Zubair umar video clip Scandal

Zubair umar video clip created a new controversy on social media and main stream media. Recently, Zubair Umar responded to this controversy.

While talking to “Daily Pakistan”, he said, ” I have never helped anyone to get a job during fiver years, how come i trap a girl.

Zubair Umar raised several question on his leaked  video. In his interview with media, He said that he has served on various government positions but he never allotted job to anyone. So, how come it is possible to trap a girl.

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While talking to anchor person Mansoor Ali Khan, he said, he was serving on different important positions from 2013 to 2018. He was the minister of privatization ministry. He also served as the Governor of Sindh. He never gave job to any person. Once there was a vacancy of sweeper, almost 50 people approached him for this but refused, PMLN leader Zubair Umar said.

Zubair Umar said, he never fought with any body during his school life, he never slapped any one, How come he gave life threat to any girl. He questioned where are such girls? why are they hiding?

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Zubair Umar responded to recent viral video scandal, he said, this is an organized gang who want tho harm them politically. If it is only to harm his personal life, why are they showing photos of Nawaz Sharif. Why questions are being raised after 3 to 4 years. If they want to harm them politically, they should have made it viral at the time 2018 elections but now it is useless.

Zubair Umar video clip:

The video was recorded in Awari hotel. The hotel management didn’t comment on the video of scandal of Zubair Umar, however, they said there are no hidden cameras installed in hotel rooms. If someone has spied Zubair Umar and recorded his video, the hotel management is totally unaware of this.

Zubair Umar video clip raised great discussion on social media. However, Zubair Umar said, this is to defame his political goodwill and it is in fact a very cheap act.

Source: Independent Urdu