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Good news: China Quarantine Rules 2022 have been relaxed.

Some significant changes have been made to China’s quarantine rules in 2022. They have removed some COVID-19 test requirements for people who are flying in from countries such as the United States. The pre-departure quarantine has been shortened for some inbound travelers, as these health safety standards are being placed to cope with the Omicron variant. According to the collaboration of the Chinese embassy and consulates in the United States, from the first of July, people traveling from the United States will no longer require an RT-PCR test done a week before flying. Conditions for an antibody test have also been discarded.

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As per the notice, two RT-PCR tests within 48 or 24 hours before the departure of flights will be needed by travelers, plus another antigen test, it actually depends on the airport their flight will departure from. The number of people traveling in and out of China has been dropped as the country is strictly following the “dynamic COVID zero” policies. Unfortunately, these policies include restrictions on renewing and issuing of new passports, quarantine is mandatory upon the arrival of flights and cancellations.

If compared to COVID-19 the Omicron has an incubation period that allows a slight easing of curbs on international travelers. China quarantine rules in 2022 include the quarantine period being reduced at centralized facilities in the city of Beijing for travelers to 10 days from 14 days. As per the Chinese embassy in Canada, the removal of the RT-PCR test done a week before flying and the elimination of antibody tests will apply to travelers to China from Canada starting Sunday.

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The Embassies in the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, and Bangladesh have also removed some mandatory testing requirements and shortened the pre-departure quarantine period for employees at Chinese companies traveling to China to 10 days from 21 days. The new protocol has made some changes to the nucleic acid tests for international travelers, requiring almost a week spent in centralized quarantine and one for three days of home surveillance. People who were in close contact with Corona patients have been relaxed and they are now allowed to be quarantined at home instead of in isolation centers under medical observation 24/7. Source of the news is ARY urdu.

These are the latest China Quarantine Rules 2022, we will be sharing more information as soon as possible.

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