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Check Exit Reentry Visa Status of Saudi Arabia in 2023.

Exit Reentry Visa Check Saudi Arabia:

Exit Reentry Visa is a specialty of Saudi Arabian Immigration Rules. Generally if you want to go to  any country for any purpose, you apply for a visa and once you have that visa you can go to your destination country with your passport and flight ticket and come back whenever you want within your visa duration very easily. Unfortunately, it is not true in case of Saudi Arabia where you can enter with a visa but you cannot exit a without obtaining exit visa. It means the first visa of Saudi Arabia obtained from your home country gives you right only to enter Saudi Arabia. To leave Saudi Arabia and Enter again to KSA you need to apply for Saudi Arabia Exit Reentry Visa. You have to apply Exit Re Entry Visa within Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has very strict rules of immigration for foreigners; fines and penalties are given who violates the rules. Exit/Re-Entry is not stamped or pasted on passport rather it is issued online in quick way. After applying online and making payment automatic online system issue this visa which can be printed on a paper. It is advisable to carry this paper with you to show at airport of your home country. However, your information about this visa is already stored in online system of Saudi Arabia so you don’t need to show it at KSA airport. CLICK TO CHECK IQAMA EXPIRY ONLINE

Click to Renew Exit Re-entry visa Outside KSA

Exit Reentry visa Check New Method:

There are two ways to use exit re-entry visa service:

  1. By Using Visa validity Service without ABSHER Account.
  2. By Using ABSHER Account.

Details about both methods have been share below. Please keep reading. [Click  to Register free ABSHER account in five minutes.]

First Method to Check Exit Re-Entry Visa:

The first Method to have an Exit Reentry visa check is to use “Visa Validity Service” offered by Muqeem portal. It is the quickest method of checking your exit and re-entry visa status. Luckily, you do not need any ABSHER account to use this service. Here are the simple steps of checking exit and re-entry visa status:

  • First of all Visit Visa Validity Service Page by Clicking here, You will see visa validity service page as showed in the below screenshot.

Click to open Muqeem website


  • The default language of this website is Arabic. You can change it into English by clicking the “English” button.
  • You will see some options. First is “Check using”  . You can select Iqama number or Visa number whatever you like.
  • If you select “iqama number”, you have to enter iqama number whereas if you choose visa number you have to enter visa number. A blank field appear for you to enter the number once you have selected visa number or iqama number.
  • Once you have entered visa number or iqama number. Now you can see there is another option “Cross Match by”,  click on “Please choose value” and select iqama number, passport number, name, date of birth, iqama expiry date or visa expiry, anyone  you want. have a look at following screenshot:
  • you can choose any of the followings. Once you select anything from the list, an empty box will appear for you to enter the number of thing you have selected. Enter the number.
      • iqama number
      • passport number
      • visa number
      • name
      • date of birth
      • iqama expiry date
      • visa expiry date
  • Click on “Check” button

Now it will show you all details about your visa status.


The Second Method of Checking Exit Re-entry Visa Status:

The government of Saudi Arabia has moved service of Public Query Exit Re-entry visa from MOI website to ABSHER website. Not only exit/re-entry visa service but also many other iqama related services have been transferred to ABSHER website. Previously it was easy to use these services and you didn’t need any ABSHER account  but from now, you have to have a registered ABSHER account to use these services. So, if you want to use exit re-entry visa service, you have to create an ABSHER account first. Click  to Register free ABSHER account in five minutes.

Once you have created and activated your ABSHER account, you are now able to to use all iqama related services available at ABSHER website. You can download ABSHER from play store. Please follow these steps to check exit re-entry visa through ABSHER portal, Screenshots are also given for better understanding:

  1. First of all visit official website of ABSHER.
  2. On the next page click “Individuals”.
  3. Next Step is to Change Language by clicking “English” button, it will change language from Arabic to English.
  4. As you have already created your ABSHER account, you can long in to your account now. Enter your user name, password and Image code in given fields. Click “Log in”.
  5. Once you login, you can see “Public query of  exit/re-entry visa status” at the end of the page. If you cannot see it there, you can click on right and left arrow to find this service. Alternatively, you can see there is a search box, you should type “exit re-entry visa” in search box, it will show you related service. All you need to click the desired service you want to use. It will open the page “Public query of exit re-entry visa status”.
  6. Next step is same as it was in MOI website. You need to enter your iqama number, sponsor id, image code, visa number and passport number and it will show you details about your exit and re-entry visa.

These two methods are still working fine to check exit reentry visa status. For your reference, you can read the former method of checking exit re-entry visa below.

The Former way to check exit reentry visa status is  very easy. ( This method has been moved to ABSHER, so you have to create ABSHER account first and longin to use this service. Follow these steps to check exit reentry visa status online:

  • Open official website of MOI KSA 
  • Go to Electronic Inquiries
  • Go to Passport
  • Click on “Public Query Exit/Re-entry Visa Status”
  • Enter Your Iqama Number
  • Enter your Sponsor ID
  • Enter Image Captcha (you will find it in a picture available under sponsor id at this website)
  • Enter your Visa number
  • Enter Your Passport number

Click to Check Iqama Fund Online.

Easy Way : Click Here to open the page of Public Query of Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status.

Then Click on “View” button. It will show you each and everything about you “exit reentry visa”.

exit reentry visa status

Watch Video for Exit Reentry Visa Checking Method:

Exit Re-entry Visa for foreigners:

Foreign expats or workers, living and working in Saudi Arabia, when they want to exit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia they also have to apply Exit/Re-Entry visa. It looks very strange and time wasting especially when you want to go back to your country urgently but despite this it is mandatory. Expat or foreign workers cannot obtain exit/re-entry visa without permission of their Kafeel of sponsor. Consent of Saudi Kafeel or Sponsor is first and foremost requirement for issuance of this visa. Your kafeel allows you to get a single entry or a multiple entry exit/reentry visa. Mostly two types of Exit Reentry visas are given in Saudi Arabia.


Single Entry Exit Reentry Visa:

As its name is showing that it allows foreigners to exit and re-enter KSA only one time. Foreigners can leave Saudi Arabia only one time with this visa. They have to come back within Visa Validity duration. Once they are back to Saudi Arabia, this visa cannot be used again. Foreigners need to obtain another exit and re-entry for next trip to outside kingdom of KSA. Your employer/Kafeel decides the  validity of your exit and re-entry visa. It can be given from 1 month to 1 year visa validity but it totally depends on the consent of your kafeel. Generally single entry visas do not have validity more than a year.

Multiple Entry Exit/Re-Entry Visa:

Multiple entry allows foreigners to leave and enter Saudi Arabia as many times as they want. There is no restriction or limitation of number of trips under Multiple entry visa. However, it is not issued for life time or some very long time. Normally it is valid for six months from date of issue, so travelers can make unlimited trips within six months’ visa validity.

Mostly expats like to get multiple entry visa because there is no restriction on number of entries. They are free to make trips anywhere they want but still this type of visa depends on employer and also depends on your job contract with kafeel.

Check Traffic Fines Under Your Iqama

Exit Reentry Visa

Violation of Exit/Re-entry Visa:

Saudi Arabian Government has made immigration rules stricter. According to new policy update, Foreign workers who leave Saudi Arabia with Exit/Re-entry Visa and do not come back within visa validity. They will be banned for three years to enter Saudi Arabia. This rule is foreign workers who are employed by Kafeel of sponsor in KSA.

In case of dependents if exit/re-entry visa expires outside KSA, the sponsor can request for extension. However, dependents need to meet the requirement otherwise their iqama will be cancelled. You can Check Iqama Status Here.

How to Extend Exit Reentry Visa After Expiry?

What to do if Saudi Arabia Exit reenty visa expires. I have explained how you can check the expiry date of you visa. Due to some unexpected circumstances and policy changes, yours or your dependents’ exit reentry visa may get expired. Although there is no extension of exit/re-entry visa yet there are some ways to resolve this problem and get a valid exit and re-entry to enter to kingdom once again. However, Iqama must be valid in order to apply for another exit/re-entry Visa.

Extend Exit Reentry Visa for Dependents Inside KSA:

If your dependents are still in Saudi Arabia and there exit/re-entry visa is expired, you do not need to worry because it is easy to solve matter. You can easily get new visa to exit and re-enter KSA. In this situation, you can apply online Through Abshir Services. You have to Register with Abshir Service, then login and click on “eService” and then visit “dependents” section and click on “More Details” to proceed to Exit reentry visa section. However, you have to cancel their existing exit/re-entry visa first and then you can apply for new exit re-entry visa. You have to pay fee for your dependents online in order to issue exit reentry visa successfully. If you don’t cancel the current exit reentry visa and try apply for another exit reentry visa, you may be fined SAR 3000 for this violation so it is necessary to cancel existing Exit/re-entry visa if applicant is inside the kingdom.

Extend Exit Reentry Visa for Dependents Outside KSA:

If your dependents’ exit reentry visa is expired in home country. You shouldn’t cancel their existing exit reentry visa because it may create problem for them to back to Kingdom.  Saudi Arabian Government has already changed the rules and now expats and their dependents can get their exit reentry visas renewed in their home country provided that expats do not stay more than seven months in their home country and dependents do not stay more than a year in their home country. Renewal of exit/re-entry visa can be made at embassy or consulate of Saudi Arabia in home country of applicants. Foreign workers need to obtain a letter from their companies in this regard and letter should be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia. Residence permit which is also known as Iqama or Muqeem must be valid and its copy must be attached with renewal application of exit reentry visa.

Requirements for Exit Reentry Visa Renewal:

You  cannot apply for new exit reentry visa at embassy or consulate in your home country if your existing exit/re-entry visa is valid. You have to apply within 30 days after its expiration. Your iqama must be valid to apply for renewal in your home country. Here is list of documents required for renewal of Exit re-entry visa:

  • Six months’ valid passport with at least two blank pages.
  • One Photo with white background and passport size.
  • Dully filled visa application form and signed.
  • Family registration certificate and it should be attested by Home country ministry of foreign affairs.
  • A letter from sponsor company for exit reentry visa renewal and it should be attested by Ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Copy of Valid Iqama.
  • Logon to and fill online visa application form for exit reentry visa by clicking on “Apply for a visa to enter the Kingdom by individuals.”
  • Submit documents to embassy.

These are some general requirements for Saudi Arabia Exit Reentry Visa. Requirements for renewals may vary from country to country and case to case. For exact and accurate information you should contact the embassy or consulate in your home country so that you may find the proper information for exit reentry visa renewal.

What Happens if Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires, click to read.


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