Iqrar ul Hassan’s latest video Statement

Iqrar ul Hassan has released a latest video on his official YouTube Channel in which he apologized for supporting Ayesha Akram. Iqrar ul Hassan and Yasir Shami both are very popular media persons in Pakistan.

Upon viral videos of Ayesha Akram, Iqrar ul Hassan and Yasir Shami both met with Ayesha Akram, and helped her by raising their voice on media. It was Iqrar ul Hassan who regarded Ayesha Akram as a daughter of Pakistani nation.

As investigation by Police and other agencies is going further, more bitter facts are being revealed. Some leaked audio calls of Ayesha Akram and Rambo have revealed that it was a pre-planed show and now they are planning to get money from accused people who were at the spot in greater Iqbal Park.

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Now there is new trend on social media which is “Ayesha Akram Exposed”. In currently leaked audios and videos of Ayesha Akram, Ayesha Akram seems to be planning of getting 500,000 Pakistani rupee for each accused. This is flaring the anger of nation which can be seen on social media.

Syed Iqrar ul Hassan said in his video statement, ” i apologize for supporting Ayesha Akram. I regarded her as my sister and put my hand on her head to give her honour and now she is selling her honour for money. This behaviour is worst than those who sell their bodies for money.