Japan Visa Without Any Guarantor/Sponsor.

Japan embassy grants japan visa to foreign visitors for various purposes. Japan visa for a maximum period of 90 days is granted for tourism, business, visiting friends or family, research and also for medical treatment ; this visa is called Japan visitor visa. Though japan visa can be obtained for up to 90 days’ duration yet you can apply a visa for less number of days. Japan short stay visitor visa is known as Japan temporary visitor visa or Japan entry visa too. Visitors holding this visa are not allowed to work or take employment in Japan.

Japan Visa Requirements:

As I have mentioned above, you can apply japan visa for various purposes. So, each type of Japan visa has different requirement depending on purpose of visit. I will explain japan visa requirements for different purposes of visitor visa.

Japan Visa Requirements for Tourist Visa:
  • No Invitation letter/Guarantor

If you want to apply Japan Visa for Touristic purpose and sight seeing, You do not need any sponsor, invitation letter or guarantor from Japan. Hotel reservation in Japan will be required for this visa. It is good for those who do not have any connection in Japan. However, if you have any sponsor or invitation letter from Japan, it will increase chances of  Visa approval.

  • Japan Visa Application form.

This form can be downloaded from the official website of Japan immigration or  website of visa application centers (VfS Global in case of India).  You can download form website of embassy in your country of residence where you are applying visa. Japan Visa application form should be duly filled, signed and pasted your photograph on it.

  • Passport

Your current passport must be valid at least 6 months and has some blank pages for Japan Visa & immigration stamps. If you have any previous expired passport, you should present it to embassy.

  • Photo

Your color photo with white background and must not be older than 6 months.

  • National Identity Card.

You should keep your original identity card and its copy with you.

  • Flight Itinerary.

You need to arrange an air ticket round trip reservation. Please do not buy confirm ticket. Dummy reservation is fine.

Free Flight Reservation Video

  • Hotel Reservation.

Hotel reservation is required as a proof of accommodation. You do not need to make payment for this. Free reservation is fine to meet Japan visa requirements. Please bear in mind, your hotel reservation must be in accordance with your day to day tour plan.

  • Cover Letter.

You have to write a cover letter for visa application which should contain information regarding your introduction, your purpose of tour to Japan, source of income, you tour plan especially day to day plan in Japan.

  • Schedule.

It is very important requirement for Japan tourist visa. You have to submit a day to day plan of your intended stay in Japan. You can use a day to day tour plan form given by Japan embassy.

  • Bank Account Statement.

Bank statement of last six months is required as a proof of sufficient funds to bear your expenses of travelling. Besides bank account statement, you have to obtain an Account Maintenance Letter from Bank Manager regarding your account. There is no specific requirement how much amount you should have in your account. It depends on the period of stay you want visa and the cities of Japan you want to visit as some cities are very expensive Like Tokyo is very expensive city. However, for a two weeks’ visa application, you must have more than 4000 USD in your account. Practically, you should have amount more than double of expected expenses of travel especially if you are applying from South Asian countries.

  • Previous Travel History.

It is not a requirement of Japan visa but it is very helpful in obtaining visa of developed countries. If you have visited any country in past, you should submit proof of travel history in form of your previous/current passport along with your visa application and required documents. Definitely, it will increase chances of Japan visa approval for you.

  • Source of Income.

You have to show your source of income. If you are doing job, you need to get NOC (no objection certificate), approved leave certificate, job description from your company or department. If possible, get salary account statements or salary slips too.

If you are businessman, you should submit your business documents like Business registration certification, Tax Identification certificate,  Membership of Chamber of commerce, Tax returns and business bank account statement.

  • TAX

If you pay any type of Tax, you should submit it to Japan embassy. It is not mandatory for every applicant. If you are doing job and your job and salary is tax free in the country where are you doing job; you do not need to submit tax returns and tax documents.

  • If you are Student:
    • You can submit Bank account statement of your parents.
    • You need a consent letter from your parents for your trip.
    • You have to submit a letter of support from your parents regarding your tour to Japan.
    • If your parents pay any Tax, you should submit tax returns history and source of income.
  • Proof of Relationship.

If you are travelling with your dependents, or spouse, you have to submit marriage certificate, birth certificate and Family registration certificate.

  • Police Clearance.

It is not listed as a requirement by Japanese embassy but it may be demanded by Japan embassy.

Japan Visa Requirements for Business Visa (not for tourist visa):

Besides requirements listed above, you need to arrange following documents too, if you want to apply Japan business visitor visa. The above list of required documents is common for both Japan tourist visa and Business visa. however, the following documents are additional for Japan Business Visa:

Documents from Guarantor in Japan:

Some documents are mandatory for Japan business visa which need to be obtained from Japanese National or foreign national having residency in Japan. Sponsor from Japan should be owner or partner of a business firm registered in Japan in case of business visa. The documents from Japanese sponsor or guarantor are listed below:

  • Guarantee.

Letter of guarantee made and signed by inviting person from Japan. Japanese sponsor can download guarantee letter from Japan immigration website.

  • Reason of Invitation.

This Letter is also need to made and signed by Japanese sponsor who will explain the purpose and reason of invitation on a special Reason of invitation form.

  • Kaisya Tohon OR Kaisya Shikiho.

Company Registration of sponsor in Japan.

  • Nozei Syomei.

TAX documents of Japanese Sponsor’s Company.

  • Jyuminhyo.

Original and fresh Jyuminhyo for all family members (Residence Registration Certificate).

  • Passport & Residence Card.

Copy of passport and residency card, in case sponsor is foreigner living in Japan with residency status.

  • Son-Eki Keisansho.

Income Certificate of Sponsor’s Company in Japan.

Documents from Japan Visa Applicant:

Japan business visa applicant needs to arrange and submit following documents in addition.

  • Partners’ letter.

This letter can be download from Japan embassy website and it must be signed by all partners in company of applicant.

  • Chamber of Commerce Letter.

An original letter of recommendation from local chamber of commerce need to be obtained and submitted to embassy.

  • Business Documents.

All documents related to business are required for this visa. These documents’s list includes Business registration certificate, TAX documents, Company’s Tax returns, Business Account Statement, Chamber of commerce membership certificate etc.

  • Business Relation Proof With Japanese Company:

Proof like payments receipts, previous business deals and agreements or any other documents as proof of relation and business connections between applicant’s business and Japanese Sponsor’s business.

  • If Applicant has no Business:

In case, Japan visa applicant is not owner of any business, he/she still can apply Japan visa for business purpose. He can become a representative, employee or partner of a locally registered business/company/firm and can apply this visa. He can present documents of his local sponsor business for this purpose. All requirements of business visa shall remain same. Additionally, a description of his role in local company will be required; it should be written on letterhead on company.

Japan Visa Fee:

Japan visa fee is different for each nationality based on number entries and citizenship. There is no Japan visa fee for Pakistanis, other nationalities have to pay fee but visa fee will be refunded in case of visa application rejectionGenerally, 3000 yen visa fee is charged for single entry Japan visa, 6000 yen for double or multiple entry Japan visa according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan.

Japan Visa Processing Time:

Generally Japan visa processing time is 3 to 5 days but actually processing time is not fixed and varies from case to case. It may take some weeks in some cases. If visa application is complete and documents are in order, embassy will not take longer time but any incomplete visa application may result in longer visa processing time.

Japan Visa from Pakistan:

 Pakistani can apply visa directly Japan embassy in Pakistan free of cost. You have to visit Japan embassy in person by yourself to submit your visa application. Visa processing time is normally 5 days but sometimes embassy takes more time. Applicants have to visit Japan embassy or consulate in person in order to apply for visa.

Embassy of Japan Pakistan:

Residents and citizens in Pakistan can apply Japan visa at Japan embassy Islamabad or Japanese consulate in Karachi. Residents of Sindh & Baluchistan have to apply for Japanese visa at the Consulate General of Japan, Karachi, Other Pakistani nationals can apply visa at Japan embassy in Islamabad between 9:00 am to 11:00 am from Monday to Friday.

Japan Embassy Islamabad:

Visa Section
Embassy of Japan
Plot No. 53-70, Ramna 5/4,
Diplomatic Enclave I,
Islamabad 44000 (P.O.Box 1119)
Tel: +92-51-9072-500
e-mail: [email protected]

Japan Consulate in Karachi:

Visa Section
Consulate-General of Japan
6/2 Civil Lines,
Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi
Tel: +92-51-3522-0800

Citizen of India can apply Japan  visa through vfsglobal. Indians can find all about Japan visa at website of VFS Global. There is a visa fee of 490 INR for Indian citizens to apply for Temporary Visitor visa for sightseeing purpose without guarantor (tourist visa) which is refundable in case of visa application rejection. VFS Global charges some additional fee as service charges too. Applicant must visit visa application center to submit visa application.

Japan embassy normally don’t call for an interview but it totally depends on Japan embassy. They may call for a personal interview if they need. Generally, if documents are in order and visa application if complete, embassy does not call for interview.

Japan embassy doesn’t reveal the reason of visa application rejection however, refused applicants can reapply Japan visa after waiting 6 months.

Please Note: This information is only for general reference, applicants are advised to visit official website of embassy to find accurate information. Besides above listed documents embassy may demand any additional documents.