Iqama Check Kafeel Name

Check the Name of Your Iqama Kafeel:

Iqama check kafeel name enables you to check the name of your saudi employer or sponsor which is called Kafeel in Saudi Arabia. Then name of Saudi employer becomes more important when an expat transfer his iqama from one kafeel to another it is known as Nakal Kafala. After iqama transfer process, the expat wants to have a nakal kafala check to know whether the name of his kafeel is changed or not. Usually you ministry of labor and ministry of interior involves in iqama transfer process, so  these ministries offer a service  to check the name of your saudi employer. If you find that the name of your kafeel is changed, it confirms that your iqama has been successfully transferred to new kafeel or sponsor. Different ways are there to check your kafeel name behind your iqama. [Recommended: Check Iqama Huroob]

Iqama Check Kafeel Name Methods:

There are many ways to check your nakal kafal status or current kafeel. The list of these methods is as follows

  • Nakal Kafala Check with Iqama number.
  • Check Kafeel Name With Absher.
  • Check Kafeel Name on Your visa sticker.
  • Ask Your company’s hr staff.

Each method to check kafeel name has been explained below. [You may be Interested: Check Visa Validity]

Find Name of Saudi Sponsor by Iqama Number:

This is the easiest method to check the name of your sponsor as well as nakal kafal checking. You can check kafeel name by iqama number very easily. All you need to have your iqama number only. There is no need create absher account. Only Iqama number is good enough to know the name of Saudi Kafee through this method. Simply follow these steps to check your current kafeel name with your iqama number. [Read Also: Check iqama red green]

Step#01: First of all open the official page of Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia by Clicking Here. It will show all available services.


you can try this direct link

It will directly take you to the page where you can find the name of kafeel by iqama number. You will see a page as shown in the following screenshot:

Step#02: Now you have to choose service type. You can see “نوع الخدمۃ”, it means service type, you can see a drop down menu against “نوع الخدمۃ”. Simply Click it. A list of services will appear. You have to select ” نقل خدمۃ عامل وافد”. Please see the following screenshots for better under standing:

Step#03: Once you have done the above process, Two New things will appear right there; First ” رقم الطلب” and Second “رقم اقامۃ العمل”. You have to Choose “رقم اقامۃ العمل”. Once You have clicked it, enter your iqama number in a blank field given against رقم اقامۃ العمل. Please have a look at following screenshot:

Step#02: Now it is last step to find  the name of your kafeel with your  iqama number. Once you have completed above explained steps, you have to enter image code in blank field and click “بحث”. Have a look at the following screenshot:

That’s all. Now system will show you the kafeel name under your iqama number. This the way the check kafeel name. Go to the end of the page and you will see your employer name as shown in the following screenshot. It is in arabic, so you have to translate it into english with google translator.

Iqama check kafeel name is possible with other methods as well. We will be adding more methods shortly. Stay connected..

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