Zabihullah Mujahid Press Conference Video Today Live.

Zabihullah Mujahid Press Conference Video brought latest updates regarding current Afghan Crises. While talking to a Ary News (Pakistani TV channel), he said that Pakistan is a second home for Taliban and there are a lot things similar between Pakistan and Afghanistan. We will not let India to interfere in our internal affairs. ISIS does not exit any more in Afghanistan which means there is no anti-Pakistani group in Afghanistan.

Zabihullah Mujahid said, a propaganda against Pakistan has been going since Soviet era. Pakistan hasn’t played any role in conquering Kabul, It is Taliban who conquered Kabul. We want good diplomatic and financial relations with Pakistan which will be based on realities and facts instead of false propaganda.

He said, many hundreds thousands Afghan refugees are still living in Pakistan. Pakistan has imposed the requirement of visa and passport for Afghan passengers which is creating hurdles for Afghan people. We will reduce taxes on trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan should also facilitate and made eases for Afghan traders at Chaman and Torkham.

25 August, 2021: In the latest press conference the spokes person of Afghan Taliban, Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid said that the American forces must leave Afghanistan until 31 August 2021. After the deadline of 31 August, a new strategy will be developed by Afghan Taliban, reported by Al Jazeera.

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While talking to journalists in Kabul, ZabiHullah Mujahid said that he is glad to talk to journalist once again. Although Afghanistan has been in war for last 20 years yet no war and battle, no killing is done after the coming of Taliban again. No murder is committed in Afghanistan since last 10 days. No sister, no widow and no mother has been harmed these days. There is totally peace for last 10 days.

Zabihullah Mujahid press conference further revealed that Taliban are agree to form a combine government. He said that our doors are open for all parties, they should come forward for negotiation and we will be happy to make a joint government. He said that the process of formation of government and transition of ruling is going on forward and will be completed soon. however, he clearly mentioned that the new government will not be western style.

The spokesperson of Afghan Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid appealed to all countries to keep their diplomatic missions and consulates opened in Afghanistan. He ensured that Talibans are deployed to protect consulates. He further said that many diplomatic missions are already opened and working peacefully. He thanked to those countries which keep consulates opened in Afghanistan.

Zabihullah Mujahid told in his press breifing that people are tempted to leave Afghanistan and to go USA by USA. This results in overcrowded situation at Kabul airport, therefore, Taliban has temporarily blocked the ways to Kabul airport. He said that people should not afraid of Taliban, we will treat them like brothers and Taliban won’t harm any people. There is open forgiveness for everyone.

Zabihullah Mujahid said that there will be no restrictions on working women. However, due to current security issues, women are requested to stay at home. Taliban government will given them salaries. They can go back to work after improved security.

Talking about Panjshir resistance, Zabihullah Mujahid taliban said that there is some resistance from a group in panjshir and this will be resolved through talks. He said wo do not want any war in Afghanistan. He said our leaders will soon start talks with resistant party in panjshir.

Zabihullah mujahid’s press conference was really full of hope as he mentioned that we will not allow to use the land of Afghanistan for terrorism against any country. He said we are happy to resolve issues with India and ready to collaborate for good relations.

There will be no restriction on journalists. Answering to question about Perviez Musharraf, he said, we don’t have any policy for Musharraf yet; it is not a good time to talk about him.

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