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Check Traffic Violation Details Online with Query Traffic Violations Service.

Query Traffic Violations :

“Query Traffic Violations Service” is one of the most used e-services offered by MOI KSA. It enables you to check Mukhalafa, Grama or traffic violations and fines online. Recently the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Saudi Arabia has moved “traffic violation query service” to absher website. In the past, it was available at official website of MOI KSA. Absher is also an e-service of MOI and it is not hard to use. It is highly advisable to check traffic violations and payable fines online because delay in paying fines may result in heavier penalty. We have  shared some quick ways to check traffic violation details.  [Recommended: Check Iqama Huroob]

How  to Check Traffic Violation?

As said above, Query traffic violations service has been shifted to absher portal. So, it is mandatory to create an absher account first. Registering of an account at absher is quite easy and free of charges. You can register an absher account free of cost in just five minutes. Click to Register a Free Absher account in Just 5 Minutes.

Absher account is first and foremost requirement to use any of iqama related online government services now a days. If you do not have your own absher account, you can either create one or ask some friend or relative to check your traffic violation in his account. Yes, absher allows you to check details of anyone’s iqama related services. Another benefits of Absher is, you can find your traffic violation id in your absher account. You can check Traffic Violation Saudi Arabia with Plate Number as well.

Steps to check Traffic Violation KSA:

You can check your MOI traffic violations by following these steps either you are PC/laptop user or smartphone/tablet user.  We have shared screenshots of each step for better understanding. Steps are almost same for browser of any device:

  1. Visit official service page of absher portal.
  2. Click “Individuals” at home homepage.
  3. At next page, Click “English” to choose language.
  4. Now, you have to login as you have already registered and activated your free absher account. Enter the following credentials and Click “Log in”
    • User name (which you have already created while registration of absher account or ID number (Iqama number).
    • Password associated with your absher a/c.
    • Image code which you can see on a small picture under password field.
    • Click “Log In”
  5. Now you have logged in to your absher account. It is time to find your desired service. It can be “Query Traffic Violations” or “Public Query Traffic Violation”. You can find these services at the end of the page, if you cannot see there, you should click left and right arrows to find these services. once you find the service you want, simple click it. Another way is: once you have logged in , you can see there is a search box, you should type “traffic violation” in search box, system will show you the relevant services. Click any service you want to use.  See the following two types of traffic violation checking method which you can use in absher after your logged in: Please see these screenshots:

Check Traffic Violation with Iqama Number:

If you just want to check traffic violations under your iqama number, this is the right method for you. You can check details of traffic violation by using MOI “Query Traffic Violations” Service online. This service will let you know of all payable fines under your iqama number. All you have to have your iqama number to use this method. You have to click “Query Traffic Violations”  in your absher account to use this service. The step by step process is as follows:

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Quick Way to Check Traffic Violations:

Once you have clicked “Query Traffic Violations”, you will see a page titles with Query Traffic Violations. follow these instructions and also see the screenshots:

  • You have to enter Your Iqama number as an identity number in the given blank field.
  • You can see an small image which have some numbers or code, This is actually a captcha code, you have to enter this image code in the given blank field labeled as “Enter Image Code”.
  • Click “View” and it will show Details if you have any traffic violation or not. Please see below screenshot for better understanding:

Public Query Traffic Violation with Violation Id  In Absher:

Another way is to check Traffic violations using both the iqama number and violation id number. This method is actually to check details of a specific traffic violation unlike first method mentioned above.Usually, when a traffic violation happens, System send a violation id number to your registered contact number. You can use this number violation id number to track the details. We suggest you to create an account at MOI KSA website, so that it may send all updates to you immediately. You can find your traffic violation id in absher. Absher is great service to all records related to your iqama.

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If You don’t have violation ID:

If you don’t have traffic violation id number, you can get it by calling 011-292-8888. When you call this number, you have to press 2 to choose English and then press 1 for traffic violation. Now, you have to enter your Saudi Arabia Iqama number and system voice machine will let you know of your traffic violation id.

Steps to Check Traffic Violations with Violation ID:

Once you have you have logged in to your absher account. You need to select “Public Query Traffic Violation”. A page will open, You will see a small form, you need to follow these instructions and also you can see below screenshots:

  • Enter Iqama Number in the blank field given for “Identity Number”.
  • Enter “Violation Id” in blank field located near it.
  • You can see a small image with some code, simply enter this code into blank field labeled with “Enter Image Code”.
  • Click “View”.

It will show the details of your traffic violation like date, camera location,  vehicle number, fine amount etc.

Check Saher Traffic Camera Violations by SMS:

You can check your traffic camera violations by sending SMS in the following format:

*56*your iqama number

Send it to

888995 if you are a STC customer,

625555 if you are a Mobily customer,

709445 if you a Zain customer

Service charges may apply.

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USE Query Traffic Violations Service at ATM Machine:

You can check your traffic violations at ATM machine if you have ATM card. You have to insert your card into ATM machine and login to your account. Proceed to services and choose traffic violations. Here, you need to enter your iqama number and system will let you know of traffic violations under your iqama number.

Check Traffic Violation Using Online Banking:

Checking traffic violations is possible through online banking or internet banking too. All you have to login to your online bank account. Go to Service/payment and then proceed to traffic violations, Enter your Iqama number and system will tell you details about traffic violation under your iqama number.

List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia:

A fine 100 to 15o SAR can be imposed on those who

  1. leave vehicle with a running engine without switching off.
  2. do not possess documents of insurance.
  3. crossing roads in areas which are specified for pedestrians only.
  4. Block the way specified for pedestrians at crossings.

A fine 150 to 300 SAR can be imposed on those who

  1. do not use indicators while changing lane.
  2. reversing vehicle more than 20 meter on main roads.
  3. fail to present license.
  4. improper use of car horns.
  5. no vehicle maintenance.
  6. not fasten seat belts.
  7. insufficient distance between vehicles.
  8. making crowd at accident scenes.
  9. Usage of phone while driving.

Fine 300 to 500 SAR

  1. not focusing on driving, littering.
  2. expired license.
  3. not using child seat.
  4. leaving child under age 10 alone in vehicle.

Fine 500 to 900 SAR

  1. following emergency vehicles with blowing siren.
  2. violation of traffic signals, not stopping.
  3. slogan or stickers on the car.
  4. drinking tea while driving car.
  5. laminate/blind windows beyond limit.

Fine 1000 to 2000 SAR

  1. no number plate.
  2. damaged number plate.
  3. Overloaded with more passengers.
  4. no use of lights in night.

Fine 3000 to 6000 SAR

  1. traffic signal crossing.
  2. overtaking a bus when students are alighting.
  3. wrong side driving.

Fine 5000 to 10,000 SAR

  1. using number plate of other car.
  2. Number plate hiding or erasing.

Fine 20,000 SAR with  Maximum 4 Years Jail:

  1. If driver do not get back his seized vehicle, vehicle will be auctioned.
  2. If cause an accident which lead to death or incurable injury, can be punished with maximum fine 20,000 SAR and 4 years jail.
  3. If driver cause accident which resulted in injury and injured person have to stay up to 15 days in hospital, driver will be punished with a 2 years jail and 10,000 SAR fine.

Most Common Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Over speeding.
  2. Not Stopping at red signal.
  3. Following other vehicles too closely and not maintaining the required distance.
  4. Driving while drunk.
  5. Driving at wrong side.
  6. Changing lanes in unsafe way.

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Alternate Way to Check Traffic Violation with Violation Id:

This is the formerly used method and we are keeping it here for your reference only. It is not working any more. you can open the home page of website of Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia and follow these steps:

Step#1: Open official website of MOI KSA.

Step#2: Change Language into English if you want, by clicking “English” button at top left corner of the page.

Step#3: Go to or move/hover cursor on “Electronic Inquiries”

Step#4: Go to or move/hover cursor on “Traffic”

Step#5: Click “Public Query Traffic Violation”

Step#6: Enter your iqama number as an “Identity Number”.

Step#7: Enter Violation “Id Number”.

Step#8: Enter Image Code.

Step#9: Click “View”.

System will show the details about a specific traffic violation under your iqama number and associated with violation id you entered.

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