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Tamheer Program Saudi Arabia 2022

Tamheer program Saudi Arabia is basically an on-the-job training program for university education graduates residing in Saudi Arabia. The main purpose of providing this practical training experience is to improve competitiveness among job candidates in the labor market. The project consists of two steps: In the first step, with the help of detailed individual- and establishment-level data, as well as interviews with beneficiaries, is examined. It also includes the past and current Tamheer enrollees and host establishments, as well as the population of eligible individuals and firms. In the second step, each individual is selected and purposed based on these quantitative and qualitative conclusions. Implementing the Tamheer program in Saudi Arabia plays an important role to assess interventions to improve subscription to the program.

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You might be wondering what interventions will be proved useful in increasing the number of beneficiaries to approximately 100,000, from a current number of 6,500? What interventions can lead to an increase in the number of trainees placed in permanent employment post-OJT? Expected Impact of the Tamheer program Saudi Arabia aims to provide evidence-based suggestions to the Tamheer team so they can learn how to improve the quality and uptake of the Tamheer program to achieve its target of reaching 100,000 beneficiaries and improving employment opportunities for job seekers in Saudi Arabia.

It is confirmed by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), that since the launch of the program in 2017 more than 61,000 male and female graduates having a diploma, and a bachelor’s degree or higher benefited from the on-the-job training program (Tamheer) until now. The percentage of female beneficiaries of the Tamheer program reached about 74%, while the percentage of males reached 26%. Not only Saudia but the top three regions in terms of the number of male and female graduates took benefit from the Tamheer program include Riyadh, Makkah, and the Eastern Province. Tamheer program not only focuses on one gender to obtain the expertise and skills required for the labor market through practical training but on national cadres of both sexes (male and female). The program also contributes to increasing the employability of the trainees in the labor market after they have completed their training.

Keep in mind that the program offers a financial reward for diploma graduates from technical, health, and administrative institutes and colleges of Saudi Riyal 2,000, and Saudi Riyal 3,000 for bachelor holders and above. In case of any work hazards, it also offers insurance for trainees. The Tamheer program in Saudi Arabia lasts from 3 to 6 months, during this period the graduates will be trained in the government and private sectors to develop the skills required to prepare them for the labor market. The program trainees receive an experience certificate upon finishing the training program.

Tamheer Program Registration:

In order to register yourself in the Tamheer program, there are some steps that need to be followed. They have provided all the information on their official sign-up website including the FAQs, Eligibility Requirments, and Program Duration. You can visit their official website and sign up with them to enroll in the Tamheer program in Saudi Arabia:

Tamheer Program Saudi Arabia