Iqama Red Green Check in 2023.

Iqama Red Green Check in 2023:

Checking Iqama Red Green Yellow or Platinum (The Nitaqat Status) is very easy now a days. You can check Nitaqat Color of your kafeel at official website of Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia. It is always advisable to check color status of Your kafeel. First we will share how you can iqama red green and then we will explain iqama color categories. [Recommended: Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher Account.]

How to Check Iqama Red Green:

Please follow these easy steps to check your iqama color status:

1.First of All visit the official website of Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia. You can open this website in browser of your PC/Laptop as well phone or tablet. You can use this service to Check Iqama Huroob as well. Also you can check your exit visa status through this service, Click to check your exit visa status.

2.Default language of this website is Arabic. There is no option to change language. You can convert it through your browser translator. We will explain without changing the language because mostly user check use this service on mobile devices without any translator. Please see the following screenshot for better understanding.

3. We have translated this page for you, Please see the following screenshot for translation.

4. To check the iqama red green or other color, you have to enter Border Number or Iqama Number or Passport Number. Border is number is located at your passport near immigration stamp. Saudi Arabia’s airport immigration writes Border number on your passport when your first time arrives Saudi Arabia. Once you have entered border number or iqama number or passport number, click “بحث” button as shown in above screenshot. If you want to check iqama color by entering Passport number, you have to choose your nationality as well. But if you want to check iqama status red or green color status by entering iqama number or border number, you do not need to choose your nationality.

5. Now, The system will you all details about you and your kafeel including iqama red green color. System will show you your full name, your work permit number, Status of your employement whether you are currently working or not, Your iqama color red green, yellow or platinum and legal status of company. See the following screenshot.

6. As you can see, it is showing the color status of your kafeel in Arabic. If you are not able to understand Arabic, you can simply copy this line and go to google translator by clicking here, If you are a mobile device user, click on “Detect Language” and select Arabic. Now simply paste your Arabic iqama color and you will find iqama color in English. PC or laptop users can simply search in google “Arabic to English Translator” to translate. This is the exact way to check iqama status red or green.

What is Iqama Color Nitaqat System:

You may be curious what is the reality of iqama color system. Iqama color system is known as Nitaqat. Red, green, yellow colors reveal the Nitaqat category of Saudi company or kafee. Nitaqat system was started in 2011 as a result of Sauization policy of Saudi Government. Each private was bound to employee a specific number of Saudi citizens. The number and percentage of Saudi Employees in a company gives a nitaqat color category. On the other hands, we can say that the Nitaqat color determines the percentage of Saudi employees in a company. Based on Percentage of Saudi employees, a company or kafeel can be red, green, yellow or platinum. Green color has three sub-categories low green, medium green and high green.

Red Color Status:


  1. A small business have less than 4% Saudi employees
  2. A medium business has less then 5 % Saudi employees
  3. A large business has less then 6 % Saudi employees
  4. A huge business has less then 6 % Saudi employees.

It will fall in Red color category. This business cannot continue for long time. The color category of this have to be changed into green sooner or later.

If you have find your iqama color red, you should change your company as soon as possible. You do not need approval from your Saudi Kafeel. This company face a lot of visa, iqama and other immigration problems, so it is recommended to change iqama as soon as possible.

Yellow Color Status:


  1. A small business have  5-9% Saudi employees
  2. A medium business  6-11 % Saudi employees
  3. A large business has  7 % Saudi employees
  4. A huge business  7 % Saudi employees.

It is considered in Yellow Nitaqat category. Employee in this company can go transfer to other companies without need of kafeel’s permission. Employee in yellow color company cannot renew their iqama if they have completed two years according to the new rules. If you find your iqama color red or yellow, you should try to transfer to other company.

Green Color Status:


  1. A small business have  10-39% Saudi employees
  2. A medium business  12-39 % Saudi employees
  3. A large business has  12-39 % Saudi employees
  4. A huge business  12-39 % Saudi employees.

It falls in Nitaqat Green color category. This the usually a good category. This company get visas every month. They can get red/yellow color employee without permission of their kafeel. Employee can renew iqama three months before iqama expiry date. Also change of profession and six months license grace period is allowed in this iqama color category.

Platinum Color Category of Nitaqat:

If a business of any level has 40% or more Saudi employees, it has Platinum or premium category. This is the perfect category and this company and its employees enjoy all privileges of Ministry of Labor. This company can recruit workers easily. This company can hire an employee with yellow or red category without permission of his kafeel. Change of profession, one year license grace period and iqama renewal three months before expiry is allowed to employees in this category.

This is the right way to check iqama red green status in Saudi Arabia. If have you more queries, please leave a comment.


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