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How to Remove Huroob Without Kafeel in 2022.

One of the most asked questions by the expatriates in Saudi Arabia is, How to Remove Huroob Without Kafeel ? Huroob is considered a very serious term in Saudi Arabia. Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia are strictly advised to follow Saudi labor rules and regulations. Huroob is basically a fugitive on the run to avoid arrest and avoid serving jail time. If you have Huroob or you are worried that your Kafeel might report you to the authorities then this article is all you need. We have searched online and summed up some information on how to remove Huroob without Kafeel. Let us discuss this topic further.

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Important Information About Huroob:

No doubt that Huroob is one of the worst terms in Saudi Arabia and every expatriate should try his best to avoid it.

  • You don’t need to pay Huroob remove fees to any agent or company.
  • The act of abscondment can be canceled through Absher free of cost under 15 days. Kafeel needs to visit Jawazat personally.
  • Visiting Jawazat won’t do any good if 15 days have passed after Kafeel has set Huroob.
  • After 15 days the ex-pat will have to file a case against Kafeel and prove that Huroob was set with the wrong intention.
  • Huroob remove fee in 2022 is 2 thousand Riyals if 30 days have passed.
  • If 30 days have passed Huroob can be canceled through Shamsi.

How to Remove Huroob Without Kafeel?

Huroob can only be removed under the fulfillment of three conditions.

1. Remove Huroob without Kafeel

Mostly Kafeel asks to do something illegal and if you don’t do it, he sets Huroob. It is totally unfair. If you have a piece of evidence and your case is strong then your Huroob will be removed without involving Kafeel. You will be then given transfer instructions to another Kafeel or Final Exit.

2. Ask and Convince Kafeel to Remove Huroob

The second option is to ask Kafeel to remove Huroob. Usually, they ask for money. It is very important to keep in mind that Huroob cannot be removed even if Kafeel visits Jawazat after 15 days. Sometimes Kafeel says they will remove Huroob and keep working for them but you need to stop and don’t resume until your issue is resolved. You will even find some agents making promises to remove Huroob for some money but it’s all a fraud. Don’t lose your money in such scams.

3. File a Repost in Detention Center

The third and last solution left is filing a report to the authorities of the detention center (Tarheel). They will detain you and arrange documents to deport you to your home country. This means you cannot enter Saudi Arabia again even with a new visa.

We hope this article was helpful and now you know all the details on how to remove Huroob without Kafeel. Don’t forget to visit the official website of Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia to find latest information on Huroob.

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