Turkey Visa: How to Apply Turkey Visa From Pakistan

Turkey has resumed visa application services in foreign countries. Now, you are free to submit your visa application for all types of Turkey visa.

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Turkey Visa from Pakistan:

Turkish embassy in Pakistan issues Turkey visa with maximum duration of 90 days which can be converted into Turkish Short Term Residence Permit. If you hold a Turkey visitor visa and want to stay more than 90 days in Turkey, you can apply for Short term residence permit of Turkey which is known as Turkish TRP mean Temporary Residence Permit of Turkey.

Another important development which is often seen these days, if you apply Turkey Visa for a specific number of days, Turkish Embassy will not give you visa for more than the duration you specified in visa application. It means if you apply visa for 10 days, most probably, they will give you visa only for 10 days. However, this visa will be extendable for a total duration of 90 days and then you can change it to Short Term Residence Permit.

Purpose of Turkey Visa:

Generally, Short Term Turkey Visa which is also called visit visa or visitor visa, is issued for any of following purposes:

  • Tourist visit Visa
  • Business Visit visa for Business meetings or other business related activities.
  • Visit visa to attend conference, meetings or seminars
  • Turkey visa to for sports activities
  • For single or double Transit
  • To attend fair, exhibition or Festival
  • For official visit
  • For some Cultural Artistic Activity
  • Visit to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Visa can be obtained for any purpose however; you may need additional documents to support your claimed purpose of visit. Turkey visa for Pakistani residents is issued from Turkish Embassy Islamabad or Turkish Embassy Karachi.

You cannot submit visa application directly to Turkey embassy rather you have to submit your visa application along with supporting documents at office of Gerry’s Visa Drop or Gerry’s visa application center. For Turkey visa, you can visit office of Gerry’s Lahore or Gerry’s Islamabad or any other nearest branch for submission of Turkish Visa application.

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Tukey Visa Application Process:

You can apply Turkey Visa from Pakistan in three major steps. Let’s discuss the major steps of Turkish visa application process:

Step 1. Meet Turkey Visa Requirements for Pakistan:

First step is to meet Turkey visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. Her is list of documents required for Turkey visa:

  • Turkey Visa Application Form which you can fill online and print at this link of  Turkish Immigration.
  • Two Photographs White Background 5×5 cm size.
  • Consent Form: You have to download a consent from by Clicking Here. Download this form and take a print of it then you need to sign this form. This form is actually to give consent or permission to Turkish Embassy so that may verify documents which you are going to submit.
  • Your Valid Passport and copy of its every page. if it is not your first passport, you have to submit previous passport too. if your previous passports are not available, Report loss obtained from Police department should be submitted and report must be translated into English.
  • Travel Medical Insurance with coverage of minimum 30,000 or 50 thousand Euro Coverage. You don’t need to pay or to have 30 thousand euro in you account rather you can buy it only around 2000 Pakistani Rupee. however, cost of insurance depends on duration of your visa. You can read how to buy cheap travel insurance. You can buy insurance from Gerry’s as well.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (attested from Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Polio Vaccination: You have to have Polio vaccination certificate from Approved Government Hospital.
  • Turkish Embassy in Islamabad may demand medical fitness certificate from Government Hospital.
  • Proof of Accommodation, You can use hotel reservation as a proof of accommodation. Now a days, you can get hotel reservation free of cost.(please do not buy confirm hotel booking). Please Watch below video how to get free hotel reservation .
  • Flight Reservation Copy. (please do not buy confirm ticket if you are applying tourist visa).
  • FRC from NADRA which is a family registration certificate. It consists of bio date of all of your family members.(attested from Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Bank Account Statement of Last three months with sufficient funds to bear the travel expenses. Generally an amount Around 5-6 lac Pakistani rupee is good for Turkey Visa.
  • Bank Account maintenance letter from the Bank where you have account.
  • Cover Letter about your trip to describe the purpose of your visit. If you are business owner, you have to write this letter on letter head of your company. Other Applicants can write it on normal paper. Read how to write a cover letter.
  • Source of Income: If you are a businessman, you should submit your business documents like Business Registration Certificate,  Business account statement, NTN(national tax number), membership of chamber of commerce, Tax returns, Chamber of commerce recommendation letter.
  • If you are a business person, you have to write purpose of your visit on letterhead of your business organization.
  • If you doing job in a department, You need to obtain leave certificate,  last three months’ salary slips or salary account statement, NOC (No Objection Certificate) and also job description letter which include your job position, salary, joining date and importance of your job.
  • Expats living in Pakistan, must provide proof of legal residency in Pakistan.
  • If you are business person and using your personal account with your business, you should write a letter and mention it that your are using personal account for both business and personal activities.
  • If you are a Student: You should obtain a letter of Bonafide from your current educational institution.

These are basic  documents which are required for almost every type of Turkey visit visa. If you want to apply Turkey visa for business purpose or want to  attend some meeting exhibition etc, you have to obtain invitation letter from your host in Turkey. Invitation Letter is not required for “Turkey Visa” for Purpose of Tourism. Hotel reservation will be enough for tourist visa.

Step 2 – Apply Turkish Visa Online:

Second step towards Turkish Visa is to apply Turkish Visa online at official website of Turkish Immigration. In this step, you can apply visa online, fill visa application form online and make appointment to submit documents. When you open this website, You have to choose English as language.

  • Now, you can start filling your visa application, you have to provide following information while filling visa application:
    • Your personal information like your name, date of birth, your parents name
    • Your CNIC/Id card number.
    • Your nationality
    • Your Passport type and Passport number
    • Visa Type you want to apply, Purpose of visit
    • You can choose single entry visa or double entry visa.. however, it is suggested to apply single entry visa if it is your fist Turkey Visa.
    • choose country where you are applying , and select embassy…
    • Information about your intended trip to Turkey
  • After filling online form and making appointment, You will have a final receipt form, simply take print of this form. It is required and very important for visa application. This application form will have a reference number which will be your application number. You can use it to track status of your visa application. You will also receive confirmation email.

Step 3- Submit Documents at Visa application center:

New Visa Application Centers for Visa Application:

As of new announcement of Turkish embassy in Pakistan, two new visa services providers have been authorized to receive Turkey visa application in Pakistan. List of both companies is as follows:

  1. Anatolia Travel services-visa application center ( Click to visit website)
  2. Gateway management logistics lnc. Visa application center. (click to visit website)

To submit visa application, you have to make appointment at website of any of these two visa companies. Once you have arranged all documents, now you can go to  Visa application center.

Please note: to submit visa applications, you have to schedule appointment at website of anatolia travel services or gateway management logistics lnc. If you make appointment while filling visa pre-application at https://www.konsolosluk.gov.tr/Visa/Index, the visa application centers will not accept it, so you have to make a separate appointment at any visa application center’s website, Anatolia or gateway visa application centers.

Please Click to Visit Website of Gerry’s Visa Drop Box

Turkish Embassy In Islamabad:

Address of Turkish Embassy in Islamabad


Telephone 00 92 51 831 98 00

e-Mail: [email protected]

Web: http://islamabad.emb.mfa.gov.tr

Turkish Consulate General in Karachi


House No: 29-A Khayaban-e Hafiz, Phase V, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi/PAKİSTAN

Telephone : 00 92-21 3587 43 34 – 3587 41 94

e-Mail: [email protected]

Web: http://karachi.cg.mfa.gov.tr

Turkey Visa Fee:

Turkey visa fee is paid at Gerry’s visa drop box center. here is fee chart for Turkey visa:

  • PKR 9000 for Single Entry Visa
  • PKR 36000 for Multiple Entry Visa
  • Single Entry Transit Visa Fee 9000 PKR
  • Double Entry Transit Visa Fee 18000 PKR

Besides Turkey Visa fee, you have to pay service charges of Gerry’s Visa Service which are given Below:

  • service charges for normal Application 25 USD = 3450 PKR
  • For Premium Service 35 USD = 4830 PKR

Please visa fee and service charges are paid at Gerry’s visa application center. Both visa fee and service Charges are not Refundable in case of Visa refusal.

Turkey Visa Processing Time:

The processing time of Turkey visa is average 10 working days. Holidays are not counted. It can take more time up to three weeks in some cases. So, it is better to apply four weeks in advance before the intended date of departure to avoid any inconvenience.

Track Visa Turkey Visa Application Status:

You can track status of your Turkey Visa Application status online. Simply visit the official website of Turkey Immigration Portal by clicking here.

  • Choose Language English
  • Click “Application/Appointment Status”
  • Click “Search Visa Pre-Application For Foreign Citizens”
  • Now Enter Your “application Reference Number”, Passport number and Captch code you see in image and click “Search”
  • System will show the status of your visa application.

Turkey Transit Visa for Umrah Visa Holders:

Turkey visa is free of cost available for those Pakistanis who have valid umrah visa and also they have round trip air ticket to Saudi Arabia with Turkish Airlines. Such traveler can get 7 days’ Turkey Visa for transit purpose. They can apply this visa in Pakistan through Gerry’s or they can apply from Saudi Arabia at Turkish Embassy after reaching in Saudi Arabia for Umrah Purpose with Valid Umrah visa and Round Trip Flight Ticket of Turkish Airline.

Required Documents for For Turkey Transit Visa for Umrah Visa Holders:

  1. Dully filled and Signed print of online filled visa application form.
  2. Valid Passport.
  3. Recent and old passport.
  4. 2 recent photographs with white background, size 5×5 cm.
  5. Travel Medical Insurance with coverage of 3000 Euro.
  6. Polio Vaccination Certificate.
  7. Copy of Valid Umrah Visa.
  8. Confirm Purchased Flight Ticket.
  9. Hotel Reservation (not confirmed)
  10. Documents of Source of income like business documents or documents related to your job as mentioned above for tourist visa.
  11. Last three months bank statement and also account maintenance certificate from bank.
  12. Consent letter for verification of documents.
  13. Family Registration Certificate if travelling with family.
  14. Bonafide letter from school or college if applicant is a student.
  15. Government employee should obtain ex-Pakistan leave from department.


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