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NADRA Family Tree Verification.

NADRA family tree verification is a new initiative of Pakistani government to check and cancel illegal identity cards. The national data base and registration authority of Pakistan has launched SMS family verification system. NADRA family verification SMS enables users to find if any unrelated or stranger is added in their family members list.

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NADRA family tree verification SMS:

For family tree verification, you have to type your CNIC number and issue date of your CNIC in a SMS and send it to 8009.

The system will send you the list of your family members. If you find any unknow person in the list, you can request NADRA to remove him/her from the list of your family members and this service is totally free.

If you find any unknown person in the list, you can reply NADRA by Typing “1” in SMS and inform NADRA through SMS. NDRA will remove and unregister that unknow person from your family tree. Alternatively, you can visit nearby NADRA center to remove the stranger from your family tree.

If the list of your family members is correct, just reply NADRA by typing “2” in SMS to tell NADRA that details are correct.

Important: To use NADRA Family tree verification service, you have to use your mobile phone number which is registered with NADRA under your CNIC or B form. If your number is not registered or you have different number now, you can visit nearby NADRA center to change your number in the record of NADRA. This part of service doesn’t look good as mostly mobile SIM cards are already registered under biometric verification and identity cards.

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NADRA family verification online:

This is an alternative method of NADRA family verification. This method also enables you to verify the list of your family members. Married persons have two family trees in the record of NADRA, one with the parents and siblings and second with spouse and children. Both type of family trees can be checked through this method. However, this method doesn’t provide you a list of your family members, rather you have to enter the identity card numbers of each of your family members and then system will verify it. This will let you know if there is any unknown person registered in your family tree.

Follow these steps of NADRA family verification:

First of all visit the official website of NADRA by clicking the link given below:

If you have already registered an account with NADRA, log into your account. Otherwise create an account, it is free and easy.

Once you have logged into your account, click “New Application”.

Now choose “issuance of Identity Document (CNIC, NICOP, FRC, POC)”

and further choose: “Family Registration Certificate”

Click “Start Application”

Enter your identity card number.

Upload your photo.

Now, you can see both family trees or whichever you want. Choose family tree you want to check and click “Save”.

Now, you have to enter the identity cards of all your family members one by one. Choose the relation of your each family member with you, enter his/her id card number and click “ADD Member”. Once all members are added, click verify my family.

Important: After clicking “Verify my Family”, if you see a red error at the bottom of the page, it means there is some stranger added in your family tree. the red error says this: “ You have not provided the information for all your family members. Your family has more members as per our record. Please provide information for all your family members.”

this means there is an unknown person registered in your family tree. Now, you have to visit nearby NADRA office to remove that person.

If there is no stranger added in your family tree, your family member list will be verified successfully and you will see green tick marks.

Once you see it, you can just stop this process. go in “existing applications” and delete this application.

These are two easy method for NADRA Family tree verification. All Pakistanis living in home country of abroad must check NADRA family verification.

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  3. Muhammad Saadsays:

    One of My Sister and Brother is not listed in the Family Tree, when i texted at 8009 .So, please tell me that how can they be listed in the Family Tree. How can i Update my Family Members in the tree. If one person is dead and one’s Id Card is expired can i still apply for FRC?

  4. Asalam-o-alaikum kise ko koi help details chahiye ho kuch pochna ho to aap mujhay WhatsApp kar saktay hain 03052379518

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