Get NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online.

Now, you can get nadra vaccination certificate online within a few minutes. NADRA (National Database and registration authority of Pakistan) is issuing vaccination certificate which can be obtained, downloaded and printed within a few minutes. For many countries especially Saudi Arabia, you need a vaccine certificate for the purpose of traveling. Either you want it for traveling or for any other purpose, you can get it from NADRA.

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What is fee of nadra vaccination certificate?

Currently, 100 Pakistani rupee are charged as a fee of vaccine certificate. It is being said, this fee will be waved soon.[Read also: Interest free loan up to 500,000 PRK in Pakistan]

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Who can get vaccine certificate from NADRA?

Anyone with any nationality, who got one or two doses of covid vaccine in Pakistan, can get this certificate from NADRA.

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Steps to get nadra vaccination certificate:

To get certificate from NADRA, please follow the steps given below:

First of all open the official website of NADRA. The link of website is given below.

You will see the page as showed in the following screenshot:

You have to click کورونا حفاظتی ٹیکوں کا سرٹیفیکیٹ

Now, Enter your CNIC Number and Issue date of your national identity card of Pakistan. Click “تصدیق کریں

A new page will where you have to enter your name. If you have passport, you have to enter your passport number as well, especially if you want this certificate for traveling purpose, you must enter your passport number. Select your nationality and Click “تصدیق کریں

Now, check the empty box and click “Accept & Continue”

Now, you have to pay the fee for NADRA vaccination certificate, the fee is 100 PKR. You can pay fee using your any bank ATM card which have VISA or MasterCard service. Enter your bank card credentials and click “Confirm and Pay”. It will deduct 100 PKR from your bank account associated to your bank card. have a look at the following screenshot:

A new page will open where the system will display your details including your identity details, have a look at them for confirmation and correction if needed, and click “اندراج کریں

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A new page will open where you can see your online NADRA Vaccination Certificate. You can download and print it. To download this certificate, You have to click “سرٹیفیکیٹ ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں

Once you click it, your certificated will be downloaded into your system. You can now use it anywhere you want.

That’s all dear readers. This is how you can get your NADRA vaccination certificate online.

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If you want to get nadra certificate for the purpose of traveling abroad, you must know the approved vaccine type . For example: Saudi Government has approved four types of vaccines. if you get a vaccine other than 4 approved vaccines, it may not be helpful for you. The same applies to the case of other countries. First get information which vaccines are approved by your destination country, then get vaccine dose(s) and then get vaccination certificate from NADRA, so that you may avoid from any inconvenience during your journey.

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