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Check Exit Visa Saudi Arabia – MOI KSA

Check Exit Visa Saudi Arabia:

Generally, visa means a permit to enter a country for a specific purpose. But when we talk about Saudi Arabia the visa has two meanings. The first is a permit to enter and the second is a permit to exit. It means, if you are an expat in Saudi Arabia, you have to get permission to leave the Kingdom. This name of this permission is “exit visa” or “Final exit visa”.  Some countries including Saudi Arabia still have this law which is totally against basic human right and freedom. No one like the condition of obtaining exit visa because Saudi Arabian Kafeel often use such laws to exploits workers.

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When it comes to checking status of exit visa, there are two ways to do it. First is Ministry of Labor (MOl) Saudi Arabia and second is Absher Portal. We have explained both method in this article. In past, this service was available in Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia (moi ksa). Recently Saudi Government has transfered almost all iqama related services to Absher website, like Query iqama expiry Service , query iqama funds, traffic violation checking etc. [Recommended: Check Iqama Expiry Without Absher account]

Three Ways to Check Exit Visa Status:

You can check exit visa status through the following three methods. We have explained all these three methods in this post.

  1. Check Exit Visa Status with MOL (Labor Ministry)
  2. Check Exit Visa Status with MOI Absher (Interior Ministry)
  3. Check Exit Visa Status with Muqeem Visa Validity Service.

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Check Exit Visa Status With MOL:

You can check your final exit visa status with your iqama number at official website of ministry of labor  of Saudi Arabia. The only thing you need is your valid iqama number and you are good to go. In this method, you will use Nitaqat System or Iqama Red Green Checking System to know the status of your exit visa.

Follow these steps to check status of your exit visa online:

Step 1: Open the official website of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor by clicking here . You can open this website in the browser of any device like PC/Laptop/Smart Phone/Tablet. Unfortunately, this service is not available in English, so you have to use it in Arabic.You can easily check your final exit visa status even in Arabic.

Step 2: Enter Only your Iqama number in the field shown in the following screenshot. No need to enter passport number and border number.

Step 3: Enter the Image code shown in picture.

Step 4: Click “بحث“.

Result: Upon making query through this method, system will show status of your kafeel and also details about your status. You have to check “حالۃ العا مل“, it usually tells about Iqama huroob but if you see “خروج نہائی” it means, you exit visa has been issued.

If you see “علی راس العمل”, it means you are exit is not issued yet and your are still on job.

If you see “متغیب عن العمل”, it means you are absent from work and may be wanted.

please see the following screenshot:

Through the method explained above, you can check your final exit visa status whether it has been issued or not. However, this method does not tells details of exit or final exit visa. If you want to check exit visa status in details, you should use Ministry of Interior “Public Query Exit/Re-entry Visa Service”.

How to Check Exit Visa Status with Absher (MOI):

This method enables you to check your exit visa status in details. Previously, this service were available at official website of Ministry of Interior where you could use it without any absher account. But you have to create and activities your absher account to check your exit visa status in details. Click to Create free Absher Account.

You have to have following credentials in order to check your exit visa status:

  1. Iqama Number.
  2. Sponsor ID.
  3. Visa Number.
  4. Passport Number.

Once you have all these credentials, you can easily  check your exit or final exit visa status. Click to Check your Exit Visa Status.

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Check Exit Visa Status With Muqeem Visa Validity Service:

This is also very easy and useful service to check visa details. You do not need to login to use this service. All you have to have any two of these credentials:

  1. Iqama Number
  2. Visa Number
  3. passport number
  4. name
  5. date of birth
  6. Iqama expiry date
  7. Visa expiry date.

If you have any two of these 7 things, you can check your exit visa status online. Click Here to Check Exit Visa Status With Visa Validity Service.


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