Muqeem KSA.

Muqeem KSA:

Muqeem is an online service or which keeps the records of foreign residents living and working in Saudi Arabia. It helps Saudi Kafeels to manage data, services and status of their employees. Saudi employers can perform various online actions using muqeem e services for their foreign workers like issuance of residency card, issuance of exit and re-entry visa etc.

List of Muqeem Services:

Muqeem offers various online services related to expats. The list of Muqeem e services is as follows:

  1. Issuance, renewal and printing of Iqama. [Recommended: Click to Check Iqama Expiry Date.]
  2. Issuance  and Cancellation of Exit and Re-Entry Visa Single Entry as well as Multiple Entries.
  3. Issuance and Cancellation of final exit visa.
  4. Resident Service Transfer.
  5. Change of Profession.
  6. Update of employees’ Information.
  7. Enter Permit to Makkah for foreign residents.
  8. Postal services.

All service listed above, come in two packages. Employers have to subscribe one package to use these services.

How to Register Muqeem?

Saudi Employers who want to register in muqeem portal they should call at “920023235”. Saudi Kafeels can subscribe anyone of two muqeem packages by calling this number and can use muqeem portal in future.

Muqeem Login:

To log in to muqeem e services portal, you have to open Muqeem Login Page. Once you click this link, it will a page of Muqeem Login. Default language of muqeem login is Arabic, you may convert it into english by clicking “English” button located near the blank fields for login credentials. Simply enter your user name and password which you had during your muqeem portal registration. Click Captcha box “I am not a robot” and Click Login.
Now, it will take you to your muqeem account and you can use muqeem e services according to your subscribed muqeem package. You have to pay fee for each e service you use in Muqeem Portal.

Muqeem Service to Check Validity of Saudi Arabia Visa:

Muqeem elm portal offer a very useful service for expats. Foreigners can check the date when their visa is going to expire. They do not need any muqeem account and login information to use this service. [Recommended: Click to Check Visa Validity]