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Resume Format For Freshers: How to Make Resume for Freshers?

Resume Format For Freshers: How to Make Resume for Freshers? Before we start talking about a Resume in depth, you should know what resume is and what is its importance for a job.

What is A Resume?

A resume is a document which has a summary of all qualifications of a job seeker. This summary may include a candidate’s education, skills, training, technical diploma, experience, achievements, language skills, and contact information, etc. It is usually written for a prospective employer in the view of a job vacancy. So, everything included in the resume must be relevant to the job description. A resume is mostly paired with a Job Cover Letter; Read How to write cover letter for fresher.

A resume is not only a summary of your qualifications but also a marketing tool for you. Consider yourself and your skill as a product and write a professional resume to appeal to employers to buy your expertise. The purpose of resume is to tell the employer a short story about who you are, what you have done and what you can do for him.

Writing an effective resume for freshers may be challenging, and it is true because if the resume is not written correctly, not easy to read and understand, you may lose chances of interview and job. Usually, hundreds and thousands of candidates apply for a job. The employer has to check all applications. They don’t have time to read a hard to understand resume. So, if your resume is not written correctly, the employer or recruiting manager will simply trash it. But you don’t’ need to worry; we are going to explain what to include in a resume and also the best resume format for freshers.

How to Make and What to Include in Resume for a Fresher?

You can find resume writing tips and what information you should include in your resume:

Your Personal Details: Your personal details should include your full name, contact information; contact number, email address. You can mention your residential city and country too.

Resume Headline for Fresher: Resume headline is very important and it compels the recruiter to read further your resume. As said earlier, the hiring manager doesn’t have time to read each resume thoroughly one by one, so try to find suitable resume by having a bird’s eye view or resumes that’s why it is essential to add a resume headline. It should be according to your skills and qualifications; it should also be as per job position. For example: if you have done three years’ diploma in electronics, an employer wants to hire an associate engineer for electronic circuits assembling, your resume headline can be as follows:

Associate Electronics Engineer

Proper knowledge of electronic components, circuits, transmission lines, measuring, and testing equipment. Ability to trace faults, assembling, and dissembling electronic circuits. With excellent communication skills, ready to work in a team.

*If you have any experience, you should prefer to add to experience in resume headline. It will motivate the hiring manager to read your rest of resume. These lines are also known as career or objective summary. It is not necessary to copy and paste career objective statements; you can write it in your own words in simple, make sure there shouldn’t be any mistake of spellings and grammar.

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Now you can write a summary of your education or experience depending on which one is most recent. As we are talking about resume for fresher, so you can add details of education here.

Education: It is time to add your educational or academic qualifications. You should write your most recent qualification first. Also mention the name of institution, year of qualification obtained, and grade. Please add If there is a special award achieved during studies.

Experience: If you any experience, you should add it to your resume before or after educational details. List most recently obtained experience first. While adding your working history, do not forget to add the name of the organization where you had worked, duration of employment with joining and leaving date, your job position, role, responsibilities, and achievement if any. Also, mention what type of skills you go while you work history.

Additional Related Skills information: Targeting the interest of employer and job description, you can create heading Skills or additional Skills or with any heading you want. You can add what skills you have to go during your course of study. We are talking about the fresher resume. Being a fresher with no experience, you can only derive skills from your course of education what you have learned during the academic or technical course or training.

Language Skills: You should add your language skills and level of proficiency.

Reference: It is advised to add one or two contacts of your previous educational institutions or employers. But you should seek their permission first. However, the reference is not much essential. References should be added at the bottom of the resume. Add name, position, and contact of references.

Length of Resume: There is no hard and fast rule on length of a resume. If you have experience of fewer than ten years, it is better to keep resume one or two pages. Resume for freshers can one or two pages. Avoid adding unnecessary and irrelevant information. Keep resume concise and precise; it will deliver a good impression on the employer.

Resume format and Font Styles: It is imperative to keep resume neat, clean, and easy to read. Avoid using unclear and hard to read font. Use only one or two easy to read fonts, include headers, paragraphs, and bullet points. There shouldn’t be any mistake of grammar and spellings.

Avoid Unnecessary Information: Avoid adding unnecessary information like age, marital status, religion, etc. These are old fashioned.

Professional Email Address: Try to make a separate professional looking email address instead of roughly made email id.

Keep Job Description in Mind: It is crucial to keep in mind the description of job vacancy while writing a resume. You must know what will be your duties and what type of qualifications and experience employer wants from you. If you do not follow the guideline given by the employer, there will be no chance of consideration of employer.

Sample of Resume for Freshers:

A practical resume sample is given below, it will help you to get better understanding for writing effective resume:

Applicant’s Name

Address:…. Phone:…..Email:……

 Resume Headline

Career Objective Statements


Write your educational qualification as explained above.

 Professional Experience

if you are fresher, you can mention some experience which you have got while working on different projects during your courses or simple remove it from resume.

Related Skills

Any skills related to your target job vacancy. do not add irrelevant skills.

Language Skills

Resume Sample for Experienced Candidates:

sample of resume for freshers

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