Vehicle Registration Check Punjab by CNIC in 2023 – Easy Method.

Vehicle Registration Check Punjab by CNIC:

Vehicle Registration Check Punjab By CNIC – the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has recently introduced an online registration system. You can check the status of a vehicle registration application online from your home computer or mobile. The Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) will help you with the Punjab Vehicle Verification and Registration Online. The only information you will need is the registration plate number. This facility is available for all the provinces but in this article, we are only going to discuss the Punjab Excise Department’s method. You can check the vehicle’s details by following a few simple steps which we will discuss ahead.

Online Vehicle Verification KPK, click here

MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification System:

Vehicle Registration Check Punjab By CNIC – can be done through the Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS) online. They have provided a central database system to the people of Punjab. All the important information about the vehicle including owner details, payment details, price, and vehicle application tracking will be shown. Just by typing the vehicle registration number, anyone can access this data. CNIC number is sensitive information about a person that’s why the owner’s name and father’s name will be given which is enough for the real owner verification. You can match if these are the same details on the previous owner or buyer CNIC.

Steps for Vehicle Registration Check Punjab By CNIC:

In order to check the vehicle details and registration status in Punjab just follow these steps. Make sure to enter the correct vehicle number:

  • You can use this direct link to the website:

  • Now you will see this box under the vehicle verification section.

  • Type the vehicle number in the blank area and solve the I’m not a Robot Captcha and hit search.

  • If you scroll down, you will see all the vehicle details along with the Owner’s Name, Year of making, Car price, Registration, Numbers, Current taxes paid or taxes due, Engine number, and color.

Vehicle Registration Check Punjab by CNIC

Benefits of Vehicle Registration Check Punjab By CNIC:

Punjab is one of the most crowded provinces and the sale purchase of the vehicle is a vast business there. So, anyone who’s looking forward to buying or trading a car can use this platform to verify the owner’s details. The benefits of MTMIS Punjab are given below:

  • Before closing a used car deal the person can avoid all the legal issues and hardships by verifying and matching the car details.
  • MTMIS Punjab is a reliable system with all the databases and is free of cost to avoid any vehicle fraud or scam.
  • Just by entering the registration number, all the car details like engine number, car price, etc will be shown.
  • Anyone hoping to purchase a car legally can get all tax and current status records.
  • MTMIS provides all tax records for two and four-wheel vehicles ( Cars and Motorcycles).


Vehicle Registration Check Punjab By CNIC – is a great initiative for vehicle inspection. You can also transfer the ownership of a motorcycle and vehicle easily using the MTMIS Punjab system. The good news is all the work is done via biometrics. You can submit bike and vehicle ownership applications via ePay (The first-ever government payment aggregator).