Pak Covid 19 Vaccine Pass App – A new way to carry vaccination certificate.

Pak Covid 19 Vaccine Pass App has been launched by Pakistan NCOC in collaboration with NADRA. This allows users to present covid vaccine proof digitally without carrying any physical certificate. Furthermore, authorities can verify covid vaccination certificate immediately by scanning the QR code. Pakistan Covid-19 Vaccine Pass app is available for local citizens as well as foreigners.

The government of Pakistan has made the vaccination mandatory for all air travel including domestic air travel. All passengers must carry vaccination proof which is being issued by NADRA. In this scenario, the new covid vaccine app will help passengers or non-passengers to show vaccination certificate at airports and all other premises where vaccination proof is required.

Download Pak Covid 19 Vaccine Pass App:

Pakistan covid 19 vaccine app is available in play store for download. However, you can download this app by clicking the following link:

Pakistan Covid  Pass App:

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, just open it. It is easy to use app which is open for both the local Pakistanis and the foreigners. Have a look at the following screenshot:

Pak covid 19 vaccination pass app

Non-citizens of Pakistan can choose “Foreign National”, however, being a Pakistani, you have to choose “NADRA issued Identities”.

Enter your Pakistani identity card number which issued by NADRA. It can be CNIC, NICOP, POC or POR.

If you have already obtained a vaccination certificate by NADRA, enter the number of certificate and click “Submit”.

The system will fetch your certificate from NADRA record and it will remain in this app for you to be used at any time.. You can show it wherever covid vaccination proof is required. However, it might not be acceptable for traveling abroad because each foreign country has its own rules and regulations for passengers.

In case you do not have any vaccination certificate but have already got vaccine doses, you can get vaccination certificate. Just open Pakistan Covid 19 Vaccine Pass App and click “Generate New Certificate”. The system will redirect you to the official portal of NADRA where you can apply for certificate provided that you have already got vaccinated.

Get NADRA Vaccination Certificate, click here.

Now a days every country is launching apps reducing the need of paper based proof. In this scenario, the covid vaccine pass app seems to be a great initiative of Pakistani NCOC. It will eliminate the need to carry paper based certificate. Each user can can see vaccination certificate in the app and each certificate has a unique QR code. The authorities can scan the QR code and they will be able to see all details  certificate holder. The details in QR code include the vaccination date, type of vaccine etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all Pakistanis to download and install this app after getting vaccine dose.

Pak vaccine pass is chiefly designed to be used inside Pakistan. Those who want to travel abroad, they must seek information from relevant department of foreign country or airline of prospective country. Some countries like Saudi Arabia requires you to have NADRA vaccination certificate attested by the Saudi embassy and furthermore you have to register in a designated app of Saudi Arabia. So, the Pakistan vaccine pass app might not helpful for traveling abroad but highly useful  inside Pakistan.

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