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Easy Way To Check Saudi Visa Status With Passport Number.

You can Check Saudi Visa Status with passport number online with a few easy steps. Usually, people want to check visa status after submitting visa application and documents. So, they want to check if their visa is already approved or not. Many people want to check if their Saudi visa is original or fake. Saudi visa status checking becomes very important when you get Saudi Visa through a third party. Click here to check if your Saudi work visa is original or fake.

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You can check Saudi Visa status with passport number using Enjaz IT or Enjaz Information Technology; People usually call it Enjaz or Enjazit. It is an IT company working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia (mofa ksa). It offers various online services. With the help of this system, you can check  status of any type of Saudi Visa like visit visa, umrah visa, hajj visa, work visa, family visa and all other visa types.

How to Check Saudi Visa Status With Passport Number:

Enjazit visa checking is one of the most useful and easy to use services  in order to check Saudi Visa Status with passport number. You can check status of your Saudi Arabia online within a few seconds. You do not need to create any account to use “Enjaz Visa Status Check” service. Rather you can use it without any Enjazit login or account.  You can check all details about your visa. If you want to check validity of your Visa, Click Here to check Visa Validity of your Saudi Arabia Visa.

Method to Check Saudi Visa Status With Passport Number:

Please follow these steps to check your Saudi visa status with passport number.

Steps to check Saudi Visa Status: 

If page language is Arabic, you can convert it into English by clicking English Button available at the top corner of the page. You can find screenshots of each step below.

Once you have changed the language, you will see some boxes and drop down menu. First you have to enter your passport number because you want to check Saudi visa status with passport number. Then Choose your nationality from drop down menu. Choose Your visa type, and visa issuing authority from drop down menu. For visa issuing authority, you have to choose the city where you have submitted your visa application. For example: if you have applied visa in Islamabad Pakistan, you have to write Islamabad here. Finally, enter image code  in blank field and Click “Search”. System will show you the status of your Saudi visa. Please have a look at the following screenshots:

saudi visa status

That’s All Readers. Once you have completed the above explained procedure, Online visa checking system will analyse your credentials and find related information. A new page may open to show you the Saudi visa status which will let you know of latest details about your visa. If your visa application is still pending and under review, you may see a error message, which is a sign that no decision has been made on your visa application so far.

I hope you friends have got it how to check Saudi visa status with passport number and of course it is highly recommended to be aware of every thing related to your visa because Saudi Arabia has very strict laws for foreigners. Any mistake may put you in serious trouble. Click to Check Your Traffic Violations in KSA.

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