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Kuwait Visa Ban Updates 2022

According to Kuwait visa ban updates 2022, this might not be the best time to travel to Kuwait. There will be certain restrictions depending on the purpose of your visit. Usually, we don’t see any travel restrictions in Kuwait but unfortunately, the other half of the year 2022 will be more difficult. Most travelers need either a Kuwaiti electronic visa (eVisa) or a consular visa. They have also issued long-standing bans for citizens of 2 countries trying to enter Kuwait without a permit.

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Kuwait Visa Ban Updates 2022:

Recently a travel ban has been implemented and the reason for this decision is still unknown maybe it was in response to the Omicron variant. Kuwait’s interior ministry has shared this news officially on Tuesday that it has suspended issuing tourist/family visas for those wishing to visit the Gulf state. They have stopped issuing family and tourist visit visas from Monday until further notice. According to resources, the decision was made for the preparation of new regulations to serve the interests and develop the process.

Just like China, Kuwait visa ban updates 2022 also lifted COVID-19 entry restrictions on May 1, 2022, and the international travel policy returned to normal. All international travelers are now allowed to visit Kuwait regardless of their country of departure or COVID-19 vaccination status. From now on only the standard entry requirements and visa policy applies. Passengers with an eVisa can travel without any additional COVID-19 requirements. Before the restrictions were lifted, visitors required valid proof of full vaccination. Passengers who received the last vaccine dose over 9 months ago should have had a booster dose.

Travelers should reconsider any decisions about international travel, their overall health, vaccination status, and being exposed to omicron or in worst cases COVID-19 while abroad. You should be aware that restrictions can be changed at short notice, and additional restrictions may be imposed by the time of arrival in the country of your destination. There are ongoing regional affairs and, in the event of any incidents, it’s important for you to monitor local media reports and follow the instructions of the local authorities. A high threat of terrorism always lies back. Attacks could be targeted at Westerns or their interests. We advise you to be especially vigilant and practice good security awareness and avoid traveling until further updates.

source: Ary Urdu

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