Germany Job Seeker Visa.

What is Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Germany job seeker visa allows foreigners to enter Germany to find a job. Usually it is not easy to get a job in Germany from abroad but it becomes much easier when you are already in Germany with a job seeker visa. Job seeker visa is “D” category, long term residency visa. It has maximum duration of six months, and it is not extendable after six months. However, if you are successful in finding a job, you can convert this visa into Germany work visa. [Recommended: Canada Visa without Job Offer]

Can I Work With Job Seeker Visa?

No, you cannot work with job seekers visa in Germany. Job seeker is purely designed for jobs hunting but you should keep in mind you cannot work with this visa as it is not a work permit. With Job seeker visa, you have plenty of time and opportunities to meet employers in Germany and apply for jobs as many as you can. Once an employer is willing to give you a job, you are ready to apply for Germany work permit or work visa which allows your to work in Germay. Work visa is a residency visa, you can apply Germany Residence Permit after obtaining work visa. After getting work visa, You may apply for Germany Blue card as well if you meet certain requirements.

Can I Extend Job Seeker Visa in Germany?

No, you cannot extend Germany job seeker visa. This visa is convertible but not extendable. However, you can get a new job seeker visa from your home country or country of residence. You may need to spend a six months time outside Germany to get a new Job seeker visa. [Read Also: New Zealand Seasonal Work Visa]

Do I Need Job Offer for Job Seeker Visa?

No, you do not need any job offer or sponsorship to apply for Germany job seeker visa rather you get this visa to enter Germany to look for a job offer.

Who Can Apply Job Seeker Visa Germany?

According to The Federal Government of Germany, you can apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa if you meat the three major conditions. If you meet these basic conditions, you are eligible for job seekers visa. Eligibility criteria is as follows:

  1. You have a minimum higher education diploma or degree which is recognized in Germany.
  2. Enough Funds for traveling and living in Germany with job seeker visa. You do not need your personal bank account statement. Bank account of your close relatives like parents or siblings is also acceptable.
  3. You must have passed German Language test with B1 level.

Funds Required for Germany Job Seeker Visa:

It is one of the major eligibility requirements of job seeker visa. According to guidelines of German embassy for job seeker visa, there are three ways for you to prove that you have sufficient funds for your job seeker trip to Germany. All three ways are explained below:

  1. You can submit proof of Blocked Account in your name. It must have minimum balance of 5118 Euro and you are allowed to withdraw 853 euro each month. You can open a bank account for this purpose in a bank of your country, for example, UBL bank in Pakistan. It is not mandatory to open bank account in your name in your country rather you can use account of your close relatives like parents and siblings etc. Once you have reached Germany, you have to open blocked account there and transfer amount from your country bank to German blocked account. For more information Please visit German Federal foreign office website.
  2. If you have friend or relative in Germany who is legally residing there and have enough income, he/she can support you for the purpose of sufficient funds. Your friend or relative have to get “Verpflichtungserklärung” a formal obligatory letter from local immigration department for you. It will be enough as a proof for sufficient means of subsistence.
  3. Bank statement of last six months of you or your relatives is also acceptable as proof of funds. You have to submit source of income along with bank statement. If you are submitting bank statement of your relatives like parents or brother/sister, you have to submit family registration certificate as well. [You may be Interested: Japan visa without sponsor]
Is Ielts Required for Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Language proficiency is mandatory for job seeker visa. It can be either ielts/toefl or German language. For the ielts, you should have minimum 6 bands, however, German language is always preferred. If you have German language certificate and able to speak, the chances of visa approval will go maximum. Despite this, German is not mandatory but it can be the best alternative of ielts.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Requirements:

You have to arrange certain documents to apply job seeker visa Germany. The list of requirements of Germany seeker visa is as follows:

  • Dully filled and signed visa application form. You can download visa application from official website of Germany embassy in your country.
  • Valid Passport, It should be valid minimum twelve months after return date of your intended trip with job seeker visa. You have to submit copies of your passport’s first two page on A4 size paper.
  • Recent Passport Size Photographs.
  • A cover Letter to explain details about your trip. Click to know how to write a cover letter.
  • Educational Degree/Diploma/Certificates along with transcripts and should be attested from HEC. Furthermore it is mandatory to get your qualification attested by German institution KMK or Anabin, it will prove equivalency of your education to German standards.
  • CV/Resume. Click to Read how to Write a CV/Resume.
  • Experience Letter from your current and previous employer if any. [Recommended: How to Write an Experience Certificate]
  • Employment letter from your current employer if you are employed.
  • Proof of Accommodation in Germany, it can be hotel reservation or stay with a friend or relative.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds. It is one of the most important and basic requirements. You have to prove that you have enough funds to bear expenses of traveling and living in Germany. Proof of funds has already been explained above.
  • Travel Health Insurance, it is mandatory to have minimum 6 months insurance with coverage of 30000 euro. You should buy travel medical insurance from Schengen approved companies, See a list of approved insurance companies.
  • Previous visa and travel history.
  • Dully filled and signed “application declaration”, you can download it from embassy website.
  • Proof of appointment, (you can check embassy website if it is required for you or not).
  • Some countries’ applicants need to sign “security questionnaire” . it is downloadable from embassy website if need.
  • You may be asked for family registration certificate, national identity card and police clearance certificate
  • Two set of copies of all documents.

How to Apply Germany Job Seeker Visa:

Step 01: If you are eligible for job seeker visa, Arrange All required documents as mentioned above.

Step 02: Make appointment to Submit Visa application and required documents in person at German Embassy or Consulate. In some countries like Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia etc., job seeker visa applications are accepted through vfs global, so applicant have to make appointment through vfs global. However, Pakistani citizen can submit visa application directly at German embassy or Consulate but they have to make online appointment first at this link.

Step 03: You may need to attend interview for job seeker visa at German embassy or consulate. Embassy will call you for a personal interview after verification of your documents, so you have to be prepared for an interview for job seeker visa.

Once all above process is completed, you have to wait for a decision on your visa application. Usually, it takes six to eight weeks to get job seeker visa from Germany Embassy. Job seeker visa success rates go higher if your occupation is included in Germany skills in demand or occupation in demand list.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Fee:

The fee for job seeker visa is 75 Euro. However, if you are applying through vfs global, you may need to pay some additional service charges. Please visit vfs global website to know exact service charges.

Please Note: This information is for general reference only, applicants are advised to visit official website of German embassy in their country for latest and accurate information. [Read Also: Cover Letter for Visa application]


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