to get NOC from the existing employer. The Iqama can be transferred without the consent of Kafeel.