ICIJ Pandora Papers Pakistan – Pandora papers Pakistani list

Pandora Papers Pakistan: A new issue has created sensation and ongoing debates on social media and main stream media. It seems this controversy is bigger than Panama Leaks in all over the world especially for Pakistanis. Pandora Papers has been shared on the official website of ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists).

Nearly 3TB data volume report has been shared by ICIJ. 1,200,000 documents related to the richest of 200 countries. Pandora papers has revealed complete details about making assets abroad, hiding assets, avoiding TAX , and making money through this way. Although making off shore companies is not illegal yet Pandora paper revealed such case where off shore companies are kept hidden in home country. 600 journalists of 117 countries have contributed in this research. 130 billionaire, world famous athletes, artists, weapon smugglers, drug smugglers, government positions holder and politician from all over the world have been exposed.

All people included in Pandora box made investment in the countries where no question is asked about source of funds or have low TAX rate. The list of these countries includes Seychelles, Hong Kong, Panama, British Virgin Island, Cyprus, Bahamas, Singapore, Latvia, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Geneva, Cook Island, New Zealand and Gibraltar.

Pandora Papers Pakistani List:

According to the official website of ICIJ, 700 Pakistanis are included in Pandora papers. This list of some well known personalities is as follows:

  • Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen
  • Ali Dar s/o Ishaq Dar
  • Abdullah Masood s/o Waqar Masood (special assistant to PM)
  • Federal Minister Monas Elaahi
  • Senator Faisal Waoda
  • Minister of Industries Khusro Bukhtiar
  • Aleen Khan Senior Minister Punjab
  • Sharjeel Inaam Maimom (Pakistan Peoples Party Leader)
  • Major General (R) Nusrat Naeem
  • General (R) Afzal Muzaffar’s son Hassan Muzaffar
  • Arif Naqwai CEO Obraj Group
  • Shifaat-ullah General (r)
  • Colonel (r) Raja Nadir Parveiz
  • Zuhra Tanveer wife/o Lieutenant general tanveer tahir
  • Shahnaz Sajjad sister/o General (r) Ali Qali Khan
  • Naveed Mughees Sheikh Owner of Imperial sugar mill
  • Bashir Daood Trader
  • Arif Usmani president of national bank of Pakistan
  • Ahsan Latif son-in-law of General (r) Khalid Maqbool
  • Ali Jahangir Siddique
  • Merchant Asif Hafeez
  • Adnan Afridi MD of national investment trust
  • Lieutenant General (r) Shifaat ullah Shah
  • Major General Nusrat Naeem

According to the list of Pandora papers, many business personalities are also included in Pandora papers. Some of them are Arif Shafi, Umar Khatak and Ukhad Khatk (sons of ex-air marshal Abbas Khatak) and the owner of exit company Shoaib Sheikh.

Pandora Papers Pakistan Imran Khan:

The prime minister of Pakistan Imran has given his reaction on twitter. He says I welcome Pandora papers report. Imran Khan said that we will conduct deep investigation against Pakistanis whose names are included in Pandora papers. He appreciated ICIJ reports which revealed a big financial scandal of illegal wealth.

The PM said, ” My struggle of decades let me know that the country itself is not poor. It is corruption which causes poverty. Money is spent on public, and thousands of people die because of poverty.”

Imran khan said, Leaders of developing countries are stealing money same as Eas-India Company did in past with sub continent. The rich countries have no interest in stopping corruption in poor countries and return of stolen money to poor countries.