PTA Mobile Registration New Policy in 2023

PTA Mobile Registration New Policy in 2023:

PTA mobile registration new policy in 2023 includes a big update regarding smartphones that are owned by overseas Pakistanis. We know that there’s a two-month period before PTA blocks your mobile network permanently. Today, everyone should follow the new policy. So, what’s the new policy? Previously, when registering a smartphone, the amount needed to be paid was less on a passport than CNIC. Using a passport was beneficial. For example, the amount paid on CNIC was PKR 120,000 and the on passport was PKR 100,000. As you can see there was some relief. People usually asked a friend for help to generate a PSID against a non-PTA smartphone using the passport. Unfortunately, the system has been changed by the PTA. You can still ask someone but there’s an update.

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Now you can only generate the PSID using the same sim registered on the same CNIC of the owner. For example, if you are using someone’s passport to apply for PTA then make sure to use the same sim registered on the same CNIC. You cannot use your number or someone else’s phone number. Hence, the passport and sim should belong to the same person. Otherwise, the PSID will not generate. The reason for introducing the PTA mobile registration new policy in 2023 was to avoid people using a recent traveler’s passport to pay the PTA tax imposed on an imported smartphone.