Japan Tourist Visa Without Any Guarantor/Sponsor.

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Japan Immigration issues tourist visa for period of maximum 90 days’, however, visa can be applied for any number of days shorter than 90 days. This visa is only for touristic and sightseeing purpose. Work is not allowed while being a tourist in Japan. If you want to work in Japan, you have to apply for a Japan work visa whether inside or outside Japan. Tourist visa can be converted into work visa under certain conditions and requirements. Visa for tourism can be applied either with or without guarantor. Visa without guarantor is much easier to apply because you don’t need to find any sponsor, inviter or guarantor from Japan. You need to arrange all documents from your home country only. You will find all about Japan tourist visa with no guarantor in this post.

Japan Tourist Visa without Guarantor Requirements.

  • Visa Application form.

This form can be downloaded from the official website of Japan immigration or from the website of visa application center (VfS Global). Links are given at end of this post.

  • Passport

Your current passport must be valid at least 6 months and has some blank pages for Visa & immigration stamps. If you have any previous expired passport, you should present it to embassy.

  • Photo

Your photo with white color back ground and must not be older than 6 months. Photo size should be 2×2 inches.

  • National Identity Card.

You should keep your original identity card and its copy with you.

  • Flight Itinerary.

You need to arrange an air ticket round trip reservation. Please don’t buy ticket. Dummy reservation is fine.

  • Hotel Reservation.

Hotel reservation is required as a proof of accommodation. You do not need to make payment for this. Free reservation is fine to meet the requirement. Please bear in mind, your hotel reservation must be in accordance with your day to day tour plan.

  • Covering Letter.

You have to write a covering letter which should contain information regarding: your introduction, source of income, you tour plan especially day to day plan in Japan.

  • bank account statement.

Bank statement of last six months is required as a proof of sufficient funds to afford your expenses of travelling. Besides bank account statement, you have to obtain an Account Maintenance Letter from Bank Manager regarding your account. There is no specific requirement how much amount you should have in your account. It depends on the period of stay you want visa and the cities of Japan you want to visit as some cities are very expensive Like Tokyo is very expensive city. However, for a two weeks’ visa application, you must have more than 2000 USD in your account.

  • TAX

If you pay any type of Tax, you should submit it to Japan embassy.

  • Source of Income.

You have to show your source of income. If you are doing job, you need to get NOC (no objection certificate), approved leave certificate, job description from your company or department. If possible, get salary account statements or salary slips too.

If you are businessman, you should submit your business documents like Business registration certification, Tax Identification certificate, Membership of Chamber of commerce, Tax returns and business bank account statement.

  • If you are Student:

You can submit Bank account statement of your parents.

You need a consent letter from your parents for your trip.

If your parents pay any Tax, you should submit tax returns history and source of income.

  • Proof of Relationship, in case the applicant is accompanied by any dependent, i.e., Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate.

Japan tourist fee is different for each nationality based on number entries and citizenship. There is no visa fee for Pakistanis. Pakistani can apply visa directly Japan embassy in Pakistan free of cost. You have to visit Japan embassy in person by yourself to submit your visa application. Visa processing time is normally 5 days but sometimes embassy takes more time.

Japan Embassy in Pakistan website:


Citizen of India can apply Japan tourist visa through vfsglobal. Indians can find all about Japan visa at


There is a visa fee of 490 INR for Indian citizens to apply for Temporary Visitor visa for sightseeing without guarantor (tourist visa) which is refundable in case of visa application rejection. VFS Global charge some additional fee as service charges too. Applicant must visit visa application center to submit visa application.

Japan embassy normally don’t call for an interview for tourist visa but it purely depends on Japan embassy. They may call for a personal interview if they need.

Japan embassy doesn’t reveal the reason of visa application rejection however, refused applicants can reapply after waiting 6 months.

Please Note: This information is only for general reference, applicants are advised to visit official website of embassy to find accurate information. Besides above listed documents embassy may demand any additional documents.

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