e Visa countries for Pakistan

e Visa countries for Pakistan 2023:

E visa for Pakistan 2023 is, no doubt, a great facility for travelers especially from Pakistan. You don’t need to go to the embassy, with no tension of interviews and long documentation. you can apply for an e visa at home whenever you want in 24 hours. during the application process, you have to fill out some easy online forms, you have to provide information about your identity, passport, and the purpose of your trip.

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you may have to provide information about the accommodation proof which can be in the form of a hotel reservation and also proof of sufficient funds may be demanded. you have to get scanned copies of your passport and other documents required for e visa like a photo, passport, bank account statement, hotel reservation, flight reservation, and other supporting documents like previous travel history and visas of other countries if you have them. while filling online visa application form, you may be asked to upload these documents in scanned copies.

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however, the required documents for each country’s e visa are different. visa fee is paid online through a credit card, you can use the credit card of your friends and relatives if you don’t have yours. visa is granted within a few days through email. you can see videos about e visas given at the end of this post. here is the list of e visa countries for Pakistan and you can go to their respective websites to apply for an E visa.

List of e visa countries for Pakistan:

  1. Antigua & Barbuda (click to Visit Website)
  2. Australia (e600 Visitor Visa Click to Visit Website)
  3. Benin (Click to visit website)
  4. Azerbaijan (Click to visit website)
  5. Bahrain (Click to visit website)
  6. Cambodia (Click to visit website)
  7. Cape Verde (Click to Visit website)
  8. Djibouti (Click to Visit Website)
  9. Ethiopia (Click to visit Website)
  10. Gabon (Click to visit Website)
  11. Guinea-Bissau (Click to visit website)
  12. Iran  (click to visit website)
  13. Ivory Cost (click to visit website)
  14. Kenya (Click to visit website)
  15. Kyrgyzstan (Click to Visit Website)
  16. Lesotho (Click to visit Website)
  17. Malaysia (Click to visit Website)
  18. Malawi (Click to visit website)
  19. Madagascar (click to visit website)
  20. Myanmar (Click to visit website)
  21. New Zealand (Click to Visit website)
  22. Nigeria (E Approval Click to Visit Website)
  23. Qatar (Click to visit website) Qatar is now visa free Pakistanis, so no need to apply e visa.
  24. Rwanda (Click to visit website)
  25. Saint Kitts and Nevis (Click to visit website)
  26. Sao Tome and Principe (Click to visit website)
  27. Singapore (Click to Visit Website)
  28. Sri Lanka (Click to visit website)
  29. Suriname (Apply through VFS Global Website online)
  30. Tajikistan (Click to visit website)
  31. Uganda (Click to visit website)
  32. United Arab Emirates (E visa can be obtained through Airlines Click To Read More)
  33. Zambia (Click to visit website)
  34. Zimbabwe (Click to visit website)

Although we have listed the countries which offer visas on arrival to Pakistani citizens yet we suggest our readers get visas in advance where e visa facility is available. it will keep you safe from any problem at international airports. when you apply for an e-visa, your bio-data get registered with system immigration, so when you reach the airport, you don’t need to face longer or any complicated documentation and questions.

There are some other countries too that offer E visa or visa-free entry provided that you have a valid visa of schengen country, USA or UK.

Turkey E visa: 

Turkey offers e-visa to many country nationals including Pakistani citizens with a normal passport but it requires you to have a valid multiple entry visa of USA/UK/Ireland or Schengen country. If you have a valid visa or residence permit of these countries, you can get Turkey Visa Online.


Now, you have full list of e visa countries for Pakistan. You can visit the official of website of any country and then can read the exact application process and required documents. A lot of countries like New Zealand also opening e visa for Pakistani passport holders as well as for other countries. We will be sharing information about those countries very soon.