Open Work Permit in Canada

Are you looking forward to getting a work permit for Canada? A foreigner should through proper authorization in order to work abroad. You don’t need a special job offer as this visa does not require the same terms and requirements as other work permits. This means you don’t need the Labour Market Impact Assessment document or evidence of employment offer from an employer who is taking care of your Compliance Cost. This work permit offer is not valid for every individual as you need to meet the eligibility requirements which we will discuss further ahead.

Benefits of Having an Open Work Permit

Open work permits are trending as they give many advantages and freedom to their holders. A simple work permit bounds the individual to work with a specific employer, on the other hand, an open work permit gives foreigners freedom to work with any employer in Canada. You can also move to different locations whenever you want. The benefits of having Canadian work experience include the improvements in eligibility for permanent residency in Canada. As you work and gain experience in Canada, you can check your progress of eligibility to get permanent residency afterward. Most importantly a foreigner can overcome many limitations with the help of an open work permit.

Canada Open Work Permit Eligibility and Requirements

There are many requirements you need to fulfill in order to qualify for an open work permit. It includes the following:

  • Young foreign workers who are a participant of special programs
  • A temporary resident living in Canada
  • Permanent residents who already applied for an office job in Canada
  • The student graduated from a designated learning organization or institution
  • The student who cannot afford his/her study expenses (destitute student)
  • Already have family members in Canada and permanent residence applicants
  • A refugee or a protected person, or their family member

The above given is an overview of eligibility criteria for a person, there are some other mandatory qualifications an individual should have to get an open work permit.

Types of Open Work Permits in Canada

There are only two types of open works permits that you should be aware of:

Unrestricted: This work permit allows the foreigner to work with any employer at any location with any boundaries.

Restricted: Unfortunately, this work permit restricts the holders to work with specific employers and locations.

If you are a holder of a specific open work permit, then you may have some official restriction based on your medical condition or location-based restrictions because of the applicant category. For example, if you possess a bridging work permit, you cannot be allowed to leave the provincial location until your permanent residential application results are out.

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