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Easy Way To Get Postal Id in Philippines & Postal Id Requirements and Application Process.

Postal Id Information Video


How To Get Postal Id in Philippines & Postal Id Requirements and Application Process—Basically Postal Id is used to verify the address a person to make sure the successful delivery of mails, parcels etc. Not only to verify address to avoid any failure in mail deliver but also it can be a used as an identification card in Philippines. Postal is one of government ids and it can be used to apply other government ids and to enjoy various government and non-government services. It was first launched by Philippines post which is known as PhilPost. But it is widely accepted in country now like if you want to open a bank account in Philippines. However, postal id is not accepted by DFA passport department as primary id.

Anyone in Philippines can apply and get postal id. There is no requirement of age, employment, skills and education. Person with any age can apply postal id. Foreign country citizen living in Philippines can also obtain postal id but they should be in Philippines far at least last six months. Filipinos living abroad can also obtain postal id but they must in Philippines at the time postal id application.

Normally postal id is valid for three years for the citizen of Philippines. Postal id issued to foreign country citizens is also valid for three years if they have retiree residency visa of Philippines. In case of other visas, the postal id issued to foreigners will be valid only for one year.

Great Features of Improved Postal Id:

Now a days, a new improved Postal id is issued to applicants which actually has more security features than the older postal id. To avoid any forged or cheating this new improve card is no doubt, a great step.

Here are some key security features of improved Postal id:

  • Postal Id issuance system store all data of applicant and all cards are printed from one headquarter to make it sure that all card are legit and genuine.
  • With the new system, nobody can get fake postal ids because every applicant has to give bio metrics like finger prints, photograph, signature, personal details.
  • AFIS Automated Fingerprints Identification System confirms the legitimacy and identity of card holder by matching fingerprints with that store in system.
  • QR code is also great feature to confirm the identity of card holder, even it can be checked through smartphone with Postal Id Verification App.
  • The card is made with a special structure. It has a mailman watermark or hologram inside which can be seen at different angles. And also picture of ghost and UV ink.

How to Get Postal Id in Philippines?

Postal application process is very easy and straight forward. You can complete application process in three simple steps which are as follow

  1. Postal Id Application Form

First step is to download postal id application form. You can download the form by Clicking Here or you can visit the official website of PhilPost. Once you have downloaded postal id application form, you should take the print of this form, you need to have two copies of postal id application form and then you have to fill all fields marked with red color symbol or sign of (√). This symbol with a field means this field is required.


postal id application form

Postal id application form

  1. Arrange Required Documents

Once you have filled and signed two copies of Postal id application form, now you have to arrange all required documents and their copies to submit nearest post office. You can see the list of required documents in this post below. There are almost 260 centers are working in the country where postal application can be submitted. You can find a list of all post office by clicking here.

find a full list of Postal Id Centers in Malls Click Here.

Find a full list of Postal Id Center in Metro Manila Click Here.

Find a Full list of Postal Id Centers in Province Click Here.

PhilPost offer new mobile capturing centers for those persons who don’t have time or not able to visit any Postal id capturing center in person. You can find the schedule of Postal Id mobile capturing center by visiting Postal Id officla facebook page.

You have to visit the nearest post office to submit your postal id application. You will find a specified Window in post office for this purpose. You can submit your application there. You have to give bio metrics like Finger prints and photograph there.

A Fee 504 Peso is charged for postal id.

  1. Wait for Postal Id.

Once you have completed the above procedure, now it is time to wait for your postal id to be delivered at your home or mailing address which you gave in postal id application form. If you live in big cities, your postal id will be delivered within 20 days. Delivery Time for Metro Manila Addresses is 15 days. For remote areas and Island Provinces processing time is 30 days… This is the simple and straightforward process of postal id application.

Postal Id

Postal Id Requirements:

There are some documents which are required to submit postal id application successfully. Phipost have specified the requirements of postal id application. Here is list of postal id requirements:

  1. Two Copies of Duly filled and Signed postal id application form.
  2. Personal appearance is mandatory to submit postal id application because you have to give bio metrics like photograph and finger prints that’s why your personal appearance is required for postal id application process.
  3. Proof of Identity

You have to submit anyone of the following documents as a proof of your identification:

  • A valid Passport
  • A Valid Driving License
  • NSO or Local Civil Registry issued Birth Certificate.

If you don’t have any of these identity documents, you can submit any two documents from the following list but at least one these documents must have your photo.

  • Valid Voter’s ID
  • Valid Tax Identification Number Card
  • Valid Senior Citizen ID
  • Valid Seaman’s Book
  • Valid PRC ID
  • Valid College, School or University ID
  • Valid Pag-Ibig ID
  • Valid OWWA ID
  • Valid Basic Postal ID
  • Valid Company ID
  • Elementary or High School Form 137
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Certificate of Birth
  • College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • BIR ID
  • Valid Alumni ID
  • Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Valid PhilHealth ID
  • Valid Paper-based Postal ID
  • Valid Police Clearance
  1. Proof of Address:

Applicants are required to apply anyone of the following documents as a proof of address with postal id application:

  • Billing Statement of School
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Statement of Credit Card
  • Copy of lease but should by certified to be true
  • Real Estate Tax Receptionist True copy
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three (3 months) prior to PID application
  • Copy of Titles issued by Land Registration Authority but should be true certified
  • Bill of Utility like cable, electric, internet, landline, water and telephone.

Postal Id Requirements for Foreign Students:

  1. Two copies of duly filled and signed postal id application form.
  2. Proof of Identification
  • Passport should be valid at least six months
  • Any of the following related to stay in Philippines will be required. It should be valid at least six months at the time postal id application:
    • ACRI Card Alien Certification of Registration identity
    • LSVVE Long stay visitor visa extention
    • TRV temporary resident visa
    • Diplomatic visa
    • SRRV Special resident retiree visa
  1. Proof of Address

Foreign students have to submit anyone of the following documents in order to submit postal id application successfully:

  • Utility bill like electric, internet, cable, telephone etc.
  • Statement of school bills
  • Statement of bank account
  • Statement of credit card
  • Notarized contract of house, flat, room lease
  • Hotel accommodation certificate of at least 3 months living.
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency – issued within three (3) months prior to PID application

Requirements of Postal id Renewal without change in bio-data:

  • Two copies of duly filled and signed PID application form
  • Basic postal id card or improved postal id card anyone is applicable

Requirements Due to Loss/Theft Postal id

  • Two copies of duly filled and signed Postal id application form
  • Affidavit of Loss but it should be duly notrized

Requirements of Postal Id Renewal in case of change in Bio Data:

  • Two copies of duly filled and signed PID application form
  • Basic postal id card or improved postal id card anyone is applicable
  • Documents to support the change in biodata.

Postal Id requirements