Noor Mukadam Story – Noor Mukadam Zahir Jaffer Case #noormukadam

Noor Mukadam Story – Noor Mukadam Zahir Jaffer Case: This case has made everyone sad in Pakistan. Who was Noor Mukadam? Noor Mukadam was a 27 years old girl who was daughter of a former Pakistani ambassador Shaukat mukadam. Mr. Shaukat Mukadam has served as an ambassador of Pakistan in South Korea in 2012 and Kazakhstan in 2014. The murder of his teenage daughter made his family very sad, Reported by Independent Urdu.

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Noor Mukadam Story:

On 19 July, Noor Mukadam left her home, told her parents that she is going on a trip to Lahore with his friends. According to media reports, an accused Zahir Jaffer killed Noor Mukadam with a sharp tool. The accused have been arrested by the police and currently under investigation. The parents of accused said that he is mentally abnormal. #noormukadam has now become a trend on social media. Every social media user want justice for noor mukadam.

The father of late Noor Mukadam told to media while talking to journalist at his residence in Islamabad; the accused murderer of his daughter is mentally fit person as he is working as a director of a big trading company. On Friday he said, that this case is quite simple as murderer is arrested with a tool which he used a weapon to kill his daughter and a watchman saw him during the incident. The accused is already arrested by the police department of Capital city Islamabad.

The prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, shireen mazari and Shahbaz gill took especial notice of this case and directed relevant departments to complete investigation for a quick justice for Noor Mukadam. Mr. Shaukat Mukadam appreciated and thanked to Pakistani top leadership for their help.

Mr. Shaukat Mukadam requested to Pakistani government for justice and told to media that some people are trying to prove the accused a mentally abnormal person who murdered his daughter in an abnormal state of mind. He further said if the accused was abnormal person why was he appointed as a director of a big trading company? his parents should also be included in the investigation.

It has been discovered that accused Zahir Jaffer is holding dual nationality. So, the Islamabad police department has decided to include his name in ECL (Exit control list) so that he may not flee abroad. The police department will request the interior ministry of Pakistan in this regard.

Noor Mukadam was killed with a sharp tool and Zahir Jaffer was arrested with that tool. He is currently under investigation by kohsar police. According to the police, the accused first denied of crime on first day, however, he made confession on the second day but he said he killed her in an abnormal state of mind. Police said that these confessions and statements of accused have no value in the view of law until he gives statements under section 161 criminal procedure code of Pakistan.

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The organization of Pakistani ambassadors appealed that accused should not let flee abroad as he has dual nationality. On the other hand, Chaudhary Fawad Hussain the federal information minister assured that the accused is in the custody of Police. The department is working very well and will not give him any chance to flee from Pakistan. Social media users making very sad and angry comments on the incident of Noor Mukadam murder.

Is Zahir Jaffer really mentally sick?

There are debates on social media that the mental health of accused is not normal whereas the SP investigation denied this claim. SP told to media that the accused is mentally fit and normal person and this has been proved by medical tests which were  conducted after arrest. Furthermore, the accused was not under the effect of drugs and also was not drunk when he committed the murder of Noor Mukadam. The SP further stated that Zahir Jaffer is not taking any medical treatment for any mental sickness which can prove that he was sick while crime.

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