Visa Sponsorship and Invitation Letter for Visa Application.

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What is Visa Sponsorship Letter and Invitation Letter for Visa Application?

Visa sponsorship letter and invitation letter are essential documents to apply visa of almost every country. These are beneficial documents to make a successful visa application. You have to get these documents from the state you want to apply visa for. It means there should be someone in your destination country who is willing to invite you, this someone is known as inviting party/person or host. The inviting party can be an individual with legal status like your friend /relative, some business organizations or any other types of organizations in your destination country.

An invitation letter is generally required to apply for a visitor visa including tourist visa, visitor visa, and other short term visas. Though you can apply for a tourist visa without an invitation letter or sponsorship letter yet submitting these documents with your visa application will increase chances of visa approval. There is no specific requirements or restrictions for invitation letter that who can send it to you. It is just like an ordinary invitation letter. The host can type an invitation letter by him/herself and get it notarized. Finally, they can send it to you so that you may submit it to embassy/consulate along with other documents and visa application.

Visa Sponsorship Letter is more sound document than invitation letter. Unlike a visa invitation letter, only blood relatives can send a sponsorship letter. It is also used for a visitor visa. However, Visa sponsorship is not just limited to visitor visa but also required for many other types of visas like a work visa, spouse visa, medical treatment visa, etc. Some countries’ immigration departments have specified a way to make a sponsorship letter for a visa. Sponsor have to fill Visa Sponsorship form and may need to get approved by the immigration department.

As said above Sponsorship letter is more powerful than an ordinary invitation letter, it puts more responsibility on sponsor like bearing expenses of visa applicant, accommodation and return of visitor visa applicant. In most countries, sponsor have to have sufficient income to qualify to become a sponsor.

In the case of work visa sponsorship, your employer/company is your sponsor. Employer/company need to meet certain financial and other legal requirements to hire an employee from abroad. This is also known as Visa Sponsorship for Job. This sponsorship is prepared in the form of a job contract and job offer.

For visit visas, any of both documents is excellent. You can use either an invitation letter or sponsor letter which one is available. Some countries only allow invitation letters. Some countries allow sponsor letters for blood relatives only. So, invitation letter or sponsor letter; anyone fine.

Benefits of Sponsorship or Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa Application:

Why is it necessary to have a sponsorship or invitation letter? How does it work?

These documents no doubt, help a lot in obtaining visa successfully. Invitation letter provides some necessary information to visa officer to make him understand that you are a genuine visitor and you deserve visa approval. Generally, a visa officer can understand the following information from your invitation letter or sponsorship letter:

Purpose of Visit:

This is the most crucial factor in the visa application process. Purpose of the visit must be clearly explained to get a visa. Visa officers ask the purpose of stay in almost every visa interview and tries to judge the purpose of the visit through tricky questions; they often ask why do you want to visit our country?  Most of the visa applications get rejected just because the purpose of the visit is not clear. Inviting party explains your purpose of visit and why they are inviting you to visit the country. Visa officers trust the host more than the visa applicant because the host is already living legally in the country. So, this important factor can be effectively managed through an invitation letter or sponsorship letter. Cover Letter is also used to explain purpose of visit.

Guarantee/No Overstay:

Visa applications get rejected because they think that visitor may be overstaying in the country and will not leave the country within visa duration. Invitation letter or sponsorship is one of the documents which give guarantee and assurance that visa applicant will never overstay in the country. Especially, this guarantee becomes more trustworthy if a visa is applied with a sponsorship letter; however, the visa invitation letter also contains statements of assurance.

Expenses and Accommodation during Travel:

If a visa applicant does not have sufficient funds to bear the costs of his traveling and accommodation arrangements, his/her visa application will be rejected. A host can write statements in invitation letter and visa sponsorship that he/she will be responsible for expenses and accommodation of visa application. This will help to make visa officer understand and trust visa applicant that he/she will not take any employment during his visit because taking employment is not allowed with a visitor visa.

Who Can Send Invitation letter for Visa Application?

Generally, the following parties can send invitation letter to visa applicant:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Business Firms
  • Non-Profitable Organizations.
  • NGOs
  • Exhibitions/expo/seminar organizers.
  • University/college/educational or research Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Sport Events

Friends/Relatives must have legal status to send an invitation letter or sponsorship letter. In some countries, the host must have permanent residence or citizenship to send sponsorship.

What Information Should Invitation Letter Include?

Writing an invitation letter is quite not hard; it is straightforward and easy. If you have the following information, you or your inviting person can easily write invitation letter without any visa consultant or expert. Depending on the purpose of the visa application, the following pieces of information should be included in an invitation letter:

  • Letter Writing Date
  • Name of Embassy
  • City, the country where the embassy is located.
  • Salutations and opening statements
  • Name of inviting person or organization
  • Status of inviting person or organization
  • The contact information of host (phone number, address, and email)
  • Name of invitee/visa applicant
  • Passport number of Visa applicant
  • Purpose of travel
  • Relationship with the host person or company, it can be a business connection for business organizations.
  • Traveling date including departure and arrival date
  • Statements about accommodation arrangements for visa applicant (if inviting person is offering accommodation)
  • Statements of assurance that Visa applicant will leave the country within visa duration and won’t overstay.
  • Statements of assurance that visa applicant shall abide by the laws of the country
  • Duration of intended stay
  • Travel itinerary
  • Closing salutations
  • Signature of inviting person/also office chop in case of the host organization.
  • Necessary document attachments or enclosures

A sample of Invitation Letter:

How to write an invitation letter for Visa application? We are going to explain this question through some useful invitation letter samples. We will write an invitation letter for Spain visa, you can simply change the name of the country:

Invitation letter Sample for Tourist Visa:



To,                                                                                                                                          Date:

Embassy/consulate general of Spain,

Islamabad, Pakistan


To Whom It May Concern


Subject: Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa Application.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I Mr. (name of Inviting Person) currently residing at (address of host), and citizen/permanent resident of Spain (enter the name of country). I am writing this invitation letter for my friend (name of visa applicant) with Pakistani Passport number (Passport number of visa applicant) to support his tourist visa application.

I would like to invite my friend to come and visit me/attend wedding and engage in tourism in the country. He will be staying here for (number of days) days with me from date until date. I confirm that he is my friend for last 5 years (please define if there is other evidence of connections between inviting persona and invitee) and we have planned to spend time together and share old memories of our friendship.

I confirm that I am working as (job position of inviting person) in (company name) since date of joining and I am permanent resident/citizen/visa holder of Spain, And I am responsible for his accommodation while his stay in Spain. I assure you through this letter that he will not overstay and leave country within his visa duration.

It is further stated that during his visit to Spain we will be visiting these places (please enter the name of place worth seeing). My friend will stay at (address of accommodation) or at my flat (address of inviting person). (inviting person can add if applicable) I am responsible for his expenses during his/her stay Spain or he/she has enough funds to bear expenses of his/her journey.

I enclose the following documents:

  • Host’s passport copy
  • Inviting person’s ID documents’ copy
  • Proof of relationship between host and guest (you can attach pictures of events together or other supporting documents)
  • Accommodation proof like hotel booking or rent agreement of host if host is accommodating.
  • Proof of return to home country (employment contract, property ownership, lease agreement, etc.)
  • Inviting person can attach his business/job description/bank statement to support invitation letter.

It is humbly requested Please consider visa application of my Friend (name of friend) and assist him in issuance of a tourist visa. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or inquiries at my Phone number: (contact number) and email: (email of inviting person).

Best Regards,

(signature of inviting person)
(name of inviting person)
(address of inviting person)
(phone number of inviting person)
(email of inviting person)


The above letter is acceptable for other purpose of visit too like family visit, parents visit, business visit. Al you have to change some lines like purpose of visit, information about inviting person and relationship between host and guest etc.  You can use this letter for almost all other countries where you need an invitation letter like Schengen visa application, USA visa etc.

Invitation Letter for Business Visa:

You can apply for a tourist visa without an invitation letter, but an invitation letter is mandatory for a business visa. Business visa used for business purpose, business meetings or to make some business deals. For a business visa, you have to get an invitation letter from a registered business firm/organization. It can be a sole proprietorship or any other type of registered business. Invitation letters obtained from individuals are not valid for a business visa.

Furthermore, you should be a businessman. You can be owner, partner, representative or employee of a business registered in your home country because you have to submit your business documents when your business visa.

Invitation letter format is almost the same as tourist visa invitation letter but there some fundamental changes which you should make.

  • An authorized person from Registered business should write an invitation letter for you.
  • He should introduce himself and also his firm in the invitation letter.
  • The purpose of the visa should be business activities instead of tourism.
  • Need to explain previous business connections like email conversations, mutual business interests, future business interest, any payment/deals in the past…

How to Get an Invitation letter for Visa Application?

It looks tough to get an invitation letter for who do not have any friend or relatives abroad. Just because of this, visa applicants have to find visa consultants who may charge a big fee. It is not hard. By following this method, you can secure an invitation, and most probably you will get with zero costs. Let’s discuss how to get an invitation letter for a visa:

There many Trade Fairs, Expos, Seminars and exhibitions are held in almost every country, and obviously, they want more people to participate in making these events successful. So, you have to find such upcoming events in the country you wish to apply for a visa.

Google is there to make your work easier. Just open google and Type “upcoming expo in Europe” if you want an invitation letter for a European country.

You will see a list of search results of expo organizers; you should visit these websites. They have a list of upcoming events, expo and trade fairs which are going to be held in different countries. Exhibitions related to different occupations are conducted worldwide. You can choose expo in a specific category and state you want to apply visa for.

You should read the details of the upcoming event and contact their organizers to get an invitation letter. Some organizers may charge a small fee for registration. Many of them offer free invitation letters.

It is highly advisable that once you know that some expo/seminar is going to be held, you should read the name of expo company and find their official website on google so that you may contact them directly without any third party.

Examples of Expo Organizers:

Here is list of some expo listings provided by expo organizers. You can visit these websites or find on google to see upcoming event in Europe. We strongly advise to not pay any money to third party. Try to contact directly to expo organizers for invitation letter. you can check following websites to check the name of even organizers and their contact details.

Trade Shows Europe

To Fairs


Read Exhibitions

Trade Fair Dates


Example of Invitation Letter:

here is an example on invitation letter obtained through the above mentioned websites:

invitation letter

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