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PTA Tax Removed June 2022

You might be wondering whether the recently leaked news about the PTA Tax Removed June 2022 was false or not. According to sources, PTA did open the cellular networks of all smartphones for a while in order to encourage non-PTA users to experience what they are missing. Social media was used to spread the news about subscribers’ identification modules (SIMs) working again on their blocked phones. It’s been 4 days now and all the Non-PTA devices are working without any network interruption. Some of the non-PTA smartphones might not be working as the PTA tax removed in June 2022 is still not confirmed by the official source. So what will happen now, the smartphones will be blocked again or the ones working will keep running on cellular networks? We will give you all the details we have gathered from various sources.

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PTA Tax Removed June 2022, Reality:

First of all, if the PTA tax was removed there would have been official announcements on news channels and their official website but unfortunately, we didn’t see any of that. Keep in mind that there are very low chances of the PTA tax being removed in June 2022 as Pakistan is one of the biggest countries on the list of mobile importers. The government of Pakistan yearly sums up tons of tax from the imposed mobile duty fee. We have seen a gradual decrease in the smartphone importing business due to the heavy taxes being introduced and increased yearly. We don’t know the main reason why some of the non-PTA phones are working fine on cellular networks. If you remember something like this also happened last year and the non-PTA phones were running on cellular networks. Maybe this happens because of some kind of server or security update in the PTA department. So far PTA tax has not been removed and we advise you to pay the required tax to the PTA in order to use your network-locked smartphones legally in Pakistan.

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There is no permanent solution to open the PTA tax-locked smartphones and the working ones might be locked again in the upcoming days or weeks as nobody is aware of the reason behind this. FBR and PTA are responsible if there’s been any update regarding the PTA tax removed in June 2022 and changes in tax fee but there was nothing published. On the other hand, the PTA also explained the recent increase in taxes/duties for the registration of smartphones, that these taxes and duties are submitted directly to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) as they are also implemented by the FBR. PTA has also provided a Device Identification and Registration Database (DIRBS) system for smartphone registration free of cost for the convenience of the public. PTA is only providing technical support in the form of DIRBS via which applicants can register to use their mobile devices within Pakistan. During this whole process, taxes are implemented by the FBR and are collected directly with the FBR. Anybody else offering you a lower PTA tax fee is definitely a fraud and people are advised to report such person to FIA asap.

PTA TAX Removed! What is the Official Announcement:

So, what is the conclusion of rumours about PTA Tax Removed June 2022, it is all fake news. For accurate and updated information, please visit the official website of PTA.


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