Romania Work Visa Requirements and Application Process

Romania work visa and work permit is once again a popular topic on internet among Pakistanis, Indians and many other third world countries’ citizens. Although Romania is not an ideal place to get high salaries yet it has plenty of opportunities for jobless people of third world countries.

In 2019, Romanian Ambassador Nicolae Goia offered 50,0000 work visas to Pakistan. Ambassador said that Romania is ready to welcome more than 1 million skilled and unskilled workers from Pakistan. In a talk with Special Assistant of Pakistan’s PM Mr. Zulfi Bukhari, Ambassador of Romania said “we need 40,000 people only in driving sector, a huge workforce and talent is needed in medical, engineering, IT and construction sectors”, Published by The News Network.

Despite the above offer of work permit, The Pakistani government haven’t set up any proper channel to export manpower to Romania. Zulfi Bukhari claimed that they have sent some expatriates to Romania but we couldn’t find more details.

The local citizens of Romania mostly prefer to work in well developed countries of Schengen zone which results in lack of labour power in Romania. Therefore, Romanian government is allocating thousands of work permit quotas for non-eu countries to meet the needs every year. Not only Pakistan but it also includes India, Sri Lank and Bangladesh etc.

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It is due to claim of Romanian employers and companies that it is very hard for them to find workers inside Romania so they want to bring more workers from abroad outside European countries. According to Ministry of Labor 60 thousands job positions are lying vacant due to lack of workers. Employers need immigrants workers to expand their business. This continuous demand put pressure on relevant government departments to increase the quota for incoming foreign citizens as workers in Romania.

Romania Work Visa without Ielts:

The national and official language of Romania is “Romanian”. Romanian is mostly and widely spoken language in the country which means there is no requirement of IELTS or its equivalent language test to get Romania work visa. But you should be able to speak and understand English according to the nature of job you want in Romania. However, people speaking Romanian language are preferred in Romania.

Here is a good thing for English teachers, they can easily find English Teaching jobs in Romania.

Jobs in Romania:

According to the statistics released by Romanian Labor Ministry, there are some sectors which are facing extreme labor shortage Such as IT, ICT, Health, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing Industry especially Garments and textile. As per reports Published by European Commission, the following occupations have high-in-demand jobs which means more vacant job vacancies are available in these fields. Finding job in these fields may be easier:

  • Garment and related trades workers
  • Building finishers and related trades workers
  • Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers
  • Textile, fur and leather products machine operators
  • Printing trades workers
  • Refuse workers
  • Physical and engineering science technicians
  • Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers
  • Building frame and related trades workers
  • Manufacturing laborers
  • Cooks; Waiters; Bartenders
  • Electro technology engineers
  • Material-recording and transport clerks
  • Machinery mechanics and repairers
  • Food processing and related trades workers
  • Software and applications developers and analysts
  • Shop salespersons
  • Drivers and mobile plant operators
  • Building construction laborers
  • Doctors / nurses / health care assistants

Working in Romania as a Foreigner:

Citizen of EU countries have visa free entry to Romania and have right to work without visa. Generally non-eu countries’ citizens need work visa in order to work in Romania. Different types of work permit are offered like Permanent worker, seasonal workers visa etc.

Here are major steps to get Romania Work Visa:

Step 1:  Find Job in Romania:-

This is the first step towards Romania work visa and perhaps the most difficult and time taking. First of all you have to find a job offer from Romanian employer/company. You can find job through online job search websites, where you can search jobs according to your education, skills, expertise and experience. [Recommended: How to Write an Experience Certificate] Once you have found the job, you can contact the employer through email, phone or their website. Mostly employer’s contact details is given in the description of job. You can apply for job through job search websites too. All you have to create account at online job search website or recruitment agency, then upload your CV/resume and search for job. Once you find the job you can simply send your uploaded CV/Resume through apply now button. This process is free but still time taking and need patience and furthermore you need to have good skills and education in job field to be successful. Here is the list where you can try to hunt job in Romania:

Best Job Search Website to Find Jobs in Romania with Visa Sponsorship

when you try to find job in foreign countries, you should search jobs which offer visa sponsorship. Visa sponsorship means employer/company is ready to hire foreign worker and will arrange work visa.

Career in Romania With Careerjet

Careerjet is working globally and offering  free job search services worldwide. it is also have jobs posted by Romania Employers and Companies.


it is Romania Based best Job Search Website. you may need a browser with translator to translate some of its elements.

My Jobs Romania

it is also Romania Based Job Search Website where foreigner can find job to find visa sponsorship jobs.

Bizoo Job Search

This website is providing a lot of jobs to foreigners. you should visit this website and try your luck.

Indeed Jobs in Romania.

indeed Romania is known as highly responsive website now a days. it is also offering online recruitment services globally.

By following the above methods, you may be successful to find an employer or company who is willing to give you job and hire you as his employee. you can also try to find a job by visiting Romania with visit visa which is called short stay visa. well, if you are successful to find an employer/company who is ready to employ you, then it is time to start work permit process.

Step 2: Applying For Work Permit in Romania.

This is the Second step towards employment visa or work visa of Romania. after finding job offer or employer, now it is time to apply work permit in Romania’s General Inspector of Immigration. you cannot apply this work permit by yourself, only employer is allowed to apply it for you. Once he applied work permit, normally it take around 30 days in issuance of a work permit approval. Employer will receive this work permit and send it to you so that you may apply for work visa in your country.

Step 3: Applying Romania Work Visa.

After getting approval of work permit, you can now apply your employment visa/work visa or long term/long stay visa at the embassy of Romania in your home country. This is visa is known as Employment visa (D/AM). based on country of nationality, you may need the following documents to apply Romania work visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of Id Card
  • Two Recent photo with white background
  • Dully Filled visa application form
  • Recruitment agency recommendation letter if you are getting work permit through some recruitment agency (it is not about online recruitment agencies like
  • Round trip flight ticket (however work visa is extendable)
  • Travel Medical Insurance with Coverage of 50 thousand Euro.
  • Work Permit issued by General Inspector of Immigration.
  • proof of accommodation
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Certificate of Polio Vaccination depending on your country of nationality
  • proof of funds may be required depending on your country.

150 USD fee is charged as visa fee.

Romania Embassies Abroad:

By Clicking here you can visit the official website of Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs where you can find the list of Romania Diplomatic Mission/Consulates and embassy of Romania in All countries. all you have to visit the website, choose English as language and then choose your region and then country.

Romania Embassy in Pakistan:

To visit the website of Romania embassy please Click here.

Romania Embassy in India:

To visit the website of Romania embassy in Indian please click here.

Romania Permanent Residency and Citizenship:

Romania Permanent Residency can be applied after living 6 six years in Romania. However, foreigners married to Romanian citizen can apply Romania PR after Three years.

Citizenship of Romania can be applied after living 8 years in Romania however foreigners married to Romanian national can apply citizenship of Romania after living  five years. Several terms & conditions and strict rules have to followed in order to apply permanent residency and citizenship.

Romania work visa Scam alert!

It is often seen, some fake ads are circulating on social media regarding Romania work visa for Pakistanis. We highly advise reader not to pay attention to these ads. Pakistani government did not make any announcement so far. If you see any ad of employment abroad or work visa, you should official website of Burea of immigration and overseas employment and verify the details using permission number and license number of visa agent/agency. Here is the link of bureau of immigration and overseas employment corporation of Pakistan, click here.


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  4. sir i know cleaner work and three years experience certificate i have and i am from pakistan and i prefer to work in romania and i have less knowledge about net sir so give me no whatsapp no where i can get my CV and work in your country i hope nachiz can get me a place to work in romania sir it will be your great blessing+923465106258

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