Japan Technical Intern Training Program – TITP Japan

TITP Japan has been fully launched in Pakistan. Japan is going to grant internship visas to Pakistani youth through technical intern training program which is known as TITP Japan. The First time, Pakistani young talent will be able to get international level training in Japanese companies under this program. It will be a great opportunity for Pakistani citizens to live and work in Japan.  [Recommended: Germany Opened free Visa in Pakistan]

What is TITP Japan?

it is a technical intern training program. Japanese employers will hire you through this program to in their companies. Japanese employers are responsible to train foreign workers according to modern standards. This is the main purpose of this program. However, you will have to work for Japanese employers same as general workers. Japanese employers will arrange training classes for you as well. So, you will do job and get training at the same time under titp japan.

Will You get Salary Under TITP?

Yes, this is paid internship program. You will get on job training and have to perform your job duties same as normal workers. Japanese employers/companies have to pay monthly salaries to their intern employees. Recently, Japanese government have updated and made labor laws more favorable for interns, so you will get better monthly salary and other privileges equal to local Japanese workers.

Can you convert into other work visas?

Once you have completed your inter program, you will be able to convert your visa into other type of work visa like newly launched specified skills work visa. You will not need to pass any test to get your visa converted into specified skills work visa.

Who will select candidates for TITP Japan?

In Pakistan, National University of Technology (NUTECH) has been designated to select candidates for titp program. NUTECH will perform role same as OEC does in case of South Korea’s visas (overseas employment corporation). However, oec has no role in this program.

NUTECH is receiving applications for titp. It will short list applications, conduct test, interview, medical and other necessary tests, give initial training to selected candidate and finally recommend them for internship visas.

Do You need a Job offer?

No, you do not need to find any job offer by yourself. Although it is sponsored visa program yet you do not need to find any sponsorship by yourself. NUTECH is responsible to arrange sponsorship for you.

How long can you stay in Japan under TITP?

Generally, you can stay 3 to 5 years in Japan under TITP program. You can convert your visa into other work visa afterwards.

Internship Programs (Occupations):

There are 43 occupations under TITP Japan in which Pakistani citizens can apply. These occupations are known as internship programs. The list of 43 occupations/program is as follows:

• Building sheet metal work
• Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing
• Fixture making
• Carpentry
• Frame working
• Reinforcing bar construction
• Scaffolding
• Building stone construction
• Tiling
• Tile roofing
• Plastering
• Plumbing
• Heat insulation
• Interior finishing
• Sash setting
• Waterproofing
• Concrete pressure feeding
• Application of construction equipment
• Bread Baking
• Spinning operation
• Weaving operation
• Dyeing
• Knit goods manufacturing
• Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing
• Ladies and children’s dress making
• Tailoring men’s suit making
• Underwear manufacturing
• Bedclothes making
• Cloth sewing
• Seat product sewing
• Casting
• Forging
• Die casting
• Machining
• Metal press
• Iron work
• Factory sheet metal work
• Electroplating
• Aluminum anodizing
• Machine inspection
• Machine maintenance
• Furniture making
• Painting

You can apply in occupation which is relevant to your skills, education or experience. However, if you have more skills, you can apply for more occupations.

TITP Japan Eligibility:

NUTECH University has specified the following eligibility requirements. You have to meet these requirement to be eligible for this program.

1- Must have six months skill certificate in desired field.
2- In case of no certification, must have at least one year recognizable experience in the desired field.
3- Must be between 18-30 years of age.
4- Must be of sound physical and mental health.
5- Must not be convicted of any criminal or civil crime.

Please Note: Number 1 & 2 is in above list is general criteria. You will find exact skills and experience requirement at online application page. When you choose your education there, it will automatically lets you know of exact skills and experience requirements according to your education.

Is Japanese Language Required for TITP?

Yes, Japanese language is required for this program.

NUTECH Selection Process:

Role of NUTECH:

NUTECH university is a designated organization for TITP, so it will perform the following roles:

  • NUTECH receive applications for titp.
  • University will shortlist application and send call letter for skill test and interview.
  • NSTC will arrange test and results.
  • Call letters will be issued for medical fitness tests.
  • a reserve candidates list will also be made and call letters will be issued as well.
  • University will deal all visa related affairs with ministry of foreign affairs of Japan.
  • University will give initial training regarding Japanese language and culture.
  • University will verify all documents of selected candidates.

How to Apply for TITP Japan?

NUTECH university is accepting applications for TITP Japan through online application portal. You can submit your application online. If you want to apply now, Click here to Apply Online.

How to Check  TITP Japan Application Status:

You can track your titp application status online. Simply Click here to check titp Application Status and enter your CNIC number. System will let you know of your current application status.

Please Note: Nutech university is continuously updating their selection procedure and website as well. You may not be able to check your titp application status at the moment. However, there is no need to worry, it will resume soon and you will be able to check your application status very soon. Keep in touch with Nutech university website for updates. We will also update this page when we have updates regarding titip application status and selection procedures.

Last Date to apply for TITP:

NUTECH has not yet specified any last date. So, you should apply as soon as possible. However, if you are not able to apply now, you should keep up your preparation. It is the first batch in Pakistan and it will keep running for many years.  Once you are ready to apply, you can apply online.

Click to Visit Official website of NUTECH University.