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UK Electronic Visa Waiver Saudi Arabia 2022.

According to British Ambassador, UK electronic visa waiver Saudi Arabia will allow travelers to apply online and stay for up to six months in the UK. EVW (Electronic Visa Waiver Scheme) is effective after the nations celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. This means the UK’s electronic visa waiver scheme is now available to Saudi citizens, adding such an initiative would encourage deepening financial and diplomatic ties between both countries. This tourist visa category allows Saudi nationals to apply and travel to the UK (for business, study, medical treatment, or tourism) for up to six months. British Ambassador Neil Crompton said: “This change in our visa system will make the visa process easy for Saudia visitors and it will also strengthen the ties between the two countries.”

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UK electronic visa waiver Saudi Arabia is into effect since Wednesday,1st June 2022 for citizens residing in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The online process is assessed quickly, it is pretty straightforward and not that expensive. British Ambassador Neil Crompton said: “This step will make a huge improvement in our service which is in line with the idea of the two nations to improve the bilateral relations and especially to enhance our links between people to people. This is very interesting news for Saudi citizens. If all the process is done smoothly we are looking forward to noticing more Saudis in the UK. Crompton Twitted that those who want to apply for a UK electronic visa waiver in Saudi Arabia should apply through the UK government’s website:

The visa application costs around 140 Saudi Riyals and applications can be filled and submitted up to 48 hours before the trip and between three months. Once the application is approved, which usually takes up to 24 hours in most cases, download the electronic Visa Viewer for presentation at the airport authorities for check-in. Any changes can be made to the document up to 48 hours before the trip. Requirements for the UK electronic visa waiver Saudi Arabia include your current passport, an address of a hotel or relative in the UK where you will stay, and other details of your journey, including departure and arrival dates and times

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Afnan Ahmed, who often visits the UK from Saudi Arabia, said the new system would be beneficial for travelers. “It was not easy to apply for a UK tourist visa in the past”. He applied for a visa in December 2021 and had to wait for more than three months for approval. He lived in Medina and had to go to Jeddah to do biometrics and other required formalities. It cost him around three thousand riyals plus a train ticket. “It’s really good news for people like Affan to have an easy, fast and cheap online system for Saudis”. This will make Saudi citizens’ journey to the UK much easier.

Source: Urdu News


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