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Good News: Local Hajj Registration 2023 Saudi Arabia – Apply Now

Local Hajj Registration 2023:

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that the second phase of Local Hajj registration 2023 for domestic pilgrims has begun, which will provide an opportunity for those who performed Hajj five years ago to perform it again. According to the Sabq website, the first phase of registration was only for those who wanted to perform Hajj for the first time. The ministry stated that “Saudi citizens and non-Saudi residents who performed Hajj five years ago or earlier are being given the opportunity to perform it again provided that their documents are valid until Dhul-Hijjah.”

“The intending pilgrim must have completed their coronavirus and flu vaccinations and be free from various diseases,” the ministry added. “Registration for Hajj can be done through the ministry’s website or the Nusuk app. The intending pilgrim can take up to 13 people with them in the same package from their family.”

The ministry has made it clear that “registration for Hajj will be done directly by the intending pilgrim, and no third party is allowed to register on their behalf.”

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has recently announced that local Hajj registration 2023 is still open. All local and foreign residents of Saudi Arabia can apply for Hajj registration. However, fully vaccinated for Covid and influenza is one of the major requirements of Hajj 2023.

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has recently opened Hajj registration for pilgrims within the Kingdom. The ministry has introduced four different domestic pilgrim packages and the prices are starting from Saudi Riyal 3,984. Today’s article includes all the information about the Local Hajj registration 2023. If you are among the Saudis and residents who want to perform the Hajj in 2023 then you can submit an application via Nusuk official website and app. You can download the app by visiting this link: The official website link for Hajj Package Booking: Use VPN if the link doesn’t open.

Local Packages Details:

The brief details of the four announced packages for domestic pilgrims are given below:

  • The first package ranges from Saudi Ryals 3,984 to Saudi Ryals 4,100. The camps provided to the pilgrims in this package have sufficient facilities and convenient services.
  • The second package ranges from Saudi Riyals 7,092 to Saudi Riyals 8,458.
  • The third package costs Saudi Riyals 9,150. Pilgrims who book the third package will be provided a space in the six towers, near Jamarat in Mina.
  • The fourth package is the most exclusive, providing economical service and staying in the clock tower, costing Saudi Riyals 11,435.

All mentioned package prices include value-added tax (VAT).

Can you include your family member in Local Hajj Package?

According the recent news published by Saudi Media, one a local Hajj package has been purchased, no further member can be added. It means, you cannot included your spouse and child after purchasing the package , you have to add them before buying the package.

Eligibility Requirements for Local Hajj Registration:

The ministry has set the minimum required age of 12 years for the application. The documents include the national identity or iqama with a validity date until the end of the Hajj month. It’s important for the applicant to book the same package for the rest of the family members or companions wishing to perform Hajj. You can add the number of companions during the registration process. The maximum limit of companions per applicant is 13 people. Assure that it doesn’t exceed. Pilgrims are advised to check the details of the registered package carefully before traveling.

Just like the 2022 Hajj requirements, the Local Hajj registration 2023 also needs full immunization with Covid-19 and “seasonal influenza” vaccines. Every traveler should carry a valid vaccination certificate and a receipt of the “ACYW quadruple meningitis” vaccine as proof, at least 10 days before reaching the holy destination.

Efforts of the Ministry in Local Hajj Registration 2023

The ministry has given Hajj-related services contracts only to the companies and institutions licensed by the ministry. They are allowed to serve pilgrims by staying within the Kingdom. A list is also available on the ministry’s website. It will be better if the application is filled and submitted by the pilgrim himself. Ministry has strictly advised not to deal with any agents or companies that are not licensed.

All pilgrims are advised to pay the booked package fee in the specified Hajj facility within the deadline so cancellations can be avoided. One phone number cannot be used for another registration. Pilgrims are strictly advised to follow all the rules and regulations issued by the Ministry of Hajj, Umrah, and Health. Every pilgrim should leave Mina according to the date of the chosen package. We wish you a safe journey!

Local Hajj Registration in previous year 2022:

Saudi Arabia has announced that they would be starting the local Hajj registration 2022 for domestic pilgrims in a few days. You will be wondering that there’s still a year remaining until the new Hajj season and the previous one was just finished. This news is true as there have been some new changes to the Hajj registration law which we will be going to discuss ahead. The Hajj registration in 2022 was done two to three months prior to the Hajj season, there was a lottery system and the selected ones can proceed further with their Hajj formalities. The applicants used to select the Hajj packages according to their budget. A travel agent was assigned to the pilgrims who is responsible for taking care of all the arrangements on their behalf.

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New Changes to Local Hajj Registration 2022:

Keep in mind that, this registration is for the locals only. One of the major changes in Hajj registration is that the registration process will be started on 28th August 2022. Once you have registered for the Hajj registration, the payment will be paid in two phases. The first half payment will be paid at the time of applying for the local Hajj registration and the other half of the payment will be paid after four months period. This registration process is only open to the local Hajis of Saudia Arabia and the foreign pilgrims will have to wait until further notice. The local Hajis will not be staying in the tents but they will be arranged space to stay in different hotels outside of Mina.

In case you register as a local, the first Hajj payment should be paid in 72 hours. The locals of Saudia Arabia waiting for their turn to perform Hajj can take this golden chance as the lottery system is not involved in this local Hajj registration in 2022. If you pay the 50% Hajj payment in advance this month, the other half should be paid at the end of December 2022. All the data of the applicant will be saved to the Ministry of Saudia Arabia and as soon as the Hajj season is about start it will be forwarded to the travel companies. After that, all the responsibility will be on these Hajj/Umrah companies and management.


This might have seemed like a disadvantage for foreigners. Most people want to perform Hajj but even if they have their name in the lottery they cannot pay the full Hajj amount. On the other hand, if you talk about locals, they don’t need to worry about the lottery system anymore and they can also pay the Hajj amount in two installments. The waiting period is almost 9 months and the locals who are working in Saudia Arabia should check their visa expiry date before applying for the local Hajj registration.

Previous procedure of Local Hajj Registration:

Local Hajj registration 2022 Saudi Arabia has recently announced the procedure for Saudi Citizens who wants to perform Hajj this year.The news just came in that the registration of Hajj pilgrims has started today. Registration will open for nine days, so June 11 is the last date for Local Hajj registration 2022 Saudi Arabia. Hajj packages will cost from 14,000 to 10,000 riyals and they are fixed. The Hajj package is fixed for 14 thousand 737 riyals per person for ‘Money Towers’ while 13 thousand 43 riyals is fixed for the second category Ziafa One and 10 thousand 238 riyals for the third category.

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Eatmarna Hajj Registration:

According to recent news, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said that the citizens and foreigners residing in Saudia who want to perform Hajj can submit Hajj applications through the ministry’s website or the Eatmarna app. After June 12, the names of successful candidates will be announced for Hajj registration by the ministry. The applicants will be selected according to the given data. The Ministry of Hajj has provided a facility for Hajj registration via the ‘Eatmarna App’. There are three different categories for packages, including Mini Towers, Diocese One, and Diocese Two. The quality of tents is comparable to the services provided in hotels. A total number of 1 million people has been fixed by the foreign ministry this year. 65 years is the maximum age limit for Hajj. A PCR test report will be submitted 72 hours before the departure. All the airlines are strictly advised to follow the procedure.

Only the 60,000 valid Iqama holders from 160 countries are allowed to travel to Jeddah and Medina. There are some requirements to be eligible for local hajj registration.

  • You should have a valid Iqama or Saudi National Identification Card.
  • The age should be between 18 to 65 years.
  • Immune status on Tawakkalna for Hajjis.

No Hajj was performed by the pilgrim in the last 5 years

Only the 60,000 valid Iqama holders from 160 countries are allowed to travel to Jeddah and Medina. There are some requirements to be eligible for local hajj registration.

  • You should have a valid Iqama or Saudi National Identification Card.
  • The age should be between 18 to 65 years.
  • Immune status on Tawakkalna for Hajjis.
  • No Hajj was performed by the pilgrim in the last 5 years.


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How to Do Local Hajj Registration 2022 Saudi Arabia:

In order to complete the process of local hajj registration in 2022 Saudi Arabia, pilgrims can apply through the Local Hajj registration e-gate. Stage 1 is the electronic portal that is operational since the previous year, from 13 June 2021 till Wednesday 23 June 2022, at 10 Pm. It is not considered a final registration statement. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Hajj registration portal by clicking this URL:

  • Click the ”Register” button.
  • Enter your valid Iqama number.
  • Select the date of birth.
  • Select the city of residence and click “Submit”.

  • Enter your mobile number on the next page.
  • Verify the mobile number by the received code.

Now the registration is completed successfully. Keep in mind that, this is local Hajj registration submission and is not a final registration. It will be considered completed once the health and regulatory standards are met and approved, and the result of the submission will be notified via a text message sent to the applicant.

In stage 2 of the local Hajj registration 2022 Saudi Arabia, you will have to check if the government of Saudi Arabia has allowed you to perform Hajj. Lucky ones can also reserve the Hajj package. To check local hajj registration, follow the given steps:

  • Visit the website:
  • Click on ”Start Reservation”.
  • Click the + button to add the male/female applicant.
  • Enter the Iqama number in the ID number section.
  • Enter the date of birth as per Iqama.
  • Now enter the given code and click submit.

If your Hajj application is not accepted, a message (Unsuccessful) will appear. The chances of getting the application accepted are higher if an eligible person doesn’t apply for the Hajj package. Don’t give up, keep trying until your application gets accepted.

If your Hajj application is accepted, a message (Successful) will appear. You will also the further instructions below to confirm your departure and make all the needed arrangements.

Local Hajj Packages 2022 Saudi Arabia:

Here are some details of the prices of the local hajj registration 2022 Saudi Arabia. It is possible that the Hajj registration portal will be open for registration from Wednesday.


Citizens of Saudi Arabia who wants to apply for Hajj via online portals can get so much benefit from this article. We tried our best to provide you with a series of steps to make things easy. If you are an immigrant or a Saudi citizen, do check other published articles on our website.


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