Digital Iqama: how to activate digital muqeem id/resident digital id.

Saudi Arabia’s new Digital Iqama or resident digital Id is a new great service of Saudi Jawazat department. The new digital iqama has eliminated the need of carrying conventional plastic cards. From Monday 07, 2021, the new digital Iqama is available for all citizens and expatriate. Now, you don’t need to carry your iqama every time. Anywhere you need to present iqama, you can use digital iqama and it will be accepted every where, even for the police also. Above all, digital iqama service is available free of charges for everyone. Not only Saudi Iqama but also the driving license and vehicle registration are available in digital form through his service.

How to Activate The Digital Iqama:

The new digital iqama or resident id is available through absher individuals app. You have to download absher in your smartphone either android or app phone. The activation process digital iqama is very simple. Just follow the steps given below:


First of all download and install “absher individual” app in your phone. Click here to download


Log into your absher account by using your user name and password. If you don’t have absher account, you can create a free absher account by clicking this link: Create Free Abhser Account


Once you have logged into your absher account, you can now activate your digital iqama. You have to find “My Services” tab in your absher account. Generally, you can find it at bottom your phone screen. Tap on “My Services”.


In “My services” tab, you can see your profile. You don’t need to do anything with your profile. Just below “my profile”, you will see “my services” and  “Activate Digital Id”. This is the place where you can activate your digital resident id. Tap on “Activate Digital ID” and it will show you all your personal details. Go to the bottom of the page and click “Activate Digital ID”. It may send a One Time Password to your phone number associated to your absher. You have to enter that password and then you will see your digital iqama is activated. Any time, if police ask you to show your iqama, you can present this page to police.


To use digital iqama next time, you do not need to repeat the activation process again. Once you have activated the digital iqama, you can now access it only in one click. When you open the absher individual app, you will have an option “Access Digital Id”, click it and it will directly take you to resident digital id page.

In fact, it is a great feature by Jawazat. Sometimes, you might forget to carry your iqama. As per Saudi Arabia’s immigration rules,  if police finds you without iqama, you have to pay fine. The new digital iqama will keep you safe from any fine. If you forget your iqama, you can present your resident digital id and police will accept it. The only problem for some expatriates is, this service can be availed through absher only. You have to have registered and activated your own absher account. You cannot use absher account of someone else. Although registration of absher account is very yet many expatriates still don’t have it.

Digital Iqama Activation Watch Video:

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