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How to Check if you are Blacklisted in Saudi Arabia?

Today’s article is about how to check if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia? We all know that Saudi Arabia is famous for its rules and regulations. Immigrants are often not aware if they have violated any law unintentionally. We have provided all the information below related to this topic.

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Blacklisted due to illegal Activities:

If you were involved in any of the 10 criminal activities below and an official complaint is registered against you, you don’t even need to check as it’s confirmed you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia.

1. Third time caught for not carrying Iqama.

2. There was a Huroob status on Iqama.

3. Overstaying even after Visa and Iqama expiry.

4. Involved in forging documents or trading Visa.

5. Unpaid bank or company loans and debts, unpaid credit card bills.

6. Criminal records such as theft, embezzlement, robbery, etc.

7. Diagnosed with any contagious diseases such as HIV, AIDS, HEPA, etc.

8. Possession of any false documents or incorrect information such as a fake degree.

9. Involvement in immoral activities such as adultery, prostitution, soliciting sex, etc.

10. Manufacturing and merchandising of alcohol or liquor.

Keep in mind that in case of criminal activity, there is a lifetime ban from entering Saudi Arabia again. If there was any case registered against the ex-pat, but he left the country without prosecution, he will be arrested upon his arrival in any of the GCC countries and will be brought to Saudi Arabia for court proceedings.

Blacklisted due to Huroob by Kafeel:

If your Kafeel has set Huroob which means according to him you are not reporting to the work, the authorities will declare you a fugitive and as soon as you are caught, you will be deported. Usually, Huroob is set by the employer or the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia.

Blacklisted due to Exit re-entry:

A while back, there was a rule in the country, that if an employer doesn’t report you, there will be no blacklisting or ban on an employee. On the other hand, there was an automatic ban imposed on such employees who left KSA on an exit re-entry visa but didn’t return back.

Can an Expat be blacklisted by Kafeel?

Being blacklisted in KSA is bad luck, the Kafeel can mock you in many ways such as telling you he will set Huroob on your Iqama intentionally. However, the power to blacklist an immigrant lies only with the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia. The Kafeel cannot request MOI to blacklist an employee or blacklist an ex-pat employee himself. In other cases, as we have discussed above, if an employee is involved in illegal activities and it’s reported by the employer and the court issues an order against the ex-pat employee, the ex-pat will be blacklisted by the Ministry of Interior and there is no chance of entering Saudi Arabia again.

Can I check if I’m Blacklisted in Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet. We have checked all over the internet but there is no such way. The information we are trying to find here is very volatile and it can be used against any person. This is the job of the Ministry of Interior and they know how to handle it. The government of Saudi Arabia has not introduced any kind of portal yet to check online if you are blacklisted. Suppose if there’s a way, it’s only accessible to MOI.


We hope this article on how to check if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia was helpful. We have provided all the possible ways of being blacklisted in Saudi Arabia. We advise you to strictly avoid these illegal activities and keep checking your Iqama in case you have violated any strict without knowing.



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