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Yukon Community Pilot Program and Jobs in Yukon for Foreigners.

Yukon community pilot program (YCP) is a newly launched program by Canadian government to meet the labor shortage in Yukon province of Canada. YCPP is a stream of provincial nominee program of Yukon province which is known as Yukon Nominee Program (YNP). This program has been accepting applications from January 2020 and expected to run for three years. [Read also: Canada immigration without a job offer]

What visa will you get under Yukon Community Pilot?

You will get an open work permit for two years initially. Not only an open work permit but also the permanent residence of Canada is granted within two years. it means when you get an open work permit under YCP, the process of Canadian permanent residence is also initiated for you which generally, completes within two years. However, if process of PR is not completed within two years, you can extend your open work permit within Canada until you get PR.

Do you need to create express entry profile for YCP?

No, there is no need to create and submit express entry profile for YCP. Further more there is no any point system used for this program. So you can apply without creating any EOI and without any calculation of points. [Read this: Canada Easy Rural immigration program]

Do you need settlement funds for YCP?

No, you don’t need to show any settlement funds for Yukon community pilot program.

Do you need LMIA for YCP?

This program is exempted from LMIA, so you do not need to get LMIA for YCP.

Which occupations are eligible YCP?

There is no any restriction on occupations to be eligible for YCP. All skill level and all occupations are eligible for this program.

What is the major requirement of Yukon Community Pilot?

The first and foremost requirement is a full time non-seasonal employment offer from an employer of Yukon Province. To be eligible for YCP, you should secure a job offer with at least 30 hours per week or 1560 hours per year working hours. To meet the requirement of working hours, you can  get job offers for part time work from another employer as well or you can get more than one job offer from one employer for different jobs.

You can get more than one job offer like two or three employment offers from a single or more employers but all employers must be from a same community of Yukon province. Read below to read about communities.

Who can give you a job offer?

Canadian government has designated six communities of Yukon province for YCP program. You can get job offer only from employers of these six communities. The list of communities is as follows:

  1. Carcross
  2. Carmacks
  3. Whitehorse
  4. Dawson City
  5. Watson lake
  6. Haines Junction
Jobs in Yukon for foreigners:

As described above, the job offer or employment offer is the major requirement of YCP. You can use any legal way to get it. However, Yukon immigration has suggested three website where you can look for your desired job, these three job search websites are given below, click any to visit:

Yukon Work Information Network

Yukon Employment Central

Services Canada Job Bank

You can search for your desired job by using these websites. furthermore, these websites allows you to search job in any community. You have to enter or select location (community name) to find available jobs in any community.

Do you need IELTS for Yukon Community Pilot Program?

Yes, ielts or its alternative is mandatory for Yukon community pilot program. Canadian immigration does not specify any requirements of ielts and bands score yet you have to have valid ielts or its equivalent.  Moreover, Canadian employers are not willing to offer an employment to those without knowledge of English language.

Educational Requirements for YCP:

Canadian immigration has not set any requirement of education for YCP. But each job position has its own requirements and of course Canadian employer would not give any job offer without proper qualification. So, candidates need to have appropriate qualification and experience for a prospective job.

Yukon Community Pilot Application Process:

First of all  you have to obtain a job offer from an employer of any of six communities of Yukon province.

The next step is to get nomination from the immigration department of Yukon Province.  You have to contact Yukon immigration through email or phone, Their contact details are available at their official website (click to visit). Yukon immigration will provide you with further details regarding application process for nomination.

Once you have secured nomination from Yukon immigration, now you can proceed to submit  visa application. Only federal immigration of Canada issues all types of visa, so you have to apply for an open work permit at official website of Canadian immigration.

Spouse visa under YCP:

If you get your employment offer in occupation with skill level 0, A or B, you can get an open work permit for your spouse as well. The length of your spouse work permit will be same as yours permit, 2 years.

Other requirements of Yukon community Pilot:

This program uses criteria of general work permit, so candidates should meet those. More information on other requirements and application process are available at official website of Canadian immigration.


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