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Check Iqama Expiry Online

Check Iqama Expiry Online:

What is Iqama Expiry? How to Check Iqama Expiry? These are very important and most asked questions by foreigners living and working in Saudi Arabia. Iqama is the most important documents for foreign residents living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is actually a residence permit or an identity card foreigners in KSA. So, you have to be aware when your iqama is going to expire so that you may get it renewed at right time and stay safe from heavy fine imposed by government. Iqama is issued for a validity of 1 to 2 years; it can be issued for up to 5 years in some cases but iqama does not have date of expiry written on iqama card. That’s why foreigners have to check the expiry date of iqama.

We are going to share some easy methods to check your iqama status and iqama expiry. These methods are online which means you can check your iqama expiry date online at home without going anywhere. Besides iqama expiry, we will share more information about iqama.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign affairs which is generally known as MOI KSA, deals all matters related to Iqama like issuance of an iqama, renewal of iqama. MOI has introduced various online services for foreigners. Checking expiry date of iqama is iqama is also very useful service. All you have to have only your iqama number to use this service and you can find your iqama expiry date very easily within a few seconds only. Let’s talk about how to check iqama expiry online?

Iqama Expiry Checking  Quick Method # 1:

This is quick method to check your iqama status online. Through this Method, you can have direct access to MOI “Query Iqama Expiry Service” which is designated portal for foreigners to check their Iqama Expiry. All you have to Click “Query Iqama Expiry Service”  . When you click this link, you will see a page of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior’s Portal for Iqama expiry. Now you have to follow these steps to check your iqama expiry date:

  1. Enter Ten digits number of your Iqama which is given on your Iqama Card and enter it in the given field Labeled with “Iqama number”
  2. After you entered your iqama number, you will see an image with a number at website of MOI. Just enter that number in the given field labeled with “Enter Image Code”. This is actually captcha code.
  3. Now Click on “View”
  4. System will you show your iqama expiry within a few seconds.
  5. System will show that “Your Iqama is Valid till year/Month/Day/”
  6. Date will be showed in Hijri calendar, you can covert it into Gregorian using  google hijri to gregorian date converter.
  7. See the image below to understand the steps to check your iqama validity and iqama expiry date.

iqama stats


Check Iqama Expiry Method # 2:

Sometimes the method given above does not work due to some errors of MOI website or server related issues. You can try method to make an iqama check and find Iqama expiry date online. First of Click MOI KSA, Home page of KSA Interior Ministry will open but it will be in Arabic so you have to change language first. All Steps to check iqama status are given below and also screenshots are given:

  1. Choose “English”, you can find at top right corner of the website.
  2. Move Mouse Cursor on “Electronic Inquiries” and wait, you do not need to click , It will show a list of services, you should move mouse pointer to “Passport” and it will open another menu list, click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service”
  3. Same as Method number, you have to enter your Ten Digits Iqama number.
  4. and enter the “image code”
  5. click on “view”
  6. it will show your iqama expiry in hijri Calendar format.


Step 1



Step 3


iqama stats

What is Iqama in Fact:

Iqama is a resident permit of Saudi  Arabia Which is given to foreign residents living in Saudi Arabia. It is just like an identity card in KSA. It is given to those who have Saudi Arabia Residency visas like Employment visa, Student visa, Dependents visa, spouse visa etc. Iqama is known as Muqeem card too in Local language. It is very important documents in Saudi Arabia to use government, semi-government and non-government services like opening bank account, paying bills, treatments in hospitals and even if you want to apply visa on other country, you need valid iqama, it is required even to exit and re-enter Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for exit reentry visa. These are only examples where you need a valid Iqama, you have to present your valid Iqama at many other places depending on the purpose of service you want to use.

What is Requirement of Iqama:

Residency visa is required to apply Iqama. Normally, Residency visas include work visa/employment visa, study visa, dependents visa and spouse visa. In Case of Iqama for foreign workers or expats a valid work visa is required to apply for Iqama. Saudi Arabia work visa is sponsored which means you have to be offered a job by a Kafeel and then you will get a work visa. Once you are in Saudi Arabia, You can apply for your Iqama within 90 days of you arrival. Normally, it is duty of employer to assist employees in issuance of Iqama.

Iqama Renewal

Once you have checked status of your Iqama, you can know your Iqama Validity. This information will actually enable you to know the exact time for your Iqama renewal. you can renew your iqama online before it expires. Iqama must be get renewed at least 3 days before its expiry. However, JAWAZAT system allows 3 day grace period without any fine. Iqama Renewal is very important to avoid any trouble in Saudi Arabia otherwise you be face suspension of services you are enjoying in Saudia Arabia like bank accouts etc. Iqama renewal is possible in online, integrated system and also through manual conventional way. All you have provide your old iqama copy, and other documents like visa copy may be asked. new fee for iqman renewal is 750 SR and 600 SR is charged work permit fee.  Around 450 SR fee is charged as Insurance. Citizens of some Countries like Sudan , Nigeria etc are required to take medical examination as a requirement of iqama renewal.

Once your Iqama is renewed, you will receive an sms or you can check your iqama status online. Normally Iqama is renewed and received through the Government relation officer of your company. they will print iqama for you once it is renewed.

Iqama can be renewed through the website of MOI Saudi Arabia. Iqama renewal option is available the official website of MOI Under “eServices” > Passports > Iqama Renewals.

Tutorial Video for Iqama expiry check

What is Iqama of Saudi Arabia?

Iqama is a residence permit which is issued to foreign workers. It is issued to expatriates who hold Saudi Arabia Work visa or employment visa. Iqama is also known as Muqeem card in Arabic. According to nature of your employment visa, Iqama allows you and your dependents to live in Saudi Arabia. You and your dependents must have Saudi Arabian Iqama if you are living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Iqama card is normally issued for 1-2 two years. It is sometimes valid for 5 years. Iqama or residence permit is needed for the following purposes.

  • You want to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia.
  • Your company also needs it for different records.
  • You want to travel.
  • You want to apply visa of other country.
  • In hospitals.

Besides these purposes, Iqama is required at many other place for various purposes.

What are the Requirements to Apply Iqama?

Work visa is first and foremost requirement in order to get an Iqama in Saudi Arabia. Work visas are granted on the bases of sponsorship. It means if you want to get iqama in Saudi Arabia. You must have a work visa. To get work visa, you have to find an employer in Saudi arabia, who will become your sponsor. Sponsor is called kafeel in Saudi Arabia. Then you will get work visa. The name of kafeel can also be check by doing iqama check online. Once you have reached in Saudi arabia with a work visa, you have to apply for iqama within 90 days of your arrival in Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Labor and Social development deals in applications for Iqama. You have to obtain a visa approval letter and submit it with iqama application to Saudi Arabia ministry of labor and social development. You may get help and support of your Kafeel in order to complete the entire official process.

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How to apply Iqama of Saudi Arabia?

First of all, you need to get a work visa of Saudi Arabia. It is sponsored visa.  Once you get work visa and reach Saudi Arabia, you have to apply Iqama within 90 days of your arrival in Saudi Arabia. Visa approval and Iqama applications are submitted to Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD). Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior MOI grants exit/re-entry permits to foreign workers.

Your Kafeel/Sponsor is responsible for your Iqama.  MOI KSA deals the matters related to iqama like iqama issuance and iqama renewals. You may have to go through some medical examinations in order to obtain your iqama. Once you have received your Iqama, you can now apply Iqama for rest of your member of your family. However, it depends on your kafeel too if you are eligible to apply for Iqama for your family or not. To apply Iqama for your family, you can apply online.Online application can be made at MOI Official website. You have to create an account with “Absher” first. Once you have created  a free account, you can login to your account. Under “eServices” tab, you have to click on “passports” and then click on “Iqama Issuance”. Through this portal you can issue iqama for your dependents and also can pay iqama fee.

What are the Benefits Of Iqama

Iqama brings numberless benefits for expats in Saudi Arabia. It is very important documents which is needed in everyday life. Foreigners can open a bank account in Saudi Arabia provided that they have a valid iqama. It works like a residence permit and proof of a legal residency in Saudi Arabia, so it helps to apply visa of any country from Saudi Arabia. It is required if you visit hospital too and have a lot of other uses in Saudi Arabia. iqama is also a requirement for residents to apply Exit/Re-entry visa of Saudi Arabia.

How to Check Iqama Color / Iqama Status Check:

check iqama color

NITAQAT CATEGORIES OF Companies / Sponsor / Employer / Kafeel

Nitaqat category was launched and implemented by the KSA government to provide more jobs to Saudi national. It is categorized in 4 colors like Red, Yellow, green and platinum.

Colors categories are allotted depending on the number of Saudi local employees in that company.


If a company have 1 Saudi employee with 10 foreign workers, it is allotted white category and it is not covered under nitaqat system.

iqama red green

Green and Platinum Category:

If a company has 12% Saudi employees, it will be allotted green category. If it has 40% Saudi employees, it will be allotted platinum category. There are some benefits of these two categories like

  1. New visa is easily issued within two months.
  2. iqama can be renewed three months’ advance before iqama expiry.
  3. profession of employee can be changed easier.
  4. Accept new employees in yellow or red category.


Companies which employee about 7% Saudi nationals, are allotted yellow category

Yellow category has some disadvantages as well as some advantages like

  1. Can obtain 1 new visa for 2 employees sponsorship depart.
  2. cannot transfer from other company
  3. cannot renew iqama of employees who are already passed 4 years.
  4. cannot stop employees those who want to change their sponsorship’s to platinum or green category.


With 4% Saudi local employees, a company is given red category. There are no benefits of this category for employers / kafeel or company

  1. cannot grant visa to expatriates.
  2. cannot get employees from other company.
  3. Let the employees go for green or platinum companies
  4. cannot renew the iqama of employee
  5. cannot change professions

By visiting website of MOI, the iqama holder expat can the nitaqat category of his sponsor / Kafeel. Iqama may be of different colors like white, yellow, green, red or platinum. This process is called iqama status check. You have to have your iqama number to start the checking process. By following this simple method, you can easily check the color of your iqama.

  • You have to open the official website of MOI first by click here.

check iqama color

  • Once you have opened the page, you have to enter the number of you iqama in the box available at the page.
  • Second step, you have to enter the captcha code shown on the image.
  • Third step is to click on search button, then system will check status of your iqama and then show the color of your iqama.

iqama color

Saudi Arabian government wants to give jobs its nationals first more than foreigner as per the new system of kingdom of Saudi arabia. To reach the goal, this new Nitaqat system was launched. It is also known as Iqama status check.

This was the complete process to know each and everything about Iqama. all workers living in Saudi Arabia, they must be aware of their Iqama status and must know their Iqama expiry date. So that they may get their Iqama renewed before it get expired. please keep in mind, if your Iqama is expired you may face suspension of difference government and non-government services you are enjoying like bank accounts etc. So you should check your iqama and renew it within iqama validity. Also if your iqama is already you can be arrested by police or immigration departments. Statistics published by ArabNews nearly 15000 thousands people were arrested whose iqama were expired. If your iqama is expired, you cannot get exit reentry visa. Same condition is applied to Iqama of dependents, so you should know your iqama status and expiry before it is too late.


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