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PTA Mobile Registration Online for Overseas Pakistanis 2023

A great news has been announced regarding PTA mobile registration online for overseas Pakistani citizens. Pakistan Telecommunication authority has announced on its official twitter handler that overseas Pakistani citizens can register their mobile devices online. The online registration will be free of cost, there will be no TAX for one device.

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Benefits of PTA Mobile registration:

  • Overseas Pakistanis can register their mobile devices online.
  • Mobile registration will be free of all charges, No TAX.
  • Currently, overseas Pakistani citizens can use one phone for two months in Pakistan, However, the new temporary mobile registration will allow them use one phone for a period of up to 120 days without any TAX.

PTA mobile registration online 2023:

According to the latest press release by PTA on Twitter, a new online web portal will be launched within a few days where overseas Pakistani can register mobile phones free of cost. The registered mobile phone device will be actively working in Pakistan for 4 months.

Users can submit application for mobile registration at of official portal of Device Identification Registration and Blocking System of PTA. They have to enter their personal identification details along with the IMEI number of mobile device. PTA will register mobile devices with the help of FIA’s Integrated Border Management System and the SIM verification system of Mobile network operators. More details about PTA temporary mobile registration will soon be announced.

Although overseas Pakistani citizens will have 120 days, a limited time period to use their phone in Pakistan, yet it is better than currently 60 days’ period. It will give a relief to overseas Pakistanis. On the other hand, the overseas Pakistanis want government to allow them to use at least one phone free of tax without any limit of stay in Pakistan. The demand of overseas Pakistanis looks reasonable especially in the current scenario of pandemic where flights are suspended at any time.

PTA Mobile Registration
PTA Mobile Registration

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