Two Afghan Falling From Plane Video Goes Viral.

Two Afghan falling from plane video goes viral on social media and main stream media all over the world. The sad and horrifying incident took place after Taliban took over the control of Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, reported by Express News.

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While Afghan Taliban were taking over the whole country, The authorities of United States of America sent plane C17 along with some US military troops to bring all US citizens back to USA. Meanwhile Afghan Taliban successfully took over Kabul. In this situation, a large number of people wanted to leave Afghanistan and wanted to go to America. Thousands of people gathered at Hamid Karzai international airport to find any chance of leaving Afghanistan, despite Taliban announced the end of war and starting of piece in the country.

According the reports of International media, two Afghan men were also trying to leave Afghanistan in  any possible. Like other people at airport, they were trying to enter in the plane and they stuck with the plane wheel place. When plane took off, the both men fell on the roof of houses which were located near the airport. The video of afghan men falling from plane shows that two people fell from the plane. Both men died in this sad incident. On the other, some reports revealed that US military also made some firing to disperse the mob at airport and reportedly five people died.

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Two Afghan Falling From Plane Video:

In the viral video of this incident, it can be seen very clearly that two people are falling from the plane one by one. They are falling when plane took off and reached high in the air. This horrifying incident made every one sad. A local man recorded the video of two men falling from the plane and later uploaded on the internet.

Some people are saying that the number of people fell from the plane is three, however, it haven’t been verified so far. The international media reported that only two people fell from the plane and died. In fact, it is the peak of desperation and panic, they wanted to leave Afghanistan at any cost.

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On the other hand, Australia is also sending planes with nearly 250 soldiers to bring Australian citizens back to Australia. The normal flight operation has already been suspended due to security problems, However, the Afghan Taliban ensured that they will secure all consular staff of all countries. Not only the consular staff but also Taliban announced open forgiveness and piece for all. Despite Taliban are announcing the piece in the country, a large number of people want to leave Afghanistan. Two Afghan falling from plane video exactly show this.


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