Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Registration and Sohni Dharti App Pakistan

1-Link has launched the official Sohni Dharti app. All interested users can download and complete Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Registration free of cost. The main purpose of this program is to encourage overseas Pakistanis to use official channels to send remittance money to Pakistan.

All users of Sohani Dharti program will get points for each remittance which they will send to Pakistan.

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Sohni Dharti Program Benefits:

As mentioned above, all users will get reward points for each remittance. These reward points can be used to get discount or to pay fee/charges of various services. Currently, you can use your points for the following services:

  • PIA – to pay ticket fare and charges for extra baggage
  • FBR – to pay taxe and duty on vehicles and also the duty on mobile phones.
  • NADRA – Sohni Dharti reward points can be use to expedite NADRA applications and  at NADRA priority counters.
  • Passport – to pay passport renewal fees including normal and urgent.
  • State Life of Pakistan – to pay premium of insurance policy.
  • OPF – to pay school fee.
  • Shopping at utility stores.
  • BE & OE – to pay emigrant registration fee and direct employment registration fee.
  • FIA – for priority clearance at separate counters.

Sohni Dharti app download:

Sohni Dharti Program app is available in google playstore as well as in apple store. It is the official app of One-Link.

Click to download from play store.

Click to Download from apple store. 

Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Registration:

First of all download and install Sohni Dharti Remittance Program App in your smartphone.

  • Click “Register” and registration form will open.
  • Choose “User Type”. If you are in overseas and want to use this app for sending money, you should select “remitter”. However, receiver can select “Beneficiary”.
  • As this form is very simple, so you can easily fill this.
  • Unique ID: you can set a unique id for your remittance. It will work as a tracking id. You can set any  number like iqama number, emirates id number, passport number, driving license number or any other number. But you need to keep it saved.

Once you have filled the form, you need to click “Next”. It might ask you to enter the details of last sent remittance from a specific date.

This is how you can use Sohni Dharti Remittance Program and get amazing rewards.