Saudi Arabia Work Visa Check

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Check:

Why is Saudi Arabia work visa check very important? Usually, Saudi Arabia work visa checking become crucial when you get your work visa through some third part like agents or recruitment agencies. In this case you don’t know whether your Saudi Work visa is original or fake. Two things are mandatory for you, First you should check Kafeel Nitaqat or color Status, you can check it online simply click here to check Kafeel Status and the second thing is to check if your Saudi work visa is original or fake. You can find in this post how to check Saudi visa original or fake.

If you have already submitted your visa application and want to know the status of your visa application, you can click here to check your visa status with passport number.

Steps for Saudi Arabia Work Visa Checking :

You can check Saudi Arabia work visa online through this method. This method works on every type of device like Phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Please follow these steps for Saudi Arabia work visa checking.

Step 01: First of all open the designated website for Saudi Arabia work visa checking by Clicking here. This website is fully responsive, so you can open it in browser of your smart phone as well.

Step 02: The default language of work visa query website is Arabic. If you want, you can change website language into English. You have to Click on “English”, it is usually available at the top of website page. The language of entire website will change into English. Please have a look at following screenshot:


Step 03: Now you can see “Visa Services Platform (Enjaz)”. Move the page little bit downwards and you will see “Query”. This is the place where you can check your Saudi Arabia Visa status. You have to have two things or credentials to check your Saudi Arabia work visa details, First is “application number” and the second is “passport number”.

Application Number, You can find you application number on Saudi Arabia Visa Sticker. Please see this screenshot: saudi arabia visa application number

Once you have application number and passport number, simply Enter these values into blank fields given for application number and passport number. You will see a small image will some code, it is captcha code, enter this code into give blank field. After you have filled all blank fields, Click “Search” to check visa status with enjazit. Please see the following screenshot for better understanding.

enjazit visa checking

Now Enjaz visa checking service will display all details about your visa. System will show the following details about your Saudi Visa:

  1. Your Photo
  2. Place where Saudi Embassy or Consulate issued your visa.
  3. Number of allowed entries on this visa.
  4. Your English and Arabic name.
  5. Your passport type, number and its expiry date.
  6. Your gender, date of birth, place of birth and nationality.
  7. Purpose of your visa like Work, Visit etc.
  8. Type of Visa.
  9. Name your Saudi Sponsor.
  10. Your occupation as per your visa.

If you want, you can take a print of your visa details.  You can see there is a “Print” button at the top of your visa details page, simply click it to print. Please see the following screenshot for details.

That’s All friends, by following the above method you can have A Saudi Arabia Work Visa Check online. It helps you to check if your Saudi Arabia work visa is original or fake.  I hope you all friends have got this method and it will be help for you.

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