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Saudization Professions 2023

Saudization Professions 2023: Almost 6 more professions including optics, distance, and customer service have been included in Saudization professions 2023. This news was shared by the Saudi Minister of Manpower and Social Welfare Engineer Ahmed Al-Rajhi that it’s been decided to Saudize 6 more professions and activities in collaboration with the supervisory relationships. According to the state news agency SPA, the professions of civil aviation license, optics, distance (annual inspection of vehicles), postal service outlets and parcel transportation, customer service, and sales outlets have been reserved for Saudi citizens under the new decision. As per the Saudi Minister of Manpower, the new decision of Saudization professions 2023 will be implemented in different parts of the Saudi kingdom. With the help of these standards of participation in the labor market will be raised and their participation in the economic system will be improved. We should appreciate these decisions, as because of them more than 33,000 Saudis will find employment.

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The decision of Saudization professions 2023 to license civil aviation professionals will be executed in two stages. The first stage will initiate on March 15, 2023. Under this, there will be Saudization of Assistant Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and Flight Attendant (100%), Air Transport Pilot (60%), and Airhostess (50%). The second stage will initiate on March 4, 2024. Under this, air transport pilots (70%) and air hostesses (60%) will be Saudized. The Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare wants the decision to apply across all private sector entities with five or more employees working in the Air Limited profession. In order to give personnel a green flag to work in these professions, higher approval has to be acquired from the Civil Aviation Department. The ruling will provide jobs for more than 4,000 Saudis. From March 18, 2023, the decision to Saudize the optics profession will be implemented. Fifty percent of Saudi employees will be included. This decision will also be implemented in all private sector entities operating in the Saudi labor market. Fifty percent of Saudis should be employed in any organization with four or more employees.

Saudization Professions 2023 Details:

The Saudization professions 2023 will include the optical technician, physical lab technician, and lighting, optics, and optics technician professions. For those working in these professions, Saudi officials should obtain a professional certificate from the Health Specialists Council. The minimum decided salary for each of the professions to be Saudized is 5500 riyals. It will provide employment to thousands of locals or more in different parts of the country. The decision to Saudize the distance will be implemented in two phases. About fifty percent of the Saudization will be done in the first phase and 100 percent in the second phase. The most prominent professions in this regard are (Site Manager, Assistant Manager, Quality Manager, Financial Supervisor, Site Supervisor, Trackhead, Inspection Technician, Inspection Technician Assistant, Maintenance Technician, Information Technician, and Data Entry) decided for Saudization. The Saudization of this sector will provide employment to more than 12,000 locals. Implementation will begin next year. The Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has also issued a strategy to implement the decisions of the Saudization of six sectors. All the important details have been provided to private sector entities and owners to carry out the Saudization project safely. Source of this information is Urdu News.

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