Overseas Voter Registration Philippines.

Overseas Voter Registration Philippines is now possible through the official website of COMELEC (commission on elections). COMELEC website has voter registration facility for local as well as for overseas Filipinos. The deadline of voter registration for Filipinos will be ended on 30 September. However, there is a hope for extension of one week in the deadline.

how to register voters 2021 Philippines?

Voter Registration for overseas Filipinos consists of two steps:

  • Fill online voter registration and take its print.
  • Visit nearby consulate general of Philippines for biometrics.

Important: Although you can submit voter registration form online yet it doesn’t mean that your vote is successfully registered. You have to visit the nearby consulate of Philippines .

Philippines Voter Registration Process:

First of all visit the official website of Philippines commission of election. You can access its website by clicking the link given below:


Now, You can see two options. One is for local applicants who are inside Philippines and the second is for overseas applicants. As you are living abroad, you have to choose ” Online application for voter registration for overseas applicants.

Overseas Voter Registration Philippines

Now, a pop up will appear. It is a disclaimer by COMELEC, you have to click continue.

Now, you need to choose the type of election from a drop down list menu. Choose “Registration”.

A new form will open. This is the actual form of Philippines voter registration from overseas. You have to fill all the field marked with “*”.

You have an option at the bottom of the page to book appointment at consulate general of Philippines to complete the application form. However, you can visit consulate without appointment in some countries . It is still better to book appointment at this stage.

Once you have filled the online form and booked appointment, click “Review application to be generated”. You have a look at the information you have entered and then submit the application. Now you can see filled form, you have to download it and take at least three prints of it. You need to bring this form along with you when you visit the consulate of Philippines for biometrics.

This is how, you can apply for Overseas Voter Registration Philippines

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