Experience Certificate – Experience Certificate Format With Samples.

What is Experience Certificate?

Experience certificate is a formal letter which is written by your employer for certification of your previous services. This letter states and affirms that you have worked with an employer. Usually, an employer issues a letter of experience on request and behalf of his employee. Experience letter contains description of your job, duties, duration of employment and sometimes salary as well. It also describes that thee employee is no more associated with this employer.

It is one of the most important documents for your career as it is an evidence of your experience and of course experience is first and foremost requirement to find a good job. You have to mention work experience while writing your CV/Resume as well as in Cover letter for future job. It helps you future employer to know your experience and expertise. Therefore, It is highly advisable for you to get one certificate of experience when you are to quit services with your existing employer. [Recommended: How to Write Cover Letter for A Job, Even Freshers].

How to Write an Experience Certificate?

The Letter of experience is a short letter, it is always brief but it must include all necessary and relevant details. Usually,  An Experience letter must contain the following points:

  • An experience letter must have date of issue.
  • It is preferred if it has reference number for verification purpose.
  • Use of “To Whom It May Concern”. It is very important to use this salutation in experience letter because employee have to submit it with future job application without knowing who is addressee. Therefore, it is better to use this salutation.
  • Full name of employee and it should be in accordance with the record and other identity documents of employee.
  • Letter of Experience must have duration of employment, date of joining as well as date of leaving. It describes how long experience does an employee has.
  • Job position or designation of employee.
  • Description of job nature, duties and role in the company.
  • Some lines expressing the best impression and best cooperation of employee during his employment; the overall impression of employee.
  • It should have some best wishes for employee’s future.
  • Closing with “truly/sincerely” etc.
  • At the end, Authorized person should sign the letter, he should write his designation and name.
  • Experience letter should have Seal/Stamp of issuing company.

What Paper is Used for Experience Certificate?

Although there is no hard and fast rule what type of paper should be used for writing a letter of experience yet parchment paper is mostly used for this purpose. Please Note: It is always highly recommended that experience letter must be written on letterhead of issuing company.

Experience Certificate Format:

There is no cut and dried method of writing an experience certificate. A lot of experience letter formats are available on internet. However, the following experience letter format is widely used and most liked now a days. It is always advisable that employer or authorized person should write experience letter in easy to read format, precise but concise. Here is the format of experience letter:


Ref. No:…….. (left side of the page)                                       Date:……………(right corner of page)

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr./Miss….. S/o or D/o Mr…….. worked in our company from …..(joining date) to ……(leaving date). As a HR Manager I hereby testify that he has gained experienced as a (job designation) in the department of (name of department). During his association with our company, we found him honest, hardworking and dedicated with a professional attitude and good knowledge of job. We have no objection to allow him in any better position and have no liabilities in our company.

We wish him a bright career.




Seal or stamp of company (Also need to put signature of authorized person)


Application for Experience Certificate:

Any authorized person like supervisor, HR manager or director etc, can issue experience certificate. In many cases, you have to apply for a letter of experience by submitting a written application for experience letter. However, written application is not demanded in small companies or where you have worked for long time with friendly relation.

If you need to submit an application for grant of experience letter, you can write in following simple format:


To: [issuing person or authority]

Subject: Application for Grant of Experience Certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

This to bring to your kind notice that i have served in your firm ( write the name of company or firm) from (joining date) to (leaving date) as a (your job designation) in the department of (your department where you worked). it was a great experience for me to serve in your company and I achieved great experience and knowledge during this period.

It is humbly requested to you grant my  experience certificate . It will add great value to my profile. I shall be very grateful to you if issue my experience certificate.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact at my email address or contact number.

Your’s Sincerely,

Your name

Your Signature

Your Contact information.


please note: experience certificate is key to your future success, so you should take extra care while requesting for experience letter. Once you have got it successfully, you should check it to make sure that it has all necessary information which is important for your future.

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