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How to Apply DAMA Visa Australia.

DAMA Australia:

DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement), is an agreement of Federal government of Australia with seven Australian regions. This agreement enables businesses of seven Australian regions to hire skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers. DAMA helps to meet the workforce shortage of employers, businesses and industries of seven regions. [Read Also: Australia Visa without sponsor]

List of DAMA Regions of Australia:

Australian government has made DAMA with seven regions. It means, you can get DAMA visa to work any of these regions. The names and websites of these regions are listed below:

  1. Northern Territory (Click to visit website)
  2.  The Goldfields, WA (Click to visit website)
  3. Warrnambool (Click to visit website)
  4. Pilbara DAMA (click to visit website)
  5. Adelaide City and Regional SA (Click to visit website)
  6. Orana, NSW (Click to visit website)
  7. Far North Queensland (Click to visit website)

Type of DAMA Work Visa:

DAMA uses Temporary skill shortage stream visa subsclass 482. It means, you will get 482 visa under DAMA visa system. Australia’s 482 visa is issued through four streams which are as follows

  1. Short term stream
  2. medium term stream
  3. subsequent entrant stream
  4. labor agreement stream

Under DAMA visa system, you can get visa through Labor agreement stream. You can live and work in DAMA regions of Australia up to four years under Temporary skill shortage Labor agreement stream of visa subclass 482.

Only Federal department of Home Affairs issues 482 visa. You can read all about this visa at their official website by clicking here.

Please Note: DAMA visa system is different from Newly introduced Australia’s regional Visas. DAMA uses 482 visa subclass whereas New regional visas use 491 and 494 subclasses. [Recommended: Work in Japan]

Age Limit:

There is no age limit to apply for DAMA 482 visa under labor agreement stream as specified by federal immigration department. however, employers and DAMA regional authorities may have some age limitations.

Eligibility for DAMA Visa:

  • Your occupation must be in DAMA occupation list.
  • You need to get a job offer/contract from an employer who is operating in any of seven DAMA regions.
  • You should be nominated for this visa.
  • have at least two years work experience in relevant field of occupation.
  • have necessary qualification/skills. it depends on type of occupation and job position.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of English.

Is Ielts mandatory for DAMA Visa?

Yes, ielts is required for DAMA visa. Generally, you have to have 5.0 bands overall score to be eligible for the visa subclass 482. However, concession is now granted in many occupations. Under the new DAMA agreement, you may be eligible for this visa if you have 4.0 bands as well but this concession is not available for all DAMA occupations. You have to check DAMA occupation list of each region to find if your occupation has concession in ielts score.

DAMA Australia Occupation List:

DAMA occupation list includes occupations which are eligible for DAMA 482 visa with labor agreement stream. As said above, there are seven DAMA region, so each region have its own Skill occupation list. In order to check skill occupation list, you have to visit there websites.  To be eligible for this visa, your occupation must be in occupation list of any of DAMA regions.

Northern Territory Occupation list Click Here.

The Goldfields Occupation List Click Here.

South Australia Occupation List Click Here

Orana Occupation List Click Here.

Far North Queensland Occupation List Click Here.

Warrnambool (Click to visit website)

Pilbara DAMA (click to visit website)

What if Your Occupations is not in DAMA Occupations list:

If your occupation is not on DAMA occupation list of any of seven DAMA regions, you need not worry. Your occupation may be on other skill occupation list of 482 visa. You occupation may be on “Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) – Medium Term Stream”, so you can apply 482 visa under Medium Term stream.

In the second scenario, your occupation may be on “Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) – Short Term Stream”, so you are still eligible to apply 482 visa but you will apply under 482 visa short term stream.

Both short term and medium term streams of 482 visa subclass are employer sponsored same as labor agreement DAMA stream.

To check your occupation, Click here to visit official portal of Australian immigration. You will see a search box, simply enter your occupation name and click on search icon. It will show you all visa types which you are eligible for.

Please Note: To find DAMA occupations list, you must visit the website of each DAMA region.

How to Apply for DAMA Visa Australia:

As said earlier, DAMA uses 482 visa stream which is an employer sponsored visa. You cannot apply this visa independently without any job offer. You must need to secure a job offer from any employer/business or company of any of seven DAMA regions.


Find a suitable job offer from an Australian Employer who belongs to anyone of seven DAMA regions. This is the most challenging step for you because you have to struggle hard to find a suitable employment offer. The government of Australia has listed many websites in order to find a job offer. We have placed these websites at the bottom of this page, please brows down to the bottom of the page to find list of approved job search websites.


Employer will submit nomination application to Regional DAMA authority and Federal immigration respectively. Once he gets nomination approval for you, you are ready to apply for visa subclass 482. There are certain requirements for employers which they are need to meet before hiring an overseas worker. For example: employers have to submit evidence that they are failed to find a local worker for the job. Furthermore they have to offer proper salary to overseas worker and it should be equal to that of an Australian workers. However, salary concession is granted under some circumstances.


After receiving nomination approval, you have to apply apply 482 visa online. You can find more information regarding visa application at DHA website.

DAMA Skill Assessment:

Before you apply for visa, you have to get skill assessment from authorized body of Australia. Your employer may also demand skill assessment. Skill assessment let’s  employer and other government bodies know of your qualifications’ suitability for the job you are applying for. Each DAMA region have agreement with assessing bodies, you can find relevant bodies on website of DAMA regions.

VETASSESS is appointed as assessing authority in an agreement with South Australia, Gold Fields, Orana, Great South Coast and Far norht Queens land, you can read more at their website. We suggest you to read instructions on DAMA regions’ website before taking any step.

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The key elements of NT DAMA are:

  • pathways to permanent residency for NT DAMA visa holders (including transitional arrangements for existing visa holders)
  • a broad range of occupations that reflect NT skilled and semi-skilled shortages, with no caveats to apply
  • English language concessions for some occupations
  • salary concessions that reflect NT market rates, ensuring that worker terms and conditions of employment are not eroded, and NT businesses and consumers are not subjected to inflationary costs
  • a range of risk and integrity actions to ensure that the rights of both employees and employers are protected
  • a five-year agreement to reduce red tape.

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Additional occupations not in ANZSCO

The NT DAMA is unique in that it provides access to three occupations not in the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO).

These are:

  • bar attendant (supervisor)
  • waiter (supervisor)
  • cook (specialist ethnic cuisine)

For the purposes of the NT DAMA these occupations have been given the code 070499.

For these occupations, applicants need to demonstrate that skills, qualifications and experience align to the following sample position descriptions:

  • Bar attendant (supervisor)
    Bar attendant (supervisor)
  • Waiter (supervisor)
    Waiter (supervisor)
  • Cook (specialist ethnic cuisine)
    Cook (specialist ethnic cuisine)

English language concessions

The English language concessions are available to overseas workers applying for a temporary TSS visa, and those transitioning to Australian permanent residency through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) labour agreement pathway.

Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold concessions

All workers employed under the DAMA must be employed under Australian employment conditions and receive no less than what an Australian would to undertake the same job in the same location.

Many employers sponsored visa programs, including the standard TSS program, have a minimum threshold that can be paid. The TSMIT which currently sits at $53,900 also applies.

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Australia Job Search Websites to find job offer:

Alert: Please Do not Share Your Credit Card Details and Do not Pay any Money at Job search Websites. Thanks

Australian Government Job Search Website Please Click Here.

Australian Government APS Job Website Please Click Here.

Find Sponsorship jobs Please Click Here.

Alert: Please Do not Share Your Credit Card Details and Do not Pay any Money at Job search Websites. Thanks

To Apply Visa:

Australian Immigration Website Please Click Here.