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Visa free countries for Pakistan 2023.

Visa free countries for Pakistan 2023:

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan are which give a facility of visa free entry to Pakistan passport holders. The number of Pakistan visa free countries in 2023 is only nine, it means Pakistani Passport holders can visit ten countries without any visa. This is also known as visa free entry for Pakistan. The economic situation of Pakistan visa free countries is actually worst then that of Pakistan but still we count them after all they are visa free. Today we are listing visa free countries for Pakistan in 2023 as well as visa on arrival  and e visa countries for Pakistan.

Pakistan passport holders can visit 31 countries with visa on arrival and visa free facility in total According to the Global Henley Passport Index report 2023. Pakistan has 108 position in global passport ranking 2023 which is published Henley Passport Index – Henley & Partners. Travel freedom is the base of Henley Global Passport Ranking. The more number of visa free and visa on arrival countries a passport has, the stronger and higher ranking it will be.

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How Many Countries You Can Travel Without Visa With Pakistani Passport?

Only a handful number of countries gives visa free entry to Pakistani passport holders. Currently, only 9 Countries Are visa free for Pakistani Passport Holders as of 2023. Below, you can find a full list of visa free countries for Pakistan 2023:

Complete list of Visa Free Countries for Pakistan:

1.Dominica , Full name Commonwealth of Dominica.

Please Do not be confused with Dominican Republic because Dominican Republic was never a Pakistan Visa Free Country. It was Dominica full name Common wealth of Dominica which is one “Pakistan Visa free countries”. You can visit website of Dominican government for details. The common wealth of Dominica is a visa free country for Pakistani citizens. This Pakistan visa free country is situated in Caribbean sea and country itself is Caribbean island. This country is popular because of its economic citizenship program. Its program is considered world’s cheapest citizenship program. Although it is giving visa free entry to Pakistanis yet its passport has a great value in Henley passport ranking. You can visit up to 135 countries without visa or visa on arrival with the passport of Commonwealth of Dominica. Usually, you have to pay 100000 USD to buy the passport of this country.  The currency of Dominica is “East Caribbean Dollar” which is equal to 58 Pakistani Rupee as of today. Despite being a visa country for Pakistanis, we do not suggest our readers to visit this country for the purpose of job. [Read Also: New Zealand Seasonal Work Visa]

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2. Haiti.

90 Days Visa Free Stay.

10 Dollars Airport Fee.

official website for More Details.

3. Micronesia.

Visa free Stay up to 30 days.. Maximum extension can be granted up to additional 60 days

There may be a Departure Tax of

$20 for YAP, $20 for POHNPEI,$20 for CHUUK, $15 for KOSRAE

For More Details Please visit Official Website

4. Saint Vincent & The Grenadine

Visa free Stay up to 30 Days.

Please visit official website of Saint Vincent & The Grenadine Immigration

5. Trinidad and Tobago

Visa free Entry and Stay up to 90 Days.

please Visit Official Website of Trinidad and Tobago Immigration For more details.

6. Vanuatu

Visa free Stay only up to 30 Days.

Read More Information at official website of Vanuatu Immigration

7. Niue

Visa Free Stay up to 30 days. Extension in stay is possible.

80 $ departure tax is also charged.

For More information Please Visit official websites of Niue Immigration and Government Departments.

8. Montserrat

it is also visa free but stay duration is not yet available.. we will share exact details about visa free duration very soon. till than you can read more at official website of Montserrat Immigration.

9. Cook Islands

Visa free stay up to 31 days. Extension in stay for the 31 days is possible.

you can read details by downloading this pdf file given by immigration.

To find jobs in Cook Island Please Click Here.

Cook Island Government Website

10. Barbados

On 28 July 2023, the cabinet of Barbados has approved expansion of visa waiver program to additional 43 countries. Pakistan is included as well. therefore the citizens of Pakistan can enter and stay in Barbados without visa for a maximum period of 90 days.

11. Phu Quoc Island

    Phu Quoc District is “Special Economic Zone” of Vietnam. Visitors from any country can enter Phu Quoc                    island without visa and stay in Phu Quoc Island up to 3o days. It is advised  whether you take a direct flight or indirect flight, you final destination should be Phu Quoc Island. You shouldn’t take flight via Vietnam else you may face a problem. It would be better to take flight which go to Phu Quoc Island without going to Vietnam. Malaysia is best transit route for this trip. You can book flight from Pakistan or country departure to Malaysia and Malaysia to direct Phu Quoc Island. As a rule of thumb, you must have confirmed return air ticket get visa free entry to Phu Quoc Island. [You may be Interested: Easy Turkey Visa for Pakistanis]

This is the full list of visa free countries for Pakistan in 2023 where the citizens of Pakistan can go with without any prior visa.

Mexico is Pakistan Visa Free:

Mexico offers visa free entry to travelers who have valid of visa any country from the following list:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Schengen Countries

How to Travel to Visa Free Countries for Pakistan?

This is also mostly asked question how to go to visa free countries for Pakistan and visa on arrival countries because there are some problems which travelers from third world countries like Pakistani and Indians have to face. The first problem is that there is no direct flight to destination visa free countries So how to get flight. Here is answer, there are many countries which allows you to stay at their international airport to wait for you flight. You have to stay inside the transit area to wait for next connecting flight and you cannot cross their immigration counter in this case. You are not allowed to leave the airport. However, if you want to leave their airport, you can apply for transit visa in advance. For example, if you want to take flight from Pakistan to another country Via Bangkok, then you can stay at Bangkok airport without visa, same as many other countries. Even you can use visa free and visa on arrival countries for your transit. Please bear in mind, all international airports are connected with IATA (international air transportation association), so they have information in their system about visa free and visa on arrival countries with every passport of the world. It means you can take flight to “visa free countries for Pakistan” not only from your home country but also from any country’s international airport.

What is Pakistan Visa free transit facility?

Transit means, you are going to a country by air but you flight is not direct to that country, rather you are going through a country. for example: you are a Pakistani national and want to go France from Pakistan and you get ticket from Turkish airlines. Turkish airlines will go turkey first, stay in turkey for some hours and then it will take you to France. your stay in Turkish international airport is called transit. some countries requires you to obtain a transit visa first but As mentioned above, many countries allow passengers to stay at their airport without a visa if they want to wait for the onward flight. So, we are giving a list of some countries for your convenience. Despite this list, visa free is actually depends on airlines policy whether they like to pick passenger or not. So before you book a ticket, make sure from ticketing agency or airlines through their email, phone or contact us page at their website. It is advisable that if you want take transit of a country without visa, you should travel to airlines of that country for example: if you want transit of Qatar, better you should travel through Qatar airlines. Here is a list of some visa free transit countries. Currently we are listing only a few countries but we are working on it and we will add more countries soon.

  1. Argentina
  2. Armenia
  3. Austria
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bangkok
  6. Brazil
  7. China
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. UAE
  10. Qatar
  11. Visa free and Visa on arrival countries can also be used for transit purpose.

Please: there are many other countries which offer visa free transit and we will add more after confirmation.

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What is visa free countries for Pakistan?

This is one of the most asked question. “visa free countries for Pakistan”  means; you do not need to obtain a visa to enter a country for visit purpose. You do not need to go to embassy for any visa.  In general cases, you have to carry your valid passport and a return or onward air ticket to visit Pakistan visa free countries but you do not need to apply a visa. For some countries, it is not necessary to carry passport, only valid identity card is enough. However, Valid Passport is must and mandatory for most of the countries especially south Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Visa free entry is usually granted only for visit purpose; you are not allowed to work in that country with a free entry. [Read Also: Pakistan To Send Workers to Japan MOC Signed}


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