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Check Iqama Fund online.

What is Iqama Fund?

If you are living in Saudi Arabia, most probably you know what is Iqama fund and what is its purpose. While living in Saudi Arabia, you have to use many services of Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior. You have to pay some fee or charges for each service of MOI Jawazat you use. Generally, these charges are paid by you or your kafeeel through ATM or internet banking.


Please Note: Almost all iqama related services have been move to absher website. Absher is also a service of MOI (ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia), so no need to be confused and keep reading. We have updated method of checking iqama funds as per new absher portal regulations.

Sometimes, people request their friends or relatives to deposit an amount on their behalf to use some MOI service. Later on, they want to confirm the status of deposited amount. Well, All these service charges are known as iqama funds.  Some Examples of MOI services which require a payment are:

  • Renewal of Driving License.
  • To apply for Permanent Family Visa.
  • Family visit visa.
  • Visit visa extension.
  • Removal of Huroob.
  • Single Exit/reentry Visa. Read How to Check Exit Re-entry Visa Status.
  • Transfer of sponsorship.
  • Profession Change.
  • Renewal of Istimara (vehicle registration).

And Many Other labor related services.

Money is paid to Saudi Arabia’s Government through online or ATM. When you make a payment successfully, it should appear in MOI funds under your iqama number.

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How to Check Iqama Fund?

Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia allows its citizens and foreign residents to check all funds online which are deposited under their iqama number . The best and easiest way to check iqama funds is to use “Public Query Available Funds” service. It is an online service, you can access it through laptop/pc, tablet or even your smart phone.

Recently Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has moved Iqama fund query service from MOI website to absher website. Previously you were able to check available iqama funds without any absher account but from now, you have to have an absher account to use various iqama related government services including Query Iqama funds. You don’t need to worry it is very easy to register an absher account, Click to Register Absher Account in Five Minutes.

Absher is actually a service of MOI of Saudi Arabia, so additionally you need to create an absher account and login, rest of method is same. Once you have created your free absher account, you can now use all services available in absher related to your iqama including Checking available iqama funds.

If you see there is a fund available under your Iqama number, it means government has not yet deducted the fee. And of course, the  process for which you made this payment, is incomplete. [Read Also: check iqama name]

If you have made payment for some service and you can see there is no fund available under your iqama number, it means government has already deducted the deposited amount for that purpose or process, so no need to worry if there is no fund.

If you have made payment to MOI Jawazat but you don’t want to use it, You can refund your deposited amount later. Deposited amount will be returned to same account which was used to made payment.

Step by step process of checking funds under your iqama number is explained below:

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Quick Steps to Check Funds Under Your Iqama Number:

This is the latest method of checking iqama funds. You can use this method in the browser of your PC/Laptop, phone or tablet. You can also download absher app to make different queries related to your iqama. We are sharing screenshot also for your better understanding.

  1. First of all visit the official web portal of absher.
  2. On the home page of this website, you will see two options, “business” and “Individuals”. You should click Individuals.
  3. On the next page, you should change language of the page if you cannot read Arabic. You can change language into English by clicking “English” button.
  4. Now, you can see there is a log in page. You can log in now as you have already registered your free absher account. You need to enter your User name, password and image code shown in the pictures (captcha code) and click “Log in”.
  5. Once you have logged in, you can now check your iqama funds. There are two ways to find “Public Query Iqama Funds” in absher portal, First you should go to the end of the page and you will see many services related to your iqama. If you cannot see “Public Query Iqama funds” there, you should click right and left arrows to find it. The second way is: you can see there a search box, you should type “Public query iqama funds” in search box and click search. System will show you the iqama funds service. Click it to make query.
  6. Once Public query iqama funds page is open, simply enter your iqama number as identity number and enter image code shown in a small picture and click “View”. System will show you all available funds under your iqama number.
  7. Please see the following screenshots for better understanding.

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Former Method to Check Iqama Funds:

This method of checking iqama funds is still here for your reference only. Formerly you were able to check your iqama fund by following these steps:

  1. First of all visit official website of Ministry of Interior MOI KSA.
  2. You will see Arabic version of website, click “English” button which is available at the top left corner of website. Please see the screenshot below:

        3. Now, you can see English version of website, Click on “Public Query Available Funds” which is visible at left                 middle side of the page under “MOI DIWAN”, Please see the following screenshot

        4. Same as First method, you will see the page of Public Query Available funds where you have to enter your                  Iqama number and Captcha image code.

       5. System will show you all available funds under your iqama number. Please see these screenshots:

public query available funds

iqama fund

Please note: If you have made some payment for extension of your family visit visa, this amount or fund will not appear here. Apparently, there is no exact way to check it. However, if you have successfully applied for extension in visa of your family, it is obvious that you have paid fee in right way to correct account.

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How to Refund Money from MOI:

If you can see there is a MOI fund visible under your iqama number, you still have right to refund and withdraw your money. But you can do it only as long as Iqama funds is not deducted by the government and you are able to see it in public query available funds.

You can request for refund from your bank side. Money will be deposited to same account which was used to make payment to MOI.

  • All you have to open the website of your bank and login to your internet banking account.
  • Now find “Government Payments” or “MOI Services” and click it.
  • You will see a list of available services, You have to choose and click “Alien Control”.
  • Now you have to Choose Transaction type as “Refund”.
  • Choose “Service Type” for which made was made by you.
  • Now system will ask you to enter “ID” or “Iqama ID” or “Refund ID”, You have to enter your iqama number.
  • Click “Submit”. That’s it.
  • You will receive a confirmation message with a transaction id, you should keep it saved for future reference unless you receive refund successfully.
  • It will take around 3 days to process your refund. you can check you bank account online and also you can check MOI funds to check the status of refund request.